How to give your appearance a boost & look more attractive

19 Best Ways To Give Your Appearance A Boost (Look Better With Style, Grooming & Fashion Tips)

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Would you like to impress more ladies? Maybe have them lining up around the block to date you? Well one way to do this is to boost your appearance because when guys look great girls find them irresistible. Of course, boosting your appearance is not going to be a walk in the park.

It takes commitment and some upkeep but once you get into a routine it’s going to be easy to maintain and will definitely be paying off. So today I’m going to give you around 19 ways that you can give that appearance a boost which will make you feel better about yourself and will land you some luck with the ladies.

How to give your appearance a boost & look more attractive

Sleep more

Did you know that sleep deprivation will kill you faster than food deprivation? Sleep is vital to our overall health and wellness.

If you want to look good, you need to be getting the right amount of sleep at the right times.

You might think that it is ok to stay up late and then sleep in late, you’re still getting 8 hours of sleep right? Well technically yes but as humans we have body clocks which prefer to go to bed earlier and wake up earlier.

If you are always waking up late you also risk becoming less productive. Also, if you are napping during the day instead of sleeping at night, your body is not getting the proper amount of sleep and it can make you feel sleepier which makes it counterproductive.

Although it might be tempting to stay up late and play video games, you should try and establish a routine that allows you to go to sleep earlier, at least on weekdays. Maybe on the weekends you can stay up later and sleep in but during the weekdays, you should be going to bed at about 10 o’clock and waking at 7.30-8am.

Sleep is the best thing you can do to boost your appearance which is why I have so much to say about it. 

Eat your fruit and vegetables 

Making sure you are getting your 5 a day will help you glow from the inside out. Fruit and vegetables help us stay healthy but also keep us at a good weight.

If we are only eating junk food, we are more likely to be overweight and unhealthy which is something girls do not want. 

Get a nice haircut 

Never underestimate the power of a good haircut! It can make you look and feel like a god. If you spot a friend who has had a great haircut, ask them where they went to get it and go there. Or do some research into the best hairdressers in your area.

It might cost you a little more, but it will give you more confidence and boost your appearance. 

Wear well-fitting clothes 

If you would like to boost your appearance then look at the clothes that you are already wearing and make sure they fit properly. When clothes don’t fit well, they make you look bigger than you actually are.

Make sure that your trousers are the proper length and if they are not then visit a tailor. Buy t-shirts and jumpers that are not too baggy. Take a look at your wardrobe and think, what fits properly? Then wear that. 

Drink more water

Water is the elixir of life. It keeps our cells young and helps to replace fluids we lose through doing things like exercising.

It is recommended that you drink at least a litre of water which is about 6-8 glasses a day.

The best way to make sure that you do this is to carry a water bottle around with you. 

Clean your fingernails and cut them regularly 

Dirty fingernails are one of the biggest turn offs for girls looking for a guy.

If you have a physical job or play a sport dirt can easily get stuck underneath them. You need to remember to clean them, it’s easy to do it under a tap, in the shower or you can get special tools which help. It takes 5 minutes, but it really boosts your appearance. Also remember to cut them regularly! 

Find the right clothes for your skin tone 

This might sound like a strange one, but everyone has a color or a range of colors that suits them. For example, some people suit autumn colors and others suit brighter colors.

Experiment by buying assorted colors and see what people compliment you on. You might have a friend who says that blue looks nice on you! Then you know that you should buy other clothes in that color. This just helps you look your best. 

Display good posture

This means no slouching or hunching. Instead work on standing up straight with your shoulders slightly back and your neck straight. That will mean that you always look your best and as a bonus you’ll also look far more confident. 

Take care of your eyebrows

It’s not just girls who need to look after their eyebrows. Boys do as well. Eyebrows shape your face. If they are overgrown and unruly then your eyes might not stand out as well as they could. If they are too thin, your face might look bigger than it is. You want them to be just right and that might mean calling in an expert. 

Wash your clothes and bedding often 

Changing your bedding often might not boost your overall appearance but it will make you smell better and if you have female visitors they will be impressed.

Washing your clothes is an absolute necessity. It will mean you always smell nice, and your clothes will look smart which is especially important. 

Brush your teeth twice a day

Brushing your teeth once a day just doesn’t cut it. You need to be brushing twice a day and using other oral hygiene products like mouthwash and floss. This will make your teeth healthier. When anyone speaks to you, you’ll have nice smelling breath which is always helpful when you are trying to charm a lady. 

Use skin care

I can’t say this enough, skin care is so important! If you want to boost your appearance and don’t use skincare yet then start with this one.

It does not need to be complicated or expensive. You need a good cleanser and good moisturizer. Use them both morning and night, you’ll really love the results. 

Use sunscreen 

It doesn’t matter where you live, the sun will still be affecting your skin. If you are going to sit in the sun on holiday or on a warm day then apply sunscreen to your face and body.

If you live in a hot country then you should be doing this daily. This will help prevent skin cancer and wrinkles in the long term. 

Work out 

Stay fit and strong by working out regularly. You’ll feel great especially with endorphins rushing through your body which will help you stay confident.

You’ll also look great and have your dream body which will make women flock to you. If you want to boost your appearance then start with working out. 

Iron clothing that needs it 

If you wear shirts or dress pants then they probably need ironing. Don’t discount how much it matters. It will make you look more put together and smarter. 

Style your hair 

You have a nice haircut, now you need to style it. Most hairdressers will show you how to style it when you get it cut. You can also look on the internet for tips or good products to use.

Styling your hair shows others that you care about how you look and that you make an effort. This is something girls especially love. 

Use lip balm in winter

Look after your lips by using lip balm in winter to stop them from chapping. You only need to apply it once a day. 

Be confident 

Being confident can help you massively when it comes to boosting your appearance. If you are walking around with some swag, girls will be instantly attracted to you. They are more likely to want to get to know you. If you look good and feel good then your confidence will shine through. 

Be kind 

You can look a million bucks but if you don’t have a nice personality then you won’t look nice in other people’s eyes. So, remember to always be kind to others and be a nice person. 

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