habits prevents you from getting a girl to like you

Why Can’t I Get A Girl To Like Me Back? (Simple Changes You Can Make To Help Find Love)

Are you struggling to find love? In today’s video we’re going to be tackling the topic “why can’t I get a girl to like me”. We’re going to discuss 7 common habits guys end up making that prevent them from finding a girlfriend and ultimately finding love. So if you’re interested in learning how to get a girlfriend, how to get a girl to like you, and how to find love, stay tuned for the whole video.

Habits prevents you from getting a girl to like you

In today’s video, we are going to be talking about 7 habits that are preventing you from getting the girl you like and finding love. 

Habits are behaviours that we repeat like a cup of tea every morning or going to the gym every night. Habits can be super positive or negative and we get into a pattern of doing them sometimes without even realising. We can often transition from one part of our lives to another and bring old habits with us which when they are negative can end badly for us.

That’s why it is important to understand these negative habits and how to kick them to the curb. Not just so that you can *live your best life* but also so that you can get the girl of your dreams, fall madly in love and live happily ever after.

It can be uncomfortable to break negative habits so at some points, during this video, you might be tempted to press pause but guys I encourage you to watch the whole thing so that you can break free of any negative cycles and live the life you deserve. 

1- Numbing your emotions 

Men are often taught not to feel emotions or to hide their emotions which is a very damaging lesson. Everyone has emotions including men and it is important that you deal with yours. Sometimes we push our emotions down to learn to feel numb to them. The problem with that guys is that they are still there we are just ignoring them. Everything bubbles up until eventually, we break down. 

If you want to be in a healthy, loving relationship you have to express your emotions and deal with them as they come up. If you are with a loving partner already then you should be able to share your emotions with them, it is important. If you are having trouble with this, spend some time self-reflecting on why you are numbing your emotions or what triggers you to do this. Write these thoughts down and talk to a friend if you think it would help. 

2-Only dating unavailable woman 

This is a habit that will definitely prevent you from getting the girl you like and finding love. How are you supposed to win them over or find love if they are unavailable all the time? Now when I speak about an unavailable woman I mean both emotionally unavailable and physically unavailable. 

Emotionally unavailable is when someone is not emotionally invested in you or does not emotionally care about you. They might always seem distant or keep you at arm’s length, trying not to get too close. One day they might just turn around and say “I am done” and walk away leaving you heartbroken. Have you been through this? You need to break the habit of going for women who are like this. Instead, search for ladies who are ready to commit and love you. 

Physically unavailable is when a woman is never available! She always has something on and is constantly busy. Meaning you can never actually see her and take things to the next step. Be careful of ladies like this and stay away. If you notice that this is what she is doing, do yourself a favour and leave. 

Seek out women who are ready to take things to the next level and commit to a relationship. Not women who are unavailable. 

3-Being too serious too soon 

Do you get serious really quickly when you enter into a relationship? Maybe you are on the first date and already planning when you will move in together! I understand that you may be worried that she will get spooked and leave. So you start bringing her into all avenues in your life so she has to stay. Unfortunately, this does the opposite, it scares the person away. 

It’s too much too soon and it’s important to learn to take things slow. As relationships develop you learn more and more about a person which is great! If you rush into things, you won’t have this valuable time to learn more about each other which will lead to you finding out things when it’s too late. You need to take your time and move at a pace that both of you enjoy. This will allow your relationship to develop and more importantly last.

4-Ignoring red flags in the name of love 

Red flags are anything type of behaviour that another person displays that leaves you thinking “hmm that was strange”. Behaviour like, letting you always pay, demanding attention all the time, texting you non-stop or asking why you are spending time with other girls (who are only friends). The list goes on but you get it guys, red flags are bad news! Sometimes we ignore red flags which are often warning signs of things to come all in the name of love. We think if we bring them up the other person will go running. Well to be honest, they might but if they do hen you deserve so much better.

You need to get out of the habit of ignoring these habits and take note, bring them up and if you spot to many then leave the other person. 

5-Making things up 

White lies they seem so harmless but if someone is always telling white lies, it starts to get out of control. Sometimes people make things up or tell white lies so to make themselves more appealing. Maybe it’s exaggerating your role in a job or telling someone you make £100K a year when really you only make £50K. It might seem like it doesn’t really matter if you do this but it does. The other person wants to know the real you and if you want to find love them you need to be open and honest. This means telling the other person the truth about yourself and not making things up. 

Try and break this habit by writing down and focusing on all the good things about yourself. Then you won’t feel the need to make things up. 

6-Always putting yourself down

Stop putting yourself down. You want the other person to like you and eventually love you. To make sure this happens you need to show them how great you are! If you are always putting yourself down they are not going to see all of these great things. 

My friend was dating this guy and he kept putting himself down. He would say things like “I am so stupid” or “That’s amazing, I could never do that”. After awhile she spoke to him and told him that he really should stop putting himself down because he was actually an amazing person. She noticed him really trying to stop putting himself down and eventually he was more confident. They eventually entered into a relationship but would not have, had he kept putting himself down.

So guys, if this is a habit you have then go and stand in front of a mirror and tell yourself 5 things you like. It works! 

7-Thinking the grass is greener

This is a very negative habit. Always thinking that the grass is greener on the other side is a dangerous thing to do. 

Picture this, you have just got the girl that you have had your eye on for ages and you enter into a relationship. You are both out one night when you notice another girl and start flirting with her. Your girl see’s and says I don’t want to be with someone like this and leaves you. The other girl that you were flirting with is no longer interested. So there you are back to square one, alone. 

You don’t want this and it’s not nice to even talk about. So appreciate what you already have and be thankful that you are where you are. 

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