Biggest flirting mistakes

Watch This BEFORE Flirting With ANYONE (Essential “How To Flirt” Information!)

Flirting! In today’s video we’re going to be discussing the subject of flirting. When it comes to learning how to flirt with someone, one of the most important and easiest things to learn from the get-go is what not to do when flirting! That’s right, before you do anything else when approaching women or talking to a girl, make sure you know about these flirting mistakes and what you need to avoid.

Once you’ve got these flirting basics down you’ll be ready to move onwards and upwards improving your flirting ability, charming women, attracting them, and getting a girl to like you!

Gentlemen, you will all need to flirt at some point in your life if you’re trying to win over a lady. Flirting helps you both create that magical sexual tension and tells you both that you like each other. Unfortunately, though we are not born with those skills of flirting, it’s something that we have to learn and sometimes we do pick up some bad skills which lead to those flirting mistakes. Of course, you need to be avoiding these if you want to have better look with the ladies. So today I’m going to deliver the 14 biggest flirting mistakes that people make so that you can avoid them.

Biggest flirting mistakes

Overdoing it 

Yes, you can flirt too much. If you are flirting with a girl she will immediately understand what you are doing.

Women are very emotionally intelligent and often notice things that guys do not. You don’t need to keep flirting non-stop to show her how you feel.

Instead of you doing all the speaking, give her a chance to get a word in.

Listening is an important skill to have when you are flirting because ladies love it, and flirting should not be one way.

If she is not flirting back, then stop before you embarrass yourself, excuse yourself and remember that plenty of other girls would like to flirt with you. 

Arguing instead of flirting 

This is a trap that a lot of passionate guys fall into. They start arguing instead of flirting and don’t even realize that they are doing it. One moment they are joking around and a moment later they are arguing about something they are passionate about.

The passionate guy loves chocolate and starts talking about his favorite type. The girl jumps in and says what about this other type of chocolate?

They start joking but then the guy turns serious and says, “you are wrong.”

This is not how you want to act or the first impression you want to make on a girl. Flirting is supposed to be fun so keep it light. 

Talking about politics 

Another mistake not to make when you are trying to flirt. Discussing politics is a very quick way of turning a girl off. Leave the politics discussions to your debating classes and out of your dates.

Although the girl you are flirting with may like politics, she does not want to talk about it at that moment.

There are many other things you can talk about like asking her about herself.

Lack subtly 

Often we want to make it really obvious that we are flirting with someone. We often think if we don’t, they won’t know and might leave the conversation.

Being subtle is what can land you the girl of your dreams.

Girls don’t like it for example when a man only speaks about himself and is constantly talking about how great he is. Girls do love it when guys ask about them and talk a little about their accomplishments.

Women also like it when men flirt subtly, as mentioned at the beginning of this video, you can over do flirting. They would rather have to guess and think, is he flirting or is he not? 

Tell someone too much on the first date

Sometimes we overshare when we are nervous. It’s ok, we have all done it!

When it comes to flirting though, you want to avoid it. Of course, your date wants to know some things about you so that she knows whether or not she wants a second date.

It’s not sexy to share everything though and is something that you should not really do until you are in a relationship with that person.

You should always keep some things to yourself. For example, you could tell her how many siblings you have but not their names or what jobs they have. 

Being overly sexy 

Women love it when men are sexy, but you don’t need to go over the top. Sure, flirt and be a little mysterious but don’t make everything you do sexual, she will believe that you are only interested in one thing, sex, and it’s best to avoid this.

If you are flirting in a sexual way then it is better to save this until the end of the night rather than starting off with it, if she is not interested then you know to back off. 


When we really want to impress someone sometimes we tell white lies. We don’t mean to, they just slip out! It’s something that we should avoid though because you could easily be caught out.

You tell her that your favorite food is the same as hers and she believes you. When really you cannot stand it. Flash forward to when you are in a relationship she suggests you both have it, and you forget what you said on that first date. You say, oh I hate that, and she then knows you have lied.

Although at the time it might seem small and insignificant, over time the lie can grow and so it’s better to avoid doing this. 

Nervous giggles 

Giggling is part of flirting and is something that girls often do when they are with a guy that they like. They don’t find it as attractive though when a guy starts giggling because he is nervous.

Women love it when men laugh, especially when it is at their jokes, but they dislike when guys giggle along. It makes them feel like the guy is lacking confidence and is something that is best to avoid. 

Talking about how great you are 

It’s nice that you think you are great, but it is not something that a girl on a date wants to be told repeatedly.

Stick to asking her about her and let her find out how great you are for herself. She will be much more likely to stick around! 

Only talking on social media

You might start a conversation and flirt on social media.

Eventually though she is going to want to move the conversation into real life.

We can all be a different person on social media, in fact we can all pretend to be whomever we want. Which is why girls like to meet men in person to see who they really are.

If you only talk on social media then the relationship can only go so far, and girls want it to progress. So, take it off social media and arrange a date. 

Winking nonstop 

Winking is a valuable tool when it comes to flirting but it can become too much. Guys often get nervous and wink non-stop at a lady.

I am sure you can guess what a lady thinks when she sees a guy doing this. It’s something like “he is so creepy!.” You can use winking as a tool, just use it wisely! 

Touching to much 

Flirting does of course include touching! Girls want you to touch them and be close to them but just don’t touch her too much. Similarly, to a lot of things we have spoken about today, it’s much better to touch with a side of moderation. Otherwise, she will think you are only flirting with her for sex. Which may not be the case, you might really like her.

So put your arm on her knee when you laugh but don’t leave it there all night. Make her long for your touch. 

Trying to force a deep connection to early 

Your connection with a girl on the first date will not be deep. You will both be discussing things that allow you to get to know her but won’t tell you everything about her. Nothing will be really personal.

The worst thing you can do when it comes to flirting is trying to force a deep connection early. It’s not sexy, flirty, or fun. Leave that for when the relationship develops which it will do if you flirt well at the beginning.

Telling your date about past people you have dated

No one wants to be flirting and then have the other person drop in information about other people they have dated!

Girls find this quite hurtful and very off putting. Stay away from the discussion of ex’s and focus on the girl you have in front of you at that moment. She will be happy to have so much of your attention and will be ready to flirt back with you. 

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