How to make her fall in love with you

How To Make Her See You As The Most Important Man In The World – She Will Fall In Love With You

Learn how to make a girl see you as the most important man in the world.

In today’s video we’re going to be discussing how to make a girl fall for you. When it comes to getting a girl to fall in love, things aren’t always so easy. You need to know what women want from a relationship, what they consider important from a high value man that they want to be with. How do you get a girl to like you in such a way?

Everyone wants to find someone that loves them back. They want someone that’s going to take care of them in their old age, buy a house and have children with. We have all been sold this fairy tale by the likes of Disney, but in reality it’s actually a lot harder than it looks to get this.

There is no magical potion that we can swallow in the hopes that a princess or a prince will appear. It can be hard enough to land a date and I won’t even mention moving it along to the next step, a relationship.

If you have been lucky enough to find a girl that you think might be the one then go you, well done. Now you’ve found her you want to make sure that she thinks of you as the most important man in the whole wide world. Today I want to show you how you can make her see you as important man in her life, but most importantly of her world. It’s not as complicated as hunting down a potion and fighting off some fire breathing dragons for it, but it does take time and a little bit of patience.

How to make her fall in love with you as the most important man in the world

Start by working on yourself 

I get it, working on yourself sucks. In fact it can be really painful to take some time to work on yourself. Sometimes you discover things about yourself that you do not really like or you have to relive something traumatic from the past. Love is not all coffee on a Saturday morning, if you want to really be the most important man in her world you need to challenge yourself a little.

You might be wondering why working on yourself is important, which is a fair question. If you do not take the time to work on yourself and deal with past traumas then you cannot enter into a truly healthy relationship because you are taking baggage with you. Which you don’t want so before you even think about finding the love of your life make sure that you are ready to enter into a healthy relationship by confronting the dark parts of yourself. 

When you enter a relationship your partner will be amazed at how healthy you are and really admire the work you put in to get to where you are now. It will also make you a man that she can trust to always be there in her life which is a great step in becoming the most important man in her world.

Listen to her 

If a girl is going to see you as the most important man in her life then she needs to know that you listen to her. I don’t just mean sit there stare straight ahead at nothing occasionally nodding your head. I mean actually listening to her, helping her solve a problem and taking what she has said on board.

She will really appreciate having someone that she can go to with anything and not feel judged, knowing that you’re always going to listen to her. 

Learn her love language 

There are 5 types of love languages, words of affirmation, physical touch, receiving gifts, quality time and acts of service. We all have a type of love language that we prefer although we may also have a few that we also like. For example you could feel the most loved when your partner physically touches you and gives you words of affirmation. 

The five love languages help us understand what our partner wants and needs, think of them as a secret code we can use to read our partner’s mind. You should get her to complete a love language test and then apply what you have learnt to the way you handle her. 

As an example, you might always give your partner gifts and wonder why she is never really happy when she gets them. Well that might be because although your love language is gift giving hers is actually quality time. So, you showering her with gifts looks more like a guilt thing as opposed to a romantic thing that you are doing. 

Knowing her love language allows her to feel really loved and understood which in the long run will mean that she will view you as the most important man in the world because you understand her in a way that no one else does. 

Be honest with her 

Always be honest with her and never get caught in a lie. It’s really awkward when this happens and it makes her lose trust in you which you do not want.

Be open and honest with your thoughts and feelings. Let her know when she does something that hurts your feelings or be honest when you’re feeling down and want to be left alone. This shows her that you are willing to be authentic around her which will make her feel special because it is not a side of yourself that you show everyone, you save it only for her. She will be open and honest with you in return to mirror your behaviour and not only will your relationship benefit from this, but she will also view you as a very important part of her life.

She will want to cherish this and hold onto you. 

Respect her and treat her as an equal 

A woman may never have been treated as an equal to a man. Think about it, her first relationship with a man is her dad, he is older than her and therefore he has more power than she does. She has to listen to him and respect him. Then normally boys have more power at school and the same goes for any brothers she may have. At work, men are often more respected and valued than women. 

So although it might seem simple and obvious, do not underestimate how important treating a lady with respect and as an equal is

Make sure that you don’t control her in any way, allow her to have her own finances that are independent of yours and always respect her opinion. If she says something that you do not agree with of course you can say ‘ I don’t agree with that, here is why’ but never say ‘you are wrong I don’t respect your opinion’. 

You being the first man to properly respect her and treat her as an equal will make you the most important man in the world to her. 

Show her affection 

If you have been in a relationship for a while it is important that you continue showing her affection. It can sometimes fall to the wayside especially if you have other responsibilities, but you need to keep the spark alive. Hug her randomly, hold her hand when you are out in public and twist her around and kiss her under fairy lights. 

She will love that after all this time you are still showing her affection in a way that no one else has. 

Lighten her load and help her out

Partners are there to share the load. It is a partnership after all which means that it is equal and you are a team working together to achieve the best possible results. Try to lighten her load and help her out when you can by doing housework if you live together or helping her with some work she really needs to finish. If you are just dating at the moment you could help her move or hang up a picture frame in her house, be around and be helpful. She will really appreciate it. She will start to see you as invaluable because you help her achieve more in life. 

Surprise her every so often 

Just like affection, surprises also help to keep the spark alive. They also show your partner how important you think they are. Surprises do not have to be huge over the top things, it could simply be a bunch of flowers, her favourite chocolate or a cup of tea that she does not have to make. Surprises like this will make her fall for you over and over again which will put you at the centre of her universe. 

Care for her 

Finally, look after her and show her how much she means to you. You don’t need to only do this when she is ill, you can do it all the time. If she is having a busy time at work then offer to make dinner every night that week. She will return the favour when you are busy and it will make her realise how lucky she is to have you in her life.

Treat her well and you will always be the most important man in her life. 

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