11 Romantic Gestures That Make Any Girl’s Heart Melt! We Love It When Guys Do This! (BUILD DESIRE)

Romance! Do you want to learn how to really impress a girl? In today’s video we’re going to be discussing 11 romantic gestures that would make any girl melt! When it comes to dating, relationships and what girls like, knowing just a few of these gestures can make all the difference when it comes to solidifying that relationships and getting a girlfriend.

Have you ever wondered what keys it will take to unlock your lover’s heart. Maybe you are new in your relationship or you’ve been at it for some time now. You’ve been trying but it doesn’t really seem to have the right impact or you’ve allowed things to get a little stale. One thing is for sure though, it’s never too late to start fresh and have the relationship that you have always wanted. Any gesture whether big or small will be noticed and treasured. The greater the thought and effort put into the moment the more your lady will understand just how much she means to you. Different strokes work for different folks but at our core we always cherish these things.

Gestures that make a woman’s heart melt

Find out what she wants 

One of the most straightforward ways to please your lady is to simply ask what she wants. We all have our ideas of what would be most meaningful to our partner. But, suppose that by assuming you’re missing out on something very important. What if flowers aren’t a big deal but chocolate is? What if instead of you trying to fix a situation she just wants to be heard? There’s nothing wrong with getting a little guidance. So, ask! 

A loving hug or kiss 

A hug from behind, a bear hug or a real heart to heart can make your lady feel your energy, excitement, and affection. It’s ok to shake it up with your kisses too! You can make fun games out of it while enjoying a special date night. It’s that warmth that makes us feel butterflies inside. It lets your woman know that you’re there for them as a lover and friend. 

Those little trinkets 

Get her something because you know she’ll love it. When you’re out and about, chances are that you’ll see something that your girl would love. It could be flowers or even her favorite snack. You could buy matching outfits or something that will remind her of a precious childhood memory. The depth and scope of how you apply this is completely your call. It doesn’t even have to be bought. It just has to come straight from the heart.

Make her food 

A man who cooks is a plus in any woman’s book! There’s no wrong time to ever make food or a snack that won‘t be readily accepted. In the ebb and flow of life, women typically end up doing a lot of the cooking. It may seem small, but what we eat is such a big part of our lives. It’s a life skill that never gets old. 

Compliment her 

A woman has a lot to consider when she steps out looking like a million bucks. There’s basic hygiene, and then there are the extras. And boy, there sure can be a lot of extras! From hair, nails, skin, her outfit, accessories, shoes, her choice of perfume, and even makeup. When she does all of that and you don’t say anything, you better expect some trouble. 

On a real note, a woman’s looks are not the only thing that you can compliment. Saying things that you love about her personality is a BIG DEAL! To her, it shows that you are truly learning about her, understanding her and you’re getting closer. 

After she goes through all of that, don’t expect her to walk beside someone who looks lame. It’s less about the look and more about the effort you take to make the look. She goes all out to look good for herself and you. You need to do the same. I’m not saying to change who you are but give yourself an upgrade. She’ll appreciate the little that you do. This is especially important if you have a fashion-focused lady. Of course, she loves you. It also helps when you have a bit of eye candy going on too! 

Pamper her 

It’s something we usually go to the spa for. Every lady needs to have that gentle loving treatment on the parts of her body that go through the wringer. Bubble baths for 2, foot soaks for achy feet, romantic massages, or just a weekend getaway are sure-fire ways to put her in good spirits. Don’t let these ideas limit you! You can come up with awesome gestures of your own. When you add your personal touch, it can make all the difference! 

Carry the load 

Help her when she needs it. Step in without being told. Offer your help with the chores (especially that one that always gets her). It’s such a big sigh of relief and gratitude when your woman can practically rely on you. You’re not just there to look cute but, you are there to support and uplift her. To fill in the gaps when she needs it the most. You’re her warrior and her cheerleader. You are her best friend. She will love you for being so willing and kind. It will make for an amazing dynamic in your relationship.

Be a gentleman 

Being a gentleman is about treating your lady with respect and honor. She is one of the most important persons on this planet to you. You value her and she knows it. It could be through traditional chivalrous acts. But, it can also be simple, kind gestures from the heart. You can try a handwritten note (or typed if your handwriting isn’t legible) that she can read first thing in the morning. Or, her favorite flower made into an ornament. You can even try a picnic with foods you both love at a special place. There are so many options available so that you can make that moment extraordinary. It’s a chance for you to get creative, surprise her and sweep her off her feet! 

Don’t make it all about that pillow talk 

It’s such an amazing, private and special experience for both men and women. Yet, everything in our modern world tends to over-sexualize everything. It has become a prominent thought on people’s minds. Don’t get me wrong, sexual intimacy has its place. But, there’s more to a relationship than just sex. There’s emotional stability, intellectual stimulation, and genuine friendship. When you show your lady that you are reliable, relatable, and considerate, it allows her to appreciate you outside of the bedroom. 

Be there 

There’s such an amazing power in the ability to focus. That’s how our minds are made, to focus on one thing at a time. When you rank your most important goals in life from most critical to least important, are your future spouse and family in there? Even if you’re not open to having kids, do you see your future with a significant other? If so, then you gotta make the person who’s going to share that time with you know. When you’re with them do you aim to spend quality time together? Or, are you always checking your phone? Do you try to have meaningful experiences? Do you respond quickly to her messages or calls? Does she know that you care? You can check out The One Thing by Gary Keller. He speaks about focus in greater detail. A man without a vision shall perish. So, get clear on your goals and let your girl know where she stands in your world! 

Laugh out loud 

With all the seriousness of today’s society, don’t forget to sprinkle in a little joy. Variety really is the spice of life. What’s the point of having a partner if you can’t just burst out laughing and rolling on the floor with them? A giggle of any sort is highlighting a different aspect of your personality. It’s the purest essence of you. Without a little humor, being alive can get hard. You will force your body to age more quickly. So stay strong. Don’t forget to enjoy one of life’s simple pleasures, laughter.

The art of relationships is not reserved for a select few. It takes time, dedication, persistence, and a whole lot of personal growth! It’s not always you and your needs. You’re not always right, and you don’t have to say everything that comes to your mind. That can be hard to understand in a self-focused world. If you decide to practice what was shared here then, observe how much your life will change in the coming months. And let us know! We’d love to hear how you’re working on having the relationship of your dreams. 

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