11 Signs A Girl Is Emotionally Attracted To You (Read These Hidden Signs Of Attraction)

11 Signs A Girl Is Emotionally Attracted To You (Read These Hidden Signs Of Attraction)

Gentlemen, did you know that it is often easier to spot the physical signs of attraction than it is the emotional signs.

Physical signs of attraction might be something like close physical contact with someone or touching.

Emotional attraction is a whole different ball game.

You often need to study the other person’s behaviour and listen to what they are saying very carefully. Women are more emotional than men which is why they often show a man that they are attracted by their emotions.

Although you cannot change the fact that you are not as emotional. You can learn to look out for the signs of emotional attraction, so that you can act on it.

Emotional attraction signs

You feel as though she gets you

It’s hard to put a finger on it but she seems to just get you.

She says things that you have been thinking or believes the same things that you do.

Maybe you dislike it when people wear clashing colors. You are both out for a drink and she points at someone and says I really don’t like it when people wear clashing colors. You reply, “I don’t like that either ”. Although this is a slightly funny example, I am sure you recognise what I am talking about.

You start to think, we are similar, she gets me.

It is often said that opposites attract, but we actually look for people that are similar to us. That way we can relate to them which is important further down the line in a relationship

They speak highly of your qualities and personality 

If she tells other people about you and speaks highly about you to them, it’s a great sign.

She might talk to a friend, member of her family, or even a work colleague. When you are introduced to these people, they may say something like “we have heard so much about you.”

If she is speaking highly of you, then you will know that they she is attracted to you emotionally. They want those close to them to know. 

You have long conversations with her

When you speak to each other, it can last for hours. Whether you are both out on a date and get carried away in conversation, or you are speaking on the phone, you both have a lot to say.

This is a really great sign, and it shows that she is emotionally attracted to you. If she loves speaking to you, it is because she is really interested in you. 

Some women might feel physically attracted to a guy but once they speak to him, they realize they don’t have much in common.

They are more likely to keep being interested in you if they have an emotional connection which will ensure your relationship goes further. 

She randomly tells you that she was thinking about you 

Sometimes she messages you or phones you just to tell you that she is thinking about you. If she is thinking about you when you are not around, it is a great sign.

It shows you that she cares about you, and she is attracted to you. She is probably imagining your future together or just thinking about when she will see you again.

Girls will often use the line ‘I am thinking about you’ to then ask you when they can see you again.

She likes spending time with you but also gives you space 

If you both spend a lot of time together that is obviously a good sign because she wants to spend time with you.

Both of you find any excuse to spend time together. Whether it is alone or with friends, you like to spend time together. You find creative things to do together like special dates or going to the movies.

Although you both spend time together and enjoy it, she also gives you space.

She understands that everyone needs time alone, especially if you yourself are an introvert. When introverts spend too much time with someone, even if you really like them, it burns them out socially.

Whether or not you are introverted, it is still important that you have your own life.

So, if you find a girl that wants to spend time with you and gives you your own space, you will know that she is emotionally attracted to you. 

She values your opinion

She asks you for your opinion when she is going through a difficult time. Whether it is a problem that she has going on at work or something in her personal life that she is struggling with, she comes to you for your answers.

Remember that when she asks you something, she wants you to listen to what she has to say. Do not jump in with your opinion right away. Listen and then tell her what you think and only if she has asked for your opinion.

This will make her really appreciate you and become even more emotionally attracted to you. 

She keeps you updated 

You can both talk about anything, including current events and pop culture. Whenever something happens, she tells you. If you have given her advice, she tells you what the outcome of the situation is.

She updates you on how she is feeling and what she is thinking.

Girls don’t just keep anyone updated. This shows how important you are to her and that she really values you. 

She is vulnerable around you

She opens up around you and is vulnerable. Girls only talk to a guy about vulnerable things from their past and present if they are attracted to them emotionally.

They are trusting you with these personal thoughts and feelings. It is not something they would want you to pass on to anyone else. This shows that they think of you as someone that is special to them.

If you want to show her that you feel the same way, open up and be vulnerable to her. She will really appreciate that you have been vulnerable around her as well.

It is a sign that you are both at the same stage and feel the same way. 

She is comfortable around you

Have you ever felt so comfortable around someone that when they invite you to their house, you can walk in and sit down without being asked?

If a girl starts acting like this around you, it shows that you are moving to the next stage.

When a girl stops packing on make-up and wearing comfy clothes around you, you are moving from the newly dating phase towards the relationship phase.

This means she is emotionally and physically attracted to you, and she wants to move forwards. 

Meeting friends and family

She asks you to meet not just her friends, but also her family. She wants to take it to the next level and introduce you to them.

This is a big step and if you reach it, there should be no question in your mind as to whether she likes you or not, it is obvious that she does.

She might also ask you if she can meet your family and friends. If you are ready to take things up a level, then say yes. 

She tells you she wants to commit to you 

Finally, you have met each other’s family and friends, you have both been dating for a while. You have connected, been vulnerable and are comfortable around each other.

Now she is dropping hints that she wants you to commit to her. She might make jokes about being your girlfriend or she might just tell you that she would like to be your girlfriend. If this is something that you would like then get ready to pop the question but ask yourself first, are you emotionally attracted to her? 

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