How to flirt with girls these techniques will help

ULTIMATE Flirting Techniques That Actually Work On Women – How To Flirt With Girls (NEED TO KNOW)

Learn how to flirt successfully. In today’s video we’re going to be discussing flirting techniques that actually work on women. If you want to get a girl to notice you, find you attractive and ultimately date you then having a strong flirting game is very important.

Most of us don’t actually know if we are any good at flirting. We don’t even realize or understand what flirting is. It’s something that happens sometimes when we are around someone that we find attractive. But the problem with this is that we can easily miss that mark, we think that we are doing incredibly well but then the other person ghosts us or puts us in the friend zone and we think was I too hard in my flirting game?

Now the only real way to be good at flirting is to learn. And we learn by doing and by educating ourselves. So today’s video I’m going to teach you some flirting techniques that actually work on the ladies. So that you can go out there practice them and win over some more high value ladies.

Flirting techniques that actually work

A good conversation never fails 

Let’s face it, women can talk for hours. They just need to be talking to the right person. You might not think of a good conversation as a flirting technique, it’s just something that happens on a date.

Without having interesting things to say though, your date will be boring and the girl you are with won’t find you captivating enough to continue the relationship with. Are you starting to see why a good conversation is essential when it comes to flirting? 

So how do you start a good conversation? Well, it’s not as difficult as you might think. You don’t have to dive in and start with politics. Start by simply asking questions about your date. This is your time to get to know each other better. Ask her about her likes and dislikes. What she does in her spare time. Ask her about her job and her goals in life. Does she have any siblings? This is a good chance for you to both form a connection straight off the bat. If she for example has a sister and you have a sister, that is already something you can both bond over. 

Now that you have a connection, you can start diving into deeper conversations. Maybe you could talk about your childhoods and where you grew up. Or you could discuss the industry that she works in or that you work in (if you know enough about it that is). Try to avoid divisive topics like politics because even if you are both connected, she could have completely different views then you and you just know yet. 

Keep it light but also go deep by talking about topics that don’t hold much weight but are still interesting. 

Work that eye contact 

Women absolutely love eye contact, in fact it is how most women realise that you are interested in them. If you are not using eye contact as a flirting technique already, you are missing out!

There are different types of eye contact and we have covered these in a previous video so go check that out next. You could catch her eye from across the bar and smile at her. Or you could be looking straight in her eyes as she speaks to you. If you both work in the same office, you could give her a flirting wink during a meeting. What I am trying to tell you here is that our eyes can literally do so much and show our potential love interest that we like them. 

Eye contact can make or break a date. If you are looking around the room all the time or looking at the floor then your date will think you are not interested in them and will immediately shut down when they are around you. If you’re looking at her in the eye when she is speaking, nodding along and giving her some flirty winks as she stands in line for drinks, she will know that you are interested in what she is saying and that you are flirting with her. That’s sexy!

Show her some sweet gestures 

Yes, you guessed it, girls love gifts. I am sure you know that girls love receiving flowers, boxes of chocolates and other thoughtful gifts ‘just because’. They do not expect these things, but they are so thankful when they get them. It shows them how you feel about them.

Gestures don’t always have to cost the earth or cost anything at all. It could be as simple as paying them a compliment or taking them on a date to their favourite spot. 

You might be thinking that you can save the sweet gestures until you are in a relationship with them. The truth is though, if you don’t pull these things out early she might not be as interested. Sweet gestures really show a girl how you feel about them so if you like her, show her. 

Smile at them a lot 

Smiling is universal. It shows others that you are happy or that you like being around them. When it comes to flirting, it shows the lady that you are enjoying her company. It’s important that a girl recognises that you are enjoying yourself because then she knows that you might like her. 

Women love it when a man makes flirty eye contact and then smiles, that is literally the best flirting move you could do when you are first trying to attract a lady. So, flash your flirtiest smile and you’ll have the high-end ladies lining up. 

Pay them compliments 

Just like they love gestures, they also love compliments. Women really do love it when guys notice things about them and point them out. Always make sure your compliment is genuine and don’t shower them with compliments because it will have less of an effect. Every now and again when you spot something like the amazing new dress she is wearing, compliment her on it. It’s also nice to compliment her on her personality. For example, you could say, you are a really caring person and I can tell from the way you are talking about your friends. This will also show that you are listening to what she is talking about. 

If you want to be really flirty and you sense the time is right then you could compliment her on her body. 

Break the touch barrier 

Touch is a huge part of flirting and it adds another layer to the connection you are creating with your lady. You will know when the time is right to break the touch barrier. It might be while you are on a double date and while you are listening to the other couple speak, you put your hand on your thigh. It could also be when you are both on a date alone and she tells a joke and you put your hand gently on her shoulder. However, you do it, breaking the touch barrier, means you can both become even more flirty with each other. 

Mirror her body language 

This flirting technique really works. If you are sitting upright looking nervously into a girl’s eyes but she is sitting back, relaxed in her seat then she will be able to easily tell how nervous you are. It’s better to mirror her body language, if she is sitting back, you sit back as well. If she has her legs uncrossed, you should uncross your legs. These might seem like small details but in actual fact, if she feels like she is looking in a mirror then she will feel as though she is more connected to you. She will also be thinking, wow he is as relaxed as me. 

We mirror people’s language when we like them and so although she might not realise that is what you are doing, subconsciously she will think he likes me. She might also start to mirror your own body language which is a great way to tell if she likes you as well so make sure to watch out for that. 

Make your move

The final technique to tell you about today is to make your move. That’s right, you flirted your way all the way to this point. You have shown her all of your best techniques and now there is only one thing left to do, be honest with her about how you feel about her. You don’t need to make a big deal about it, just tell her “I really like you, how do you feel about me?”. She will most likely tell you that she likes you as well and then you can both move forward knowing how the other person feels. What do you have to lose? Make your move!

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