How to make a girl laugh over text

15 Best Tips On How To Make A Girl Laugh Over Text / Funny = Attractive (Girls Love These Messages)

Learn how to make a girl laugh over text! In today’s video we’re going to be discussing how you can make a girl laugh through text messages.

They say that laughter is the best medicine and I believe that to be true. I love to laugh and I’m sure you do too. And being able to make a girl laugh is a key part of dating, because making someone laugh equals success in the dating game. But what happens though if you can’t be funny face to face, for example when you are texting a lady.

You need to be able to make her belly laugh through a screen, which isn’t easy. But today’s video I’m going to show you how to make a girl laugh over text. It’s a skill that will definitely get you more attention from the ladies.

How to make a girl laugh over text

Create some inside jokes

You should create a unique connection between yourself and your lady using inside jokes. An inside joke is something funny that you both only find funny. If someone else was to hear the joke, they would not understand it and would not laugh. 

For example, maybe she texts you first, which is something she has commented on before she doesn’t like to do. You could reply and say, well there’s a first for everything hey. She might then say “I know right, who even am I?” and you could say “I don’t recognise you at all” and it could go on and on. No matter what, you will both always have your inside jokes. 

Always be a gentleman 

When it comes to trying to be funny it can be tempting to joke about something sexual. If it is in a flirty way then it is ok but if it is too graphic, you might scare her away. Remember to always be a gentleman when you are joking with a lady. If you want to start dating in person then you need to maintain this while texting. 

Be funny and lazy 

It can be hard to be funny. Not everyone is and it does not come naturally to everyone. You could cheat a little by searching for some jokes on the internet. Then you could use them when texting her. You could say “Would you like to hear a joke?” and then send a joke through to her. She will love that you have been so funny and that you have put in an effort to find some jokes. 

Send a girl a video

You don’t always have to use your words to tell a joke via text. You can let other things do the talking, like videos! If you are scrolling through Instagram and you watch a funny video you could send it over to her and say that you thought she would like it. She’ll be laughing her head off if you have sent over a good one and you didn’t even have to say anything! 

Play a funny game over text 

Texting can get boring when you only speak about the same things. Why not spice things up and play a funny game over text? You could play something like never ever have I ever. Or you could play a guessing game. Just something to keep her entertained and make her laugh from behind her screen. 

Openers that girls hate 

All men that try to be funny via text fall into the same trap. That trap is that they open with something cheesy. They don’t want you to send the stereotypical cheesy pickup lines that men use on Tinder or Bumble. They want you to introduce yourself and ask questions about them. So remember not to send anything cheesy because you think it is funny, instead ask them some questions and they will be more likely to want to get to know you via text. 

Make some creative jokes with her name

Use what you have been given and try to make a joke with her name. You can be cliche with this joke. She will really love it! You could say something like, my favourite letter of the alphabet is S because it stands for sexy and Susan…which is your name! 

Send her a GIPH 

We all love GIFS and memes. They make us laugh and we all find them entertaining. You can send gifs via text easily. You could do it to reply to something that she has said. For example, she might have told you something exciting and you could send a gif of someone who is really excited, even better if it is a celebrity. 

You could also send memes to her randomly when you find them really funny. She will think that you are really funny before she has even met you properly face to face. 

Use emojis 

Women love it when men use emojis. Normally women use emojis a lot because they are more emotional than men. It’s nice when men express their emotions with them. You can also use them to be funny by sending through the animal emojis or the face emojis. Don’t go over the top but use them when it feels right or when they can make a text funnier. 

Be playful 

When you are texting a girl, you should flirt with her and be playful with the way you text. Yes it does keep her interested because it can get boring when you are texting every day. It also shows her though that you like her and that you are interested in her romantically. It will keep her on your toes and help you seduce her. Plus you being playful will make her laugh and that is like gold dust when you want to attract a girl! 

Exaggerate hypothetical scenarios 

It’s really funny when you exaggerate hypothetical scenarios. For example you might be talking about you both finally meeting up. You could create this elaborate scenario in which you meet. Maybe you would both meet at the airport and you would whisk her away to an island where you would both lie on the beach, sipping cocktails. She would be so impressed that she would never want to leave your side. This is all hypothetical and unlikely to happen. She will love that you are speaking about the future and as the story gets more and more ridiculous she won’t be able to stop laughing. 

Tell her some hilarious stories 

Everyone has funny stories from their past that will simply always be funny. Take some time to think about these stories and how funny they are and then start sending them to her. You could open with “do you want to hear a story about something funny that happened to me?”. She will think it is hilarious and will feel connected to you because you have opened up about your past. She might even send you a funny story about her past as well! 

Tease her in a tactful way

Girls absolutely love it when you tease them. It’s something about men being more alpha-male and being able to tease ladies. Don’t be rude though when you are teasing her, you want to be gentle. You could tease her about something she says in a text or something she said about her past. Maybe she has said that she hates pickles and you could tease her and say that you will go on your first date to a pickle factory. It’s funny and she will love it. 

Practise makes perfect 

Comedians are not just born funny. They need to practise their sets and material on people over and over again. The same goes for being funny over text! You need to practise on multiple ladies to get good at it and also texting friends and being funny with them. That way when you find ‘the one’, you will have the best skills and be really funny already. You’ll land her in no time! 

Test the waters first 

If you have only been texting a girl for a little while, you won’t know what she thinks is funny or what her sense of humour is like. So before jumping into it with all of your jokes, inside jokes, videos and gifs, try to see what she likes first. Just start slow with a few lines. That way you will know her limits and you will be a lot more successful with the ladies. 

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