Sweet things to do for girls

Girls Want Guys To Do THESE Sweet Things For Them (Cute Things To Do For A Girl) Romantic Gestures!

Sweet things and romantic gestures you can do for a girl! Learn what women love when it comes to small, sweet romantic things you can do for them to impress or otherwise just make them happy 🙂

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Today gentlemen, I’m going to tell you some of those sweet things that girls really want their guys to do for them. Now the great news is they do not have to cost the earth and a lot of this stuff in the video is not going to be breaking the bank.

It can be hard to think of some sweet things to do for your lady on the spot though. Sometimes you kind of hit a wall and you can’t think of what to do, so the default could be buying them flowers. Now there is nothing wrong with this but sometimes it pays to think outside the box.

Sweet things to do for girls

Offer to drive her to work 

If you have the time and you have a car why not offer to drive her to work so that she does not have to get a bus. It will be a great start to both your mornings, and she will think it is really sweet that you offered. 

Give her a massage 

Girls love it when their guys offer them a massage. Back massages and foot massages are by far their favourite. It is so romantic and makes your lady nice and relaxed. 

Build her a Spotify playlist 

The modern version of a mixed tape! Why don’t you make your girl her very own spotify playlist? You could name it “songs that make me think of you”. My heart is melting just thinking about this! It would be such a lovely sweet thing to do and she would listen to it all the time and think of you. 

Do some home repairs for her 

If she has her own house why not help her out and do some repairs for her. Ask if there is anything she needs done and I can assure you she will have something. She will be so happy that you have offered to help out and she will enjoy watching you fix something in her home. 

Give her a piggyback ride 

As we grow up into adults, we stop doing fun things. When we are children we are always playing in the park or doing cartwheels. Why not bring some of that child-like fun to her and offer her a piggyback ride? If you are both walking home after a night out and she has heels on, offer her a piggyback ride and make it fun.

Buy her a thoughtful gift 

Lots of the things on this list are free but something that is not is gift giving. Yes it costs money, but girls absolutely love it when a guy buys them a thoughtful gift. They really will keep it forever and every time they look at it they will think of you.

Find out her love language 

Not many guys even know what a love language is, they assume it is all made up by girls so they can get what they want. This is not true. A love language is a way that someone prefers to receive love. We normally all have a few that suit us. For example, your girl’s love languages might be gift giving and words of affirmation. Whereas yours might be touch and quality time.

Once you both know each other’s love languages, it makes it easier for you both to show your love to each other in a way that the other person actually wants. If you brought it up and asked her if she wanted to take the test she would be blown away that you even know what it is and that you would like to do it…so why not ask! 

Make her dinner 

There is nothing sexier than a guy who can cook. Women love it when men cook for them whether it is breakfast, lunch or dinner. She will be really impressed if you tell her that you will cook dinner and she will think it is so sweet of you. 

Build her something 

I have a friend who has a partner who is not very ‘handy’ meaning he never fixes anything or even owns any tools.

One week they went away and she was working inside. He kept going outside and saying he was working on a special project. She has no idea what he was really doing but assumed he was organising something. On the final day of their holiday he invited her outside and he had built her a stool. She has trouble reaching things in the kitchen and he thought this might help. She said to me that it was the sweetest thing a guy had ever done for her, and she felt so lucky to be his girlfriend. So building things works. 

Watch a show together and avoid watching it without her 

Pick a show that you would both enjoy that has a few series and only watch it together. Every time you are both together, you can watch it and enjoy discussing what you think is going to happen next. Make sure not to watch it without her though because when girls commit to watching something with someone, they mean it. 

Buy her pyjamas

Girls absolutely love pyjamas. They would definitely live in them if they could. Buying her new pyjamas is definitely up there with the sweetest thing a guy can do for a girl. 

Write her a letter 

A modern-day Romeo and Juliet gesture. A letter is so simple but yet it is so much more meaningful than a text. A girl would literally melt if you wrote her a letter even if all that was in it was information about your day. 

Bring her breakfast in bed 

Have you ever had someone bring you breakfast in bed? It is so luxurious and relaxing. It does not have to be a big breakfast, a piece of toast and cup of tea would mean just as much to her. So let her put her feet up and take her some breakfast. 

Let her nap 

If a girl starts behaving in a grumpy way or snapping at you it is probably because she needs a nap. So let her nap, tell her that she should go and have a nap. While she is napping, get her favourite movie ready and a snack. It will be her favourite day ever! 

Draw her a bath 

Baths are a girl’s next favourite thing after napping and pyjamas. If you know she has had a hard day at work and is on her way home, draw her a nice bath and light some candles for her. When she gets home, lead her to the bathroom, she will be so happy. 

Do some of her house chores 

Help her around the house by offering to do some of her washing, clean the kitchen, wash the floors or put new sheets on the bed. Anything that will help her out because sure she can do it but it’s lovely when someone gives you a helping hand. 

Hold her hand in public 

Speaking of hands, showing a girl public displays of affection in public will make her feel so special. She will feel like you really care about her. 

Take her on an adventure date  

Girls love going on dates with guys they are seeing. They especially like it when the guy organises the date and it is even better when he thinks outside of the box.

Instead of taking her to a restaurant or a coffee shop which there is nothing wrong with, why not surprise her with an adventure date. Like rock climbing, surf lessons, a rope course or a hike. She will love all the effort you have put into planning the activity plus she will have so much fun doing it. This is a sweet and exciting thing you can do for a girl. 

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