How to make a girl addicted to you

Making Her Addicted To You Is EASIER Than You Think – How To Make A Woman Addicted To You (DATING)

Learn how to make women addicted to you! In today’s video we’re going to be discussing some subtle & easy things you can do if you want to get women to obsess over you.

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When you are thinking about how to make a girl addicted to you, maybe you are thinking that you need to earn more money or have bigger muscles before you will be able to have that power.

Now sure, girls like both money and muscles but this is really not what it takes to make them addicted. They need much more and normally it’s actually emotional things that they need.

There is a special formula to winning a girl over and making her addicted to you. It takes a dash of a few things that I’m going to tell you about in today’s video. So, if you would like to find out how you can make a girl addicted to you, then keep on watching.

How to make a girl addicted to you

Be unpredictable 

Girls want guys that are going to show up and be reliable but being reliable is different from being predictable.

If you are predictable then you can become boring very quickly.

Maybe you always take her to the same place when you are on a date, or you always send the same text messages. At first she won’t mind but it won’t take her long to get really sick of it.

She will most likely move on to the next guy. Girls want a guy that is unpredictable. Someone who surprises her with something different or likes to try unfamiliar places and new things.

This is partly because if she is dating you, she will be thinking long term.

She would not want to be in a relationship with someone that always wants to do the same thing.

Try to be more unpredictable and take a girl by surprise, this is a great way to make a woman addicted to you. 

Form an emotional connection with her

It does not matter how confident we are, everyone struggles to open up and be vulnerable around another person.

This is especially true when it comes to a person we are trying to impress or date.

We don’t want them to think we have anything that could be perceived as a fault. We want to seem perfect in their eyes.

Obviously, no one is perfect, but we try to keep this illusion alive for as long as possible.

Once we are vulnerable around someone though we then have what is called an emotional connection with them.

When we have an emotional connection with someone we are more likely to want to be around them because we let them in, and we trust them.

So, if you want a girl to want to be around you then forming an emotional connection with her is important.

Try to open up to her and encourage her to be open to you to help strengthen your bond. 

Display your strong mental mentality 

Being strong mentally allows you to support her through any tough times she might be experiencing.

Girls find this very attractive in a man and it is something they look for. Women are more emotional than men are and therefore they often need more support than a man would. 

Be loyal 

Even if you have only been dating for a while, loyalty is still important. Being loyal shows her what kind of man you can be.

She won’t spend the time becoming addicted to you unless she thinks that you will be loyal to her.

Don’t be fooled, even if she is looking you dead in the eyes and talking to you, she is studying your behavior and making sure that you don’t look at other women.

Even if you think it is safe to speak to another lady, don’t. Eventually she will find out and it will only end poorly. 

Be confident 

Women love confident men.

They want a man who can show them his confidence and can strike up a conversation with them.

If you struggle with confidence then it is something that you can improve. Try some confidence techniques like talking to yourself in the mirror every day and naming something that you love about yourself.

It might take a while, but slowly you will build it up and you’ll find girls will be flocking towards you. 

Be self-sufficient 

A girl does not want to look after you like you are her child. You need to remember that she is not your mum.

She wants you to be able to look after yourself. You need to have your own money, your own friends, your own car, and your own life.

It’s particularly important that you can look after yourself.

Once you are self-sufficient, girls will find you more attractive and more likely to become addicted to you. 

Dress nicely 

If you want to impress a girl, start by looking good!

That means dressing nicely and having style.

You need to keep up with the fashion and have a great capsule wardrobe. A capsule wardrobe is a very simple wardrobe where you have one of all the basics.

For example, you have a white shirt, some basic jumpers, some jeans and chinos and some nice trainers. You could also buy some other pieces of fashionable items like a nice coat.

If you buy latest items for your capsule wardrobe once a year then it means you will also look your best and dress nicely.

It does not take much but it makes a world of difference in encouraging girls to become more attracted to you. 

Be dominant 

Girls like strong men who can look after them. Obviously, you don’t want to be controlling but you do want to be dominant in certain situations.

Maybe she can’t pick where you are going for dinner, and she is getting hungry. In this situation you should take charge and say, “why don’t we just go here?.”

You will both get to eat sooner than you would have if you were still deciding.

She will love that you took charge of that situation, and it shows your dominant side which girls find so sexy. 

Charm her

Girls love it when a guy charms her.

Gentlemen are not as common as they once were and although girls are used to this, when they find one they don’t want to let him go.

You could charm her by giving her a compliment, taking flowers to a date, or arranging a romantic beach date.

Girls love these types of surprises, and they can tell straight away if a guy is charming.

Of course, you can charm a girl with just your words and by your actions as well.

Be playful 

You don’t need to take life too seriously.

Girls like it when you are playful, and they can have fun with you. You can be playful in many ways by joking with her, flirting with her, or doing something fun that raises her adrenaline.

The more playful you are, the more girls you will attract. Girls can tell pretty quickly how playful a guy is and it’s an incredibly attractive trait.

If you want a girl to be addicted to you then show her your playful side. 

Have a sense of humor 

Make a girl laugh!

You could tell one of your dad jokes or tease a girl about something to get a chuckle out of her.

When you have a sense of humor, girls will feel more comfortable around you.

This is one of the best ways you can make a girl addicted to you.

She will be really interested in you and will associate you with fun which is one of the best things you can be in a girl’s eyes. 

Don’t give up on her

If you really like a girl and can see a future with her then why would you give up on her.

Even if it takes her a while to like you back or give you any attention, you need to give her that time.

If you give up too early then you won’t stand a chance of making her addicted to you.

You need to be prepared to go the long haul with a girl and sometimes this loyalty is what wins a girl over and gets her addicted to you. 

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