3 Big Secrets Single Women Hide From Men - Most Men Will NEVER Know These (MUST WATCH)

13 Big Secrets Single Women Hide From Men – Most Men Will NEVER Know These (MUST WATCH)

Don’t we all wish that we could read people’s minds and they could read ours?

Imagine how much easier it would be if you couldn’t figure out the correct words to explain yourself, but the person you’re speaking to could just read your thoughts.

There are things that people try to hide when they start dating someone new for several reasons. Could be from embarrassment, or because they don’t want to repeat the same mistakes.

Things like the reason you broke up with your ex. You wouldn’t want your new love interest to do the same thing as your ex – deja vu. That’s not good for anyone!

Some things would make things easier if your love interest knew about them.

It would be as simple as giving them the blocks and the floor plan and watching them build the house for you. Simple and sweet!

When you first start dating a person and you’re trying to navigate yourself around all the little bumps in the road whilst getting to know them and understand how they work as a person, can be a bit daunting.

So, we thought we would help you by highlighting some secrets that women want you to know when you start dating.

Get those builder hats ready guys, you’re about to start building that house.

Secrets single women hide

Meet the parents

If a woman suggests that you meet her parents, she must feel like things are going in a good direction.

The idea of meeting the parents gives you an insight into what it will be like to marry her because nine times out of ten women are like their mothers when married.

It’s also the next level in the dating business, you’re halfway to getting engaged now!

Kidding! But it is a staple part of the relationship journey.

They are inviting you into their childhood home where they’ve always been safe – a safe zone we’ll call it.

Don’t be a jerk

We’ve all been there at school and someone has been mean to you, so you go home to your mom and tell her, and she says, “he’s mean to you because he likes you”. It’s something that’s been drilled into our heads from an early age, and it’s just not true.

A guy being rude, or condescending is the biggest turn-off ever.

If you think being a jerk makes you look cool and irresistible, then you are sadly mistaken.

No life

Everyone loves to spend time with their friends and socialise, especially if you have a stressful career and want to blow off some steam.

But if every weekend is full of drinking and getting black-out drunk, chances are the girls will get bored of that loophole and walk away.

It’s a matter of opinion but working all week to then get drunk all weekend isn’t much of a life. It’s not something you should be doing if you’re wanting to insert someone into your life for a relationship.

This type of lifestyle is for single men and college students who don’t have many responsibilities. If this is something you want to do then fair play, but don’t seek out a single woman if you can’t give her your time and effort, it’s a massive turn-off!

Don’t get me wrong, no one should dictate to you what you do with your own time, it’s your own time for a reason. But if there’s no space in your social life to spend time with a girl, get to know her and go on dates with her, then what’s the point?


Communication is 100% key for any relationship to work.

Whether it be with your friends and family, or a potential love interest, communicating about how you feel and what you’re thinking is vital.

You can waste people’s time if you’re afraid to be honest with, nobody likes to feel used and left aside. Things to be considerate about when communicating:

  • Time: If you’re going to be busy and cannot communicate throughout the day, please tell the girl you’re talking to. It’s not about her controlling your time. If you’re unavailable that’s fine, but if you don’t tell her then she will start to overthink about what else you could be doing, who you could be speaking to. She will convince herself that you no longer want to talk to her.
  • Feelings: When you’re in the talking stages of dating and you’re getting to know a girl, it’s kind of impossible to know if you like her or not. You could fancy her, find her attractive and want to get to know her, but without knowing all the niggly bits about her, you won’t know if you like her enough for a relationship yet.

If you meet a girl and realize that you don’t have feelings for her, or that you’re too different to continue to get to know each other, that’s perfectly fine!

Be open and honest about it and girls will respect you more as a person. 

Expressing feelings

Women express their emotions differently from men.

Men are often brought up to not express their emotions. After all, then they’re not manly. Because a woman expresses herself differently from you does not mean that she is crazy or wants to hear the phrase “oh it is that time of the month”. No Kyle it’s not that time of the month, we’re just telling you how you’ve done something to upset us!

No kids no Mommy

A lot of young men are so used to their mom doing everything for them that they think when they get into a relationship, their partner will adopt this role and do things for them. Like making their lunch for work, doing their washing, and cleaning up around the house.

This is not ok, and we want you to hear us loud and clear with this one – we want a partner, not a child.

If you want someone to run around after you then move back home with your mama and live your best life out of the spare bedroom with your race car bed sheets.

Love languages

A love language is a way in which you receive and give love to another person. Saying I love you isn’t always enough; it’s shown in the actions you take.

There are five types of love language:

  • Quality time: uninterrupted time spent together with no distractions from electronic devices, errands, or other people.
  • Words of affirmation: hearing things like “I appreciate you”, and “I am so proud of you” make you feel loved and acknowledged.
  • Acts of service: completing a task for you like doing the laundry, making your lunch for work, or cleaning up.
  • Physical touch: Holding hands in public or forehead kisses make you feel appreciated and wanted.
  • Gift giving/receiving: Being given a present makes you feel loved – could be a small token or an expensive gift.

Women want men to know and understand these love languages, so it makes the dating phase much easier for both parties.

The way you receive love may not be the same way you give love, and vice versa. So, if you’re trying to show a woman you love her through gift giving but she doesn’t like that, you’re getting lost in translation.


These are some secrets that single women would like you to know before approaching them for that first date. Hopefully, not as scary as you originally thought!

We know you are not a mind reader and it’s just as difficult for you as it is for women to get to grips with dating someone new but knowing the backbone of what women would like you to know should help you navigate yourself better rather than a blind path.

Now, you shouldn’t be expected to know and act on all of these. Each woman is different, and you are only human.

With this basic outline, I hope to have settled any nerves you may have and help you add some skills to your package.

Each woman will have their secrets they wished you knew from the start to help benefit them. So don’t feel obligated to memorize the list above.

Just take your time, have fun, and do what you think is best for you. Happy dating!

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