How To Sweet Talk A Girl & Melt Her Heart! (MUST WATCH)

Girls Love When Guys Sweet Talk Like THIS! How To Sweet Talk A Girl & Melt Her Heart! (MUST WATCH)

Learn how to sweet talk a girl! In today’s video we’re going to be discussing how to sweet talk to a girl and get her to like you.

Girls love a bit of sweet talking, whether it be in person or over text.

How smooth is your chat? Girls want a guy who can sweet talk them into submission, some of the time.

Women love it when a guy cannot just walk the walk, but he can also talk the talk as well. There is something incredibly sexy about a man who can sweet talk a lady. And it’s a bit of a secret tool in the dating game and it’s very much under utilized by so many guys. If you want to stand out it is worth learning how ladies want you to sweet talk them. Which is why that is the topic of today’s video!

How to sweet talk girls

Eye contact

Ok, so admittedly this is less talking and more action. However, eye contact is important when it comes to delivering sweet talk. You can say every nice word in the dictionary but if you are not looking at her she will wonder who on earth you are talking to!

When you are speaking to her, maintain eye contact and when she is talking to you, make sure to look at her and listen. If she is standing on the opposite side of the room, catch her glance so that she knows you are only looking at her.

Half of the delivery of your sweet talking is in how you present yourself so remember to use your eyes. 

Pick-up lines are not sweet talk 

I am not sure who exactly created pick-up lines but for years and years now men have been using them. Some pick-up lines are funny, but they really do belong in a comedy sketch as opposed to on a date. They are cheesy, often sexist and girls run a mile whenever they hear one. So leave any pick-up lines you have at home and instead focus on talking sweetly.

When you first meet a lady, instead of planting a one liner on her, ask her what her name is. Open the conversation with something interesting you have learnt or something that you noticed about her.

This will be more memorable to her and will give you a much better chance with her. 

Wait for the right moment 

Sweet talking a girl is a mix of having interesting conversation and being flirty. When flirting is involved, you should always wait for the right moment. A girl does not want to be sweet talked in front of her parents or while she is at the gym. She wants it to be a quiet intimate moment. For example, while you are on a date on the beach or alone in the corner of a restaurant.

These are moments that she will remember. She will be relaxed and enjoying herself, in this environment anything you say will sound sweet. 

Always be respectful 

Sweet talking is not an excuse to talk dirty. She wants a guy to be sweet to her and speak to her nicely with a hint of flirting. Not someone who is trying to convince her to get into bed with him. It’s all about balance when it comes to sweet talking.

You need to remember to always be respectful by not speaking to her when she does not want to be spoken to, not being crass and by giving her the opportunity to speak as well. Basically, remember that although this is your chance to make an impression on her, if she does not seem keen then save your sweet talk for another time. 

Ask her questions 

You may have a sweet-talking speech planned but the truth is, it’s better to keep it simple.

She doesn’t want you to speak to her in prepared lines, she wants you to be spontaneous and open with her. You need to ask her questions about herself. You can start with the standard questions like what is her job and jump into what her passions in life are.

When people are asked about themselves and indeed about their passions, they often light up and become more animated.

Women love it when men take an interest in them and ask them thoughtful questions. This all helps to create a certain spark in the air which gives you the chance to turn the flirting up. 

Observe her 

When you first meet a lady, take her all in. Try and remember what she looks like, what her hair is like and what she is wearing. Taking note of these things means that next time you see her, you will notice if her hair has changed.

Girls love it when guys notice these types of things because it makes them feel as though they really care. Men are not the most observant of creatures so you doing this will make her really notice you. 

Remember to also observe her while she is talking and remember what she is talking about so that you can, on later dates, ask her how her event was last weekend? Girls really do love it when you remember details like this. 

Compliment her

Who doesn’t like a compliment? A sure-fire way to sweet talk her is to compliment her. You could say something about the new dress she bought or how lovely her eyes look tonight.

Try to also compliment her personality by saying something like “you are so funny”. Girls really love it when guys compliment them and to them this is the highest form of sweet talk possible. 

Be confident when talking to her 

It can be hard to be confident when you are talking to a girl. Especially when you really like the girl and she is high-value. It’s only right to be a little nervous, I mean you want to win her right! However, when you look nervous and speak like a nervous person, it puts off girls. You can be nervous on the inside, but you can’t let this show on the outside. You need to be confident, hold your head up high and put your shoulders back. Speak with a loud, deep voice but don’t yell.

Never speak over a lady but take charge of the conversation and show her how you can show leadership qualities. Ladies love when a man is not simply silent but also when he respects her enough to ask her questions, again it’s all about balance.

Ask about her family and friends

It’s important that you don’t only talk about yourself when you are sweet talking. Asking someone about their friends and family shows that you care. This is maybe not something to bring up as soon as you meet someone but on the second date, you should ask her about her family. Does she have any brothers or sisters? Where does her family live? And of course, you should ask about her friends.

You can be a little flirty with this question and ask if they know she is on the date and what she thinks they would think of you. This opens the door a little bit and shows her that you like her and would hope to meet her friends one day.

It’s a topic that can get her chatting, but it also shows her that you are sweet enough to care. 

If you are stuck ask her these questions 

I get it, you have learnt everything about how to sweet talk. You understand what you need to do and have even practised in front of the mirror. You turn up to the date and as soon as you see her you forget everything. You might start to panic but there is no need. 

If you can’t think of anything sweet to say, you can ask her some simple questions that can get the conversation flowing. 

You could ask her what her dream job was as a child? Depending on her answer, you could say I think you would have been great at that job and ask her why she wanted that job. The conversation will flow from there. 

You could also ask her what she is most frightened of? This will help build some trust between you both because she is confiding in you. 

Last but not least, you could ask her what she likes most about you? It’s a bit of a flirty question and it is risky but then you’ll be able to observe if she blushes while she answers, which means she likes you! And it lets you both flirt backwards and forwards. 

Remember that the key to sweet talk is balancing interesting conversation and flirting. If you get that right well you can’t go wrong!

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