How to talk to girls and never run out of things to say

Girls Love Talking To Guys THIS Way – How To Talk To Girls And Never Run Out Of Things To Say!

Learn how to never run out of things to say when talking to girls. In today’s video we’re going to be discussing how to talk to girls and never run out of things to say. From conversation starters to questions to ask a woman, we’ll go over some of the best tips you can take advantage of when it comes to talking to women.

Saying hello to a lady is really only the beginning, because sadly, it gets much harder after this. Because you need to come up with interesting things to say and the art of conversation can be difficult, but if you want to charm a girl it’s a necessity.

Sometimes the chemistry just is not right and that is why the conversation is slow. Other times you have met the right girl for you and you just need to find a topic that keeps her interested. And in today’s video I’m going to teach you how to talk to girls and never run out of things to say! Because there is nothing worse than an awkward silence in the middle of a conversation, it can easily kill the romance so why risk it? Instead have these topics of your sleeve. So the first part of today’s video will be about how to talk to a girl and the second will teach you how to never run out of things to say.

How to talk to girls and never run out of things to say

Always be honest 

If you are talking to a girl then you should always be honest. It can be tempting to make up things about yourself to sound ‘cooler’ than you really are. There is no need to do this, if a girl really likes you then she will like you for who you are! She will probably find out you have lied one way or another. Girls are like mini FBI agents. 

Always listen 

There is nothing more off putting than when a guy is clearly not listening to you. He might be looking off in the distance or his eyes might be darting around the room. It’s honestly the worst and a sure way to kill any chance of romance. Instead, actively listen to her and take note of the things she has said. You could use them to start a conversation later. 

Always talk about things you like 

Obviously you need to talk about things she likes and ask her about herself. You should also talk about things that you like as well. Tell her about your unique passions and what drives you. Anything that makes you, you – she will want to know more about you. So don’t be afraid to tell her. 

Try not to interview her 

You should ask her about herself but try not to directly interview her. A conversation about her can very quickly turn into an interview without you even meaning it to. You might ask her question after question and forget to come up to breath. It comes across cold and robotic instead of warm and interesting. Instead try to ask a question and then let the conversation flow about the topic of that question before asking her another one. That will keep the conversation interesting but not an interview. 

Make her laugh 

Girls absolutely love it when a guy makes them laugh. In fact, it is something they search for in a partner. If you say something and she laughs, you’ll have grabbed her attention straight away. So try to naturally make her laugh, it will keep her interested in talking to you. 

Don’t use chat up lines

There is no need to use prepared lines like chat up lines. Girls honestly do not find this attractive, they will be thinking “how many other people has he said these to?”. They might even have flashbacks to tinder profiles of guys they did not like at all. It will come across as really fake so give them a miss and stick to coming up with some quality conversation. 

Compliment her 

You are amazing, I love your hair, you make me laugh…and the list goes on and on. Girls honestly love it when a guy notices something about them and compliments them. They are more emotional than men and compliments make them connect more deeply with someone. Make sure any compliments you give are genuine and don’t go over the top with them. Give her a few throughout an evening and she will be so attracted to you. 

Tease her every so often

It’s fun to flirt with a girl and tease them to keep them interested. Obviously there is a fine balance between saying something really mean to saying something in a playful manner. Practise on your friends if it makes you feel more comfortable and then execute it on the ladies! 

Now let me teach you more specifically about how to never run out of things to say to a girl you are talking to. 

Ask a ‘what’ question 

The first ‘trick’ to a never-ending conversation is to ask a question. For example, what did you do today? What is your favourite thing to do at work? What do you like most about yourself? The list goes on and on but once you start thinking about what questions, you will realise they are never ending.

Pay attention to what she says 

Yes I am asking you to make sure to listen to what she has to say again. Although this time I am asking you to focus more on paying attention to what she says. You can use these things later in conversation. If she mentions that she has an important work event coming up and after it’s happened you ask her how it went, she will be delighted that you listened and remembered it. It will also open you up to more conversation because you will then start talking about how the event went and you will learn more about her work. It’s a win, win. 

Repeat her words back to her 

Ok, this one might sound straight. No I don’t want you to be a parrot because I don’t think she would find that very attractive. What I really mean is if she says something really interesting you could repeat ‘wow that is so interesting I never realise that…and then repeat her words back’. Yes this gives you brownies points for listening but it also allows her to think about what she has said and expand on it. Which adds more to the conversation. 

Add your opinion 

Some conversations will be light and fluffy while others are deeper and darker. If you are talking about something that you could add your opinion to, you should. Girls love it when a man really says what he means and when he is passionate about something. So if you are talking about politics and she says something that you do not agree with, you can politely add in your opinion. She will love the banter this creates in a relationship and be falling at your feet for more of this great conversation. 

Dig deeper

When things get deep, dig a little deeper. Ask her more questions, ask her to explain what she means and ask her how she feels about the situation. She will start telling you more about herself and you will quickly learn more about her. When a lady opens up to you and is vulnerable around you, they are more likely to keep wanting to see you. 


Recall something from your past to help you open up to her. It’s nice when she is vulnerable around you but she also needs you to open up. It will really open up a bigger conversation and after you have done it once, she will feel more comfortable asking you about other things in your past. Once you get to this comfortable stage, conversation just flows naturally and it shows you are in a good place. 

Quick questions to ask

Let’s finish with some quick-fire questions and topics you can use if you are struggling for conversation. You could ask her to tell you more about a topic that you have recently learnt about. Or ask her what she does for fun and something that she enjoys at work. Finally, if all else fails, ask her to tell you something interesting about herself. Everyone loves talking about themselves! 

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