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10 Subtle Dating Mistakes Most Guys Make With Women They Fancy (THESE WILL TURN WOMEN OFF OF YOU)

Today we’re talking about dating mistakes beginners make with women they like. If you want to set a good first impression with a girl you need to be aware of what to avoid, what will turn a woman off and ruin her attraction for you, and that’s the last thing you want to do to your crush.

If you’re not sure how to talk to a girl, how to get a woman to like you, how to flirt with a woman or how to build attraction and approach a girl, luckily you’re in the right place as we’ve covered all variety of topics on the Joyanima channel that will find helpful when it comes to getting a girlfriend and building a successful relationship.

Beginner Dating mistakes guys make with women

It can be so nerve-wracking when you first meet a lady. You might find yourself stuttering and saying the wrong thing. This is all normal but these mistakes can cost you. You might find that the lady just looks at you and walks away or instantly friend zones you. 

It’s important that you make a really great impression in the beginning. This is why for today’s video we are going to learn about 10 beginner mistakes that guys make with women they like. Hopefully, guys, this will stop you from ever making those mistakes again. 

Stop being creepy 

You really like a girl right? Well, then you don’t want to be creepy and put her off. You’ll know this guys, sometimes you are just immediately sexually attracted to a girl. So you try and show a girl this but it comes across as creepy. You have only just met and even though you are sexually attracted to her, you have to wait until she gets to know you a little more and develops a sexual attraction to you. 

Although men think about sex a lot and it is super important to you. It’s just not as important to a lady. She has to develop deep emotional feelings first. If a lady does go home with you on the first night, to her it’s probably just a one night stand and nothing more. So if you would like more than just sex try to avoid using phrases like “You’ve got the perfect body” or “You look sexy in your outfit”. Instead, compliment her on her personality or smile. 

Stop trying to impress her – in the wrong way 

It is important to impress a lady especially if you are making a first impression. You can however easily mess this step up, guys. I have a friend who went on a date with a guy. He has asked her out on a date and she was so excited. Unfortunately, when I saw her the next day and asked her how the date went she said, “horrible!”. When I asked why she said, “he kept telling her how much money he made”. He told her that he earned a lot of money, told her to order the expensive wine and that he would be paying for the meal. It made her feel really awkward and not at all attracted to him. The problem here guys was that he was trying to impress her with the money he made. That does not really matter to a lady though, she wants to know more about you and feel some chemistry. Not how much you make! Instead, just be yourself, be confident, be calm and take an interest in the lady you are on a date with. 

Stop treating her like a goddess 

Guys, this is a big dating mistake! Treating a lady like a goddess as soon as you meet her can seriously put her off. This can seem confusing because ladies love attention and compliments. Well yes, we do! We don’t like it when guys kiss the ground we walk on though as soon as we meet them. It’s cringy and it makes it seem like the guy doesn’t have much self-confidence. Instead focus on genuine compliments, getting to know the lady and being a gentleman. 

Stop complaining 

We all complain sometimes. Maybe our food is cold or our shirt is crinkled. We might even complain about the weather. It’s natural, just don’t do it a the beginning with a woman you like. It brings about negative energy and a lady will pick up on this. She might think, wow he is negative, I want someone who is more positive in my life. She wants someone who is going to make her laugh and smile when she wakes up in the morning. Not someone who is going to complain about every little thing. Sometimes we do it because we are nervous. Try and avoid doing this though. Replace complaints with positive things. Instead of thinking this restaurant is so busy, think I am in a busy restaurant, that’s very good for the owners of the restaurant. All of these thoughts will make you a more positive person, which is a very attractive trait. 

Stop not asking her about her interests 

If you only do things you enjoy, it will be a very one-sided relationship. You need to both ask each other about the other interests. It will help you build a basis for your relationship. Asking about a lady interests also allows you to see if you have anything in common. If she has completely different interests than you, will it work? Normally relationships work better when we are with someone who has some of the same interests as us, like travelling or video games. It stops you from working through your relationship and then getting to the point where you realise, you have nothing in common and nothing to talk about. It also shows the lady that you are interested in her, want to know more and move the relationship along. 

I once dated someone and he never asked me about my interests. Once our relationship moved along, I realised we were never spending time together. I was spending time on my own things like going to the gym and adventuring on the weekends. The guy was always reading and going bowling with his friends. We had completely different interests and were very different people. If he has asked me about my interests, we may have been able to pick something to do together and it may have worked out.

Stop using weak body language 

I am sure you know how important body language is. It really is the make or break of the early stages of any relationship. If you display closed body language, you look disinterested, unavailable and quite negative. Avoid this dating mistake. Instead, display open body language. Be confident, be bold. Use eye contact, touch her arm or shoulder when making a joke, move closer to her, have your arms open and smile. This will let her know you are interested but will also make you appear more welcoming and open. It’s much more attractive when a man is confident and you can see it through this body language. 

Stop being afraid to disagree 

As humans, we do not always agree with everything. It doesn’t mean that we don’t like the other person, it just means we don’t agree with the point that they have made. If you are on a date with a lady and she says something that you don’t agree with, speak up. Now guys, don’t do this in an obnoxious way. Instead, gently say, “I hear what you are saying, have you ever considered this opinion”. That is a very respectful way of getting your point across. It shows that you have some backbone and don’t just agree with everything she says. 

Stop being unprepared 

You’ve spotted the girl you like, so you walk up to her and freeze. Nothing comes out of your mouth except a bunch of words that you can’t believe you used! The lady just looks at you, smiles and walks away and you are crushed. Has this ever happened to you? If it has, chances are you were underprepared for the situation. It is nerve-wracking speaking to a lady that you like. So before you go over, spend a few minutes preparing an opening line and some questions to ask her. Maybe something like “Hi Jane, how is your day going so far”. Anything that will get her talking and make you look extra confident. 

Stop not stopping 

It’s important that you learn when a natural end in a conversation happens. All great things come to an end as the saying goes. Make sure that you understand when the conversation has naturally come to an end and stop there. If you keep going, the girl will create a negative impression of you. You will become a man who doesn’t know when to leave a lady alone. 

So how do you know the conversation has stopped? 

The lady might start looking around the room or say something like “oh well it’s been lovely to speak to you”.

It’s better to walk away and have another opportunity than to keep going and ruin any other future opportunities. 

Stop being too nice 

If you are too nice in the beginning, the lady will think of you as a pushover. Instead, you need to just be your natural self. Make her laugh and smile with some jokes. Offer up an interesting conversation and a few genuine compliments. This will be more than enough to impress her. I should say here, guys it is important to be nice to a girl. Just don’t be over the top by doing things like throwing compliments at her, doing everything for her and spending lots of money on her. 

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