12 signs she wants you to be her boyfriend

Girls Do This When They’re Looking For a Relationship – 12 Signs She Wants You To Be Her Boyfriend!

Learn how to tell if a girl is looking for a relationship! In today’s video we’re going to be discussing the signs she wants you to be her boyfriend!

Girls are not always looking for a relationship, just like guys they like to date sometimes and just have fun. They might not be looking for something too serious or long-term. And with this in mind, how do you actually know when a girl is looking for a relationship or just something casual? Well today’s video I’m going to help you through that, so you know what a specific girl is looking for when it comes to the relationship. From taking you to meet her family to her body language. And after today’s video well you’re going to understand exactly what a girl does when she wants a little bit more from you.

Signs she wants you to be her boyfriend and she’s looking for a relationship

You become her go-to person 

It doesn’t matter if it’s that she wants to go to a cafe or that she needs someone to help her with a project, you are the only person she asks. You become her go-to-person for everything. She wants to spend all of her time with you and take you along on all of her adventures. This period gives you a taste of what it would be like to be in a relationship with her, which is the point.

She wants you to have the best time and think ‘I don’t want this to end’ so that you can both live happily ever after. It’s important to show her that you would also like a relationship by asking her to join you to do things. The more mundane the better as when you are in a relationship these are the types of things you will be doing. 

She spoils you 

She surprises you with your favourite video game and brings you coffee when she meets up with you. Basically, she is spoiling you. Why? Because she wants to win you over! She wants you to think ‘wow, I simply cannot live without this girl’. Gifts are not the only way she spoils you, she might make you dinner, get you cups of tea and never let you lift a finger. You need to also remember that she is catching feelings for you and when we really like them we want to show them! 

She remembers the things you say 

This is something girls instantly do when they are looking for a relationship. You might not even remember what you had for dinner yesterday, but she can remember something you said on your first date. It’s amazing how much a girl can remember when she really cares about a guy and wants to start a relationship with them. She will remember the smallest details and will remind you of them. For example, on your first date you might have said that you love cats. On your fifth date a cat walks up to you on the street and she says “ohh you love cats”. You might be thinking “how does she remember that?” well it’s simply because she cares! 

You catch her looking at you 

Do you often catch her looking at you? Specifically staring at you while you are talking? Is it a look of love? Does she catch your eye from across the room? This is because she is absolutely besotted with you and can’t stop staring at you. Eye contact is something we do intensely when we really like someone. If she is doing this, she wants a relationship. She is just waiting for you to make your move! 

She wants you to meet her friends 

If you are at the stage where you are meeting her friends, it’s obvious that she wants a relationship with you. Girls do not just let anyone meet their friends. Sure she might have told them about you but meeting them is a different kettle of fish. It means that she is fairly serious about you. She might try and make it something casual and say something like “oh I am going to the movies with a few friends, would you like to join?” or she might ask you if you feel ready to meet her friends. However, it happens, it’s a great sign. 

She asks a lot of questions 

Asking people questions about themselves is a sign that we care about them and want to know more about them. She won’t quiz you with questions, but she will ask deep questions so that she can truly understand you and get to know everything about you. She will remember the answers to your questions and depending on your answers she will decide whether to pursue a relationship. 

You have a whole lot of things in common 

You might start to notice that you both have a lot of things in common. She has the same favourite movie as you and she likes the same sport as you do. She actually might like these things or she might just be saying she does because she wants to seem as similar to you as possible. They say that when it comes to dating opposites attract but the truth is we are normally drawn to people who like the same things that we do. That is because we already like those things and we want someone we can share those things with. 

She thinks you are funny 

We all think we are funny but other people don’t always find our jokes funny. Our friends might pull us up on our sense of humour and say they are not very funny. Which is why if a girl is laughing at all your jokes and finds you really funny, it’s most likely because she likes you! We are often more attracted to people who find us funny because humour is a big part of a relationship. We rely on humour to get us through tough times because yes, relationships can be hard work! 

When she takes you to a family event

This is a big move. A girl taking you to a family event so that you can meet her whole family is huge. You wouldn’t introduce a girl to your family unless you were serious, the same goes for girls. If it gets to the stage where you are going to her aunt’s 60th well it might be time to ask her to be your girlfriend. 

Her body language is giving her away 

Body language often gives us away. We display certain types of body language in front of people depending on what we are feeling. We can be closed off when we are around people we don’t like or are shy to be around or display more open body language when we are around someone we like and are comfortable with. Here are some common types of body language that girls will display when they are looking for a relationship: 

Touching Knees

This one is not her touching her own knees which could be strange. It’s more her touching your knees together when you are sitting next to each other. She might gently brush her knee against yours which will create a spark between you both. She wants to be as close to you as she possibly can.

Playing with her hair 

Girls often twirl their hair and flick it behind their heads when they are trying to impress someone. They are subconsciously drawing attention to their neck. A neck is considered to be a sexy part of a woman’s body and men are instinctively attracted to it which is why they do this. If she is doing this with her hair, she is flirting with you and most likely wants to develop into a relationship. 

She gets close to you 

Her body language will mean that she is always super close to you. She will want to be sitting near you, holding your hand and walking right next to you. Basically, she wants to be as close as possible to you because she just can’t get enough! Girls do not do this around random people, only when they want a guy to be their boyfriend.

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