"THIS" Is What Women Want To Hear From Guys - Phrases Girls Love

“THIS” Is What Women Want To Hear From Guys – Phrases Girls Love (REVEALED)

Learn what women want to hear from men in today’s video where we’re going to be discussing some of the phrases girls love hearing from guys. When it comes to talking to women there’s most definitely a right and wrong time to say things. Not alone will we show you what to say to a woman, but when to say these things.

Women like to be made to fell special and one of the ways that you can do this is to say things that they want to hear. Language is everything when you are dating someone and trying to progress it into a relationship. The tricky part here is knowing what the right things to say are, and when to say them. You don’t want to saying “I love you” on the first date now do you, it’s a little bit weird. So today’s video, I’m going to give you some magical phrases that women want to hear, so that next time you have a lady around you, you know exactly what to say.

What women want to hear

You are right 

Ahhh this is music to a ladies ears. She likes to know that you respect her enough to acknowledge that she is right when she is. Men often don’t let a lady ‘win’ when she is right and to be honest, this is a super attractive trait. Women do not want a man like this, they want someone who is man enough to admit when they are wrong. 

You know what I love about you 

I can feel the romance from here! Women love it when men really understand them and take the time to get to know them. It makes a lady so happy when a man can list off what they love about her. Top tip here, make sure the things are not all about looks, choose parts of her personality to compliment as well. 

You look amazing 

This is definitely something that women want to hear. This is something you could say when you pick her up for a date or just in the morning when she wakes up. Whenever it just pops naturally into your head. 

We are in this together 

This one is a great line when she is facing an issue. It shows her that she is not alone. It is normally more appropriate when you are in a relationship together as it is quite a serious commitment. Women love to feel like they are part of a team though, so this line means a lot to them. 

Last night was incredible 

This line can be used for multiple things. Yes, it can be used the night after a very romantic evening or just after a lovely date! Telling her that you had an incredible time will make her insecurities disappear. 

If you ever want to talk, I am here 

Normally if a girl has an issue and needs to talk she goes to her mum, sister or friends. Women dream of being able to go to their boyfriend though and asking for their advice or just to have a boyfriend who will listen to them. When you say this line to them, they know they can trust you and that you trust them. It’s a big step in their minds. 

What is the most meaningful experience you have ever had? 

This is a great question to ask on a date. Girls love it when men ask questions that are not the standard ‘what do you do for a job?’. This is quite a deep, personal question. You can also take her answer and recreate something similar for her to experience. For example her meaningful experience might be that she travelled to a developing country. Further on down the road, this could be something you do together. 

You look great in that

If she is putting effort into the way she looks, she doesn’t want it to go unnoticed. So when you tell her that she looks great, she will be smiling from ear to ear. 

I don’t understand but I am going to try 

Everyone faces issues and problems. We don’t always understand other people’s situations because we may have never been through it ourselves or been in that situation. We can always put in some extra effort though and try to understand. By telling her this she knows she can rely on you to be there for her always. 

How can I support you?

This is another line that shows her that you will always be around and she can rely on you. This will allow her to open up to you more and you will get to see more of the real her. 

I’m feeling…

Through years of conditioning, men have been taught not to talk about their feelings. Which is a huge shame because men suffer from some of the worst mental health issues and a lot could be solved if they were able to talk. Opening up and talking about your feelings to her will not make you look weak, in fact it will make you look strong. Your relationship will be stronger and healthier because you have opened up. 

You are so sexy 

I mean do I even need to explain this one of course women love to hear this! This is a top tier compliment which could lead to something more. 

Can I get your perspective on this 

Women like being treated as equals to men because they are equals to men. Asking her for her perspective on something shows how much she means to you and that you value her opinion which is important to every lady. This is a great one to use if you are flirting with a lady at work. 

I love you

The ultimate phrase a woman wants to hear. This has to be delivered when the time is right though and when the lady is ready to hear it. So don’t rush into saying it because you think this is what she wants to hear. Wait until the time is right. 

I made plans for us

It’s often the lady who has to make the plans for dates or just time spent together. She will find it romantic if you surprise her with plans that she has not had to help with. It shows that your relationship is or will be equal which is something ladies look for. 

I love how you look without makeup 

This one can go either way so you have to be careful how you deliver it. A lady doesn’t want to be told by a man not to wear makeup, she will do what she wants. However, if you notice is wearing make up all the time and then one day she doesn’t you can say this to boost her confidence. 

One of your best qualities is 

If you are going to use this line then try to make a quality something about her personality and not about her looks. It will mean more to her. 

I love spending time with you 

This is another great line to help with women’s insecurities. Sometimes women think men are only hanging out with them because they have to or they have a sense of duty. Obviously this is not true and you are hanging out with them because you want to spend time with them. So remind them of this! 

I’ll do this 

A man doing dishes is the ultimate aphrodisiac. Help her out and take a job off her hands like the dishes, ironing, washing up or anything that means she can sit down and put her feet up instead. 

The truth is…

Being open and honest is so important when it comes to any type of relationship be it a romantic one or a friendship one. Whether you are dating a lady or in a relationship with her, telling the truth will get you far. She will instantly trust you and value you from then on. 

Tell me all about your day 

Say this and she will be thinking “oh my god he cares about my day!”. This phrase simply shows that you care about her and that you are interested in her. 

I’m sorry that happened to you 

Last but not least, saying this shows that you are empathic which is a trait that ladies look for in partners. Being empathic means that you can understand and feel, feelings of another person. Remember guys this also builds trust, a key part of any healthy relationship. 

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