19 Body Language Signs Single Girls Look For In A Guy They Like (SUBTLE ATTRACTION SIGNALS)

Body language and dating! Learn the body language signs women are paying attention to, to figure out if a guy likes them. You can already imagine how important it is to learn about this topic. If you’re giving off the wrong impression to your crush she may think you don’t like her, or you’re not interested in her, this could create a huge missed opportunity with a girl you like.

By learning how a women works out if you’re attracted to her you’ll be able to give off these subtle tells so that she can find more confirmation you like her before approaching you. Body language tells someone so much about your inner thoughts. Naturally of course, we do not just walk up to someone and start telling them every single detail about ourselves right? Including the way that we think or even we feel. Humans are not made like that. So instead we make what are called small talk, where we ask about things like the weather or someone’s job, or if you’re going on holiday this year. Our body language is often what gives away that we like the person or that we are interested in them. So this is why when it comes to dating, body language is crazy important. I can not stress that enough. You need to know if the body language that a girl is giving off means that she is attracted to you or not. You also need to know though, which type of body language you should display to show her that you like her.

Body language girls are paying attention to

You walk beside her 

Walking in front of a girl tells her that you are more concerned about yourself or that you are not thinking about her, which is not what you want. Walking next to or close to a single girl shows her that you like her and want to protect her. This does not apply if you are in a crowded space like a concert and you are leading her through the crowd because this is another way of showing her that you care.

You walk on the roadside

This is one of the sweetest things you can do for a girl and it’s also proper etiquette. When you walk on the side of cars, it shows that you are protecting her from oncoming traffic. Single girls will notice if you walk on the inside or on the outside when you are both walking down the street.

You know where she likes to be touched

You might find this one out after you have been on a few dates. You can tell by her face if she likes it when you touch her shoulder for example or if she hates it. If you take note of where she does like it, you can repeat it and she will be able to clearly figure out that you like her because you are doing something she enjoys. 

You are not glued to your phone

Checking our phones all the time is something we do when we are nervous. Doing this though makes you look like you are not interested in the girl and it makes it hard for her to read your body language. If you are trying to attract a girl, step away from your phone and engage with her instead. 

You linger as she hugs you

Girls love it when a man hugs them for a little longer than expected. It makes them protected and safe. A longer hug also clearly shows them that it’s not just a friend thing and that you might like her. So if you are going in for a hug, hold it for a little longer. 

You mirror her facial expressions 

Mirroring is a classic body language technique that we do without even realising we are doing it. When we like someone we start mirroring their facial expressions for example or we start speaking in a way that reflects how they speak. It’s a form of flattery and if you do this, a single girl is sure to know how you feel about her. 

Take note of your stance 

Girls will look at how you are standing when you are talking to them. They will also notice your general stance from afar. If you are standing with confidence around them, they will read this as, you are interested in them. If you stand sheepishly in the corner they might never notice you at all! 

You face her in a group setting 

You might be out with a big group of people which can make it difficult to get alone time with the girl you like. To see if you like her or not. She will be looking to see if you are facing her and making eye contact with her. 

You are engaged in the conversation

She will be looking to see if you are engaged and interested in the conversation. If you are looking away as she speaks then she might think you are not interested in her at all. Make sure to look at her as she speaks, nod and engage with the conversation. 

Your posture is open 

Standing with your arms by your sides, your legs hip-width apart and your head up will make you look open, approachable and confident. Which are all things a girl is looking for when trying to tell if you like her or not. 

She can physically see your hands 

Having your hands on display shows a lady that you are comfortable around her which is of course important. Make sure to take them out of your pockets and keep them on the table or by your side. 

You tilt your head in two directions 

When dogs are listening to what you are saying, they tilt their heads. We do the same thing and it makes us look cruirous and interested. So if she is speaking you might do this without really realising but it shows her that you like her. 

Your breathing is relaxed

If you are nervous and on edge, you will normally breath really quickly. It is nervous to be a little nervous when you are around a girl that you might like but she is looking to see how nervous you are. If you are breathing too quickly it will make you come across as nervous. Try to relax your breathing so that you appear to be comfortable in her presence. 

You have clammy hands 

We get clammy hands when we are around someone we like or we are nervous. If you have clammy hands she will think ohh he must like me and feel comfortable enough to make a move. 

You touch her and graze her inadvertently 

Touching and grazing are both things we do when we are trying to connect with someone or show them that we care about them. If you have just met her and you touch her shoulder she will know this is more than friendship. 

You play with your tie

Girls find it so cute when guys fiddle with things they are wearing, like their tie. It is a classic body language sign of being overwhelmed by someone’s presence. If you do this, you will at the very least grab our attention.

You stumble over your words 

This is another cute thing guys do when they like girls. Of course, words are not body language but this is still worth mentioning

Your face gets flushed 

Is it hot in here or does he like me? Something that girls often think of when a guy starts blushing. She might be teasing you and flirting with you so that she can see if it makes you get flushed. 

You stand inches from her when you are face to face 

If you are a mile away from her she will think ” what’s wrong with me?”. Standing close to her and facing her is a great way to show her that you like her. Remember though guys not to go in too heavy with this. Wait until you know her a little first. 

She might notice your pupils are huge 

The pupils in our eyes get bigger when we are around someone that we like or are aroused by. If she notices that your pupils are big she will subconsciously know that you like her or are attracted to her

She can see your eyebrows raise up

Again this shows that you are listening to what she is saying while she is speaking. We do this automatically when we are speaking and it is not really something we need to think about. 

You show off your front teeth when you speak to her 

Showing off your front teeth to someone shows that you are comfortable around them. We will never feel comfortable around someone that we don’t like so if you do show her your teeth, she will feel more at ease and so will you. 

You lick your lips 

Women watch your lips as much as they watch your eye contact. It’s something they like to focus on and think about kissing! 

You lock eyes with your face, not your eyes

This can sound confusing, how do you lock eyes with your face and not eyes? Well, it’s more about engaging your whole face and not just your eyes when you are speaking. Smiling as she speaks and locking eyes at the same time. 

You take a deep breath when she sees you 

Does she take your breath away? It’s natural for you to take a deep breath when you spot someone you like and it is something single girls look for especially when you are on a date. 

You touch her knee and touch her hair behind her ears 

Romance is in the air when you pull out these moves. Touching a single girls knee is a form of affection and tucking her hair behind her ears will drive her wild. 

You point your toes towards her

It’s in every great rom-com she has ever seen! Guys point their toes towards someone when they like them. She will be looking to see where your feet are. If you naturally point them a different way try to focus on getting them to point in her direction because she will notice. 

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