how to win a girls heart

These Are The Keys To Every Girl’s Heart – Win Over Your Crush! (ACT NOW)

Learn how to win a girl’s heart! Using knowledge of psychology and relationships you can learn how to attract the girl of your dreams and become irresistible to your crush.

These are so important to women when it comes to relationships, they really are the keys to every girl’s heart. So if you’re looking to get a girlfriend soon, be sure to add these tools to your belt.

How to win a girl’s heart

Winning a girl’s heart can be tricky. It’s something I am sure all guys dream of doing especially once they have met someone special. Sometimes though you are not sure how to go about it or what to say or do. To find out how to get the girl, you need to watch today’s video! 

Do you like a girl but are not sure how to win her heart? Well, I am here to help by letting you in on 10 secrets that will win her heart for good. 

In today’s video, I am going to share with you how to get a girl to fall for you by telling you some of the best-kept secrets that will get your love life going! 

Consistency and effort

The first secret to winning a ladies heart for good is consistency and effort. 

Consistency is when you don’t give up and just keep trying. If you give up at the first hurdle you are never going to win her heart for good. Sometimes a lady might not be picking up your signals or she might take longer to develop feelings which means it could take her longer than you to jump into the relationship. So guys you need to keep going and keep being there for her she will soon realise that you like her more than a friend. 

The next part of this secret is effort. You need to put in some effort if you are going to win her heart for good. This could look like consistently being there for her or by taking her on romantic dates. 


We know how important confidence is when it comes to winning a date with a guy but do you also know that it is important when it comes to winning her heart for good? Confidence is sexy and very attractive to women. If you are confident enough to hold interesting conversations and you have confident body language it will be much easier to win the girl. 

I have a friend who was dating a guy and she liked parts of what she had seen in their early dates but there was a problem that was stopping her from moving forwards. He always had his head down, looking at the floor. He fidgeted a lot and was very softly spoken. He seemed to be nervous all the time.

He most likely was nervous but he also lacked confidence which my friend found off putting. She liked the things he said but felt as though he was really holding back. She wanted someone who was going to be able to hold a conversation with her friends and family. 

After a few more dates she was not going to go on another with him. He asked her though and she thought ok I’ll go on one more. She has no idea what happened but he was completely different.

He was making eye contact with her, talking more and it felt more natural to be around him. It’s safe to say that he won her heart for good with his added confidence. 

Show your interest

This third secret seems obvious doesn’t it guys but it is very surprising how many guys forget to actually show interest and then end up friend-zoning themselves.

To win her over you need to show her that you want more than just a friendship. You can do this by using your body language to maintain eye contact and occasionally touching her shoulder while she laughs.

You can ask her deeper questions than your normally would and of course…you can ask her out! 

Make her feel safe and protected with you

Girls really like it when a man makes them feel safe and protected. This goes back to when they were little. They may have had dads who protected them and naturally make them feel safe.

If they didn’t have good relationships with their fathers, they will really want one similar. Often this is called ‘daddy issues’ but actually often ladies don’t want a dad, they want a partner who makes them feel safe and protected. 

Play a little hard to get

The fifth secret is all about playing a little hard to get. You might be thinking but I want to win her over not push her away! Women love to chase a man. Not too much but if a guy simply gives them everything they want or need, they become less interested. If it is a little more challenging they get excited!

Playing hard to get, isn’t difficult it just takes strength on your part because when you like a girl you do want to spend all your time together! You need to not always be so available and sometimes say “Sorry I can’t do that, I am catching up with friends”.

Don’t always message her back straight away sometimes you need to wait a little. By doing these subtle actions she will need to work a little harder for your attention making you harder to get! 

Be your charming self 

Work that charm! Never underestimate the power of charm it can win ladies over. Charming is a mixture of confidence and flirting.

It helps you to stand out in a crowd and it makes you look very suave. Charming guys often seem more interesting to the ladies as well and can easily win over their hearts. 

Look after yourself

Looking after yourself is important because if you don’t look good, you won’t feel good. To look after yourself you need to exercise, dress nicely, groom yourself regularly and keep up basic hygiene practises.

When you look nice and look after yourself you are showing that you take pride in yourself which is important to convey confidence.

So make sure that you create a self care routine and look after yourself. 

Be honest about your feelings and intentions

Put all of your cards on the table. Sometimes we are so focused on body language, flirting and being charming we forget to just tell the other person how we feel and what our intentions are. We miss this step and by doing that and we can loose the person we are trying to win over.

If you are in a private place, it’s important that you have the conversation and are honest. You could word it like “I really like you and would like things to keep moving forwards. How do you feel?”. That way you will know if she feels the same or if she does not.

Either way you will know where you stand and she will admire how brave you are. 

Surprise her with romantic dates

I can confirm that surprise romantic dates are amazing. You don’t have to go completely over the top simply saying “hey shall we go to the movies tonight?” is romantic enough!

A girl will be blown over by the fact that you have gone to the effort of surprising her with a romantic dates. She will feel special and it will be a clear sign of how you feel about her!

While you are on the date you could bring up how you feel and see if she feels the same way. She will be handing you over her heart by the end of the night. 

Be trustworthy and loyal 

The final secret is to be trustworthy and loyal. Girls don’t want to have to waist their energy on thinking, “what is he up to?”. She just wants you to be loyal and she wants to be able to trust you.

So don’t give her a reason not to, be open and honest. Tell her what you expect in a relationship and let her tell you what she wants and then both respect that.

Being a trustworthy and loyal partner means your relationship will last and that you of course…will win her heart for good. 

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