Strongest signs of sexual tension between two people

15 Strongest Signs Of Sexual Tension Between Two People (Sexual Attraction & Chemistry)

15 strongest signs of sexual tension between two people! In today’s video we’re going to be discussing sexual tension and sexual attraction! Do you think you would know how to spot the signs of sexual chemistry? Would you know if two people had strong signs of attraction?

For many people, spotting these subtle signs of attraction, like eye contact and body language signs can be a little tricky at first. But once you know what the signs of mutual attraction actually look like then you’ll be able to spot strong sexual attraction with ease!

Have you ever felt that strong sense of tension between you and another person? No, it’s not the type of tension that is anger but the nicer kind a feeling that has been labelled sexual tension.

You may have experienced it before or will experience it in your lifetime. Now it is kind of hard to explain but if you have experienced it before you know exactly how it feels. There are certain signs that show there is sexual tension between two people that can help you identify if you have felt it before or to help you identify it in the future.

In today’s video I’m going to tell you about the strongest signs of sexual tension between two people so that you can identify them now and in the future.

Strongest signs of sexual tension between two people

Awkward conversations

The first sign is one that can go either way, it is awkward conversations. This one could actually be telling you that the girl you are talking to is not interested or that things are not going well.

For it to apply to sexual tensions then you need to have some of the other signs that I will be telling you about today.

It can be awkward at the start with sexual tension because you might be talking about intimate things, or you could both be overwhelmed by your feelings that you are nervous.

It’s not the easiest way to identify sexual tension but it is one of strongest ways. 

Eye contact 

You both look at each other straight in the eye, then you look away and then you look at them from across the room. It’s lingering, it’s sexy and it’s intimate. Only you and her know what is going on.

This is a sure sign that you have sexual tension between the both of you. If you want to make the sexual tension more intense then you can use eye contact to get it there.

Make sure to look at her when she speaks to you and make some sexy eye contact. 


You find yourself staring at her and her staring at you. It’s different from eye contact which is often quick and happens more when you are enjoying a conversation together.

Staring is often slow, and you hold it. Other people can often sense when you are staring at them. It’s something you often do when you just can’t get enough of someone. You feel such a tension between you both that you could look at them for hours. Just make sure not to creep out your girl when you are staring. 

You daydream about the other person 

If you are daydreaming about another person, it probably means that you like them and that there is sexual tension between you both. It might be about just doing simple things with them or doing more intimate sexual things.

You want to be around that person all the time hence why they come into your mind. You might even find it difficult to focus on a task because all you can picture is them! 

There is an atmosphere when you are near to each other 

Have you ever felt a feeling in the atmosphere that you can’t quite put your finger on? You are looking at a girl that you like, and she is looking at you. Suddenly the air around you goes quiet and there is excitement in the air. That is what we call a sexual atmosphere filled with tension. 

There’s a certain teenage feeling that surrounds you both. Remember that feeling you have as a teenager when your stomach falls to your feet when you meet someone that you like.

If you find yourself starting to feel like you have a teenage crush then that is a strong sign that you both have sexual tension. You can keep the teenage feeling going by arranging fun dates

You both flirt non-stop

This is one of the strongest signs of sexual tension, the flirting never stops. You both go back and forth like you are playing a tennis match.

As soon as you are in the same space as someone who you have sexual tension with you will just start non-stop flirting.

You will start worrying about how you look around them, worrying about your hair and doing little things to grab their attention. 

You both look great together 

Everyone comments on how great you look. You have your friends saying, “You both look amazing together, you look like you are supposed to be together.” They might be sensing the tension between you both or that you really like each other.

People who are close to us can normally notice this before we even can. You also might be acting quite like a couple as well. Enjoy this stage! 

You smile all the time 

When you are both together, you cannot stop smiling. Even when you are apart, you smile when you are thinking about each other.

Everything she does makes you smile, and you feel like you have never been so happy in your life.

You also find that you smirk when you speak to her in a very flirty way.

These early stages of smiling and sexual tension are the best. 

You laugh a lot 

You laugh all the time. When you are together you both can’t stop laughing about things you both say. You find yourself laughing more than you normally would when you are apart as well, you just seem happier, and friends might even comment on this.

This means you are happy which is a great sign of sexual tension and even a possible relationship in the future.

You think about your facial expressions 

You try not to frown when you are around her even if it is by mistake. Instead, you focus on smiling, offering flirtatious facial expressions and looking at her intently when she speaks.

These are all signs of sexual tension and if you are thinking about how your facial expressions should look when you are speaking to each other, it means that there is something between you both. 

You tease each other constantly 

Just like flirting, you constantly tease each other about everything. It’s fun teasing like calling her clumsy when she drops her fork or giving her a little nudge when she says something funny. It is often very flirty and can easily escalate. This is a huge part of sexual tension as it can often turn into more…

You dream about them 

Not only do you daydream about them, but you also dream about them. These dreams might be more intimate and might be of you both at night.

They will often leave you feeling a little hot under the collar. You might wake up and think wow did I really just dream that? 

You gravitate towards them 

If you both turn up to the same party, you feel yourself moving towards them. Always wanting to be close to them and talking to them. This is because you both have a desirable connection and tension that hangs in the air between you both.

She might come to you, or you might go to her. Either way, you both just have to be close to each other.

You respond to touch by getting even closer

She places her arm on your leg and you shuffle towards her. This is common behaviour between two people who are experiencing sexual tension. You simply cannot be close enough and you just keep moving towards each other until you kiss.

You might not even realise that you are moving closer to her, it is often something that happens subconsciously.

Before you know it, you are both locking lips

You get butterflies while you around them 

Butterflies are not just something we hear about in movies.

When you see her walking towards you, your stomach suddenly fills with butterflies. Butterflies feel like your stomach is flipping and moving around.

It happens when we really like someone and often when there is sexual tension between us and another person. 

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