how to make a girl have a crush on you fast


In today’s video we’re going to be discussing how to get a girl to have a crush on you. When it comes to dating & getting a girlfriend, sparking a genuine interest from your potential partner is incredibly important. From body language, how you talk to her, and even how you present yourself. We’re going to cover 23 awesome tips that you need to be aware of.

How To Make A Girl Have A Crush On You Fast

Do you fall fast for girls?

But then struggle to get them to like you?

Do you doubt yourself and suffer from imposter syndrome? 

It’s normal to be scared of talking to girls let alone getting them to like you but there are things you can do to get them to crush you quickly. 

In today’s video, we are going to look at 20 of the fastest ways to make a girl like you. 

It is possible for a girl to fall quickly for a guy but the guy needs to do the right thing at the right time for this to work. I have put together some insider tips that will help you get the girl. It’s time for you to learn some of the most effective ways to win over your crush. 

1- Help out the lady (without her asking)

Ask a lady how you can help. Maybe she is moving home or needs help to do some shopping. By naturally being there she will think of you as supportive and someone she can depend on. Don’t force your help onto her but be there if she needs it. Keep an eye out for when she needs some help. 

2- Make eye contact first 

Whether you are walking down the hallway and catch her eye or you are on a date, make eye contact a priority. It sends signals to the lady that you are interested in her which will make her stop and think, “do I have a crush on him?” Maintaining eye contact helps to increase sexual attraction and get some sparks flying. 

3- Say hello! 

Saying hello is simple right? But it’s amazing how often we forget about doing it. If you have your eye on a lovely lady make sure you walk past her and say hello. Maybe the lady is in your office, say hello when you spot her in the break room. It will get her thinking about you and she might develop a crush on you before you even have your first date. Simple yet effective! 

4- Stand up straight

Make sure to focus on your posture. If you are on a date, don’t slump while you are standing or hunch over the table. Sit and stand up straight, look the lady in the eyes. This is something that ladies naturally clock and it makes you appear more attractive. Which means that they will fall for you faster.  

5- Discover interests you share 

Start discovering the interests you share. Ask the lady questions that relate to your personal interests. Like “do you like playing Call of Duty?” or “do you like to hike?”. This way she will tell you what she is interested in and you will know if it matches what you like to do in your spare time. Once you have this information you can start doing things together. For example, you could say, would you like to join me on a hike? You will start spending more time together and she will start falling for you quickly! 

6- Surprise her 

This one might come after you have had at least one date. You could take her on a surprise date or surprise her with flowers. Ladies love surprises and they really like it if the men they are seeing are thoughtful. They will be head over heels in one time if you do this guys. 

7- Be confident 

If you are constantly nervous around her, she won’t get to know the real you. Confident people are naturally more attractive and more interesting. So when you are around her, be the most confident version of yourself. Don’t be obnoxious but try to be as confident as possible. This will really help you stand out in the crowd. 

8- Don’t friendzone yourself  

Friendzoning is the worst. You invest so much time into someone you really like only for them to think it is a friendship. The way to get around this is to flirt with the girl and hold consistent eye contact. This will show her that you mean business. 

9- Work on self-grooming 

There is nothing worse than a messy man. Ladies love it when men look after themselves. So make sure you are cleanly shaved, your hair is cut and you look after your skin. Wear cologne if you really want to create an impression and attract the girl. 

10 – Let her miss you 

Make sure there is some space between you both. Let her really miss you. If you are always together, she will have you all the time. Absence makes the heart grow stronger and all that. Make yourself a little hard to get. 

11- Dress nicely 

Just like it is important to self-groom, it’s also important to dress nicely. When you dress nicely, you will make yourself look more attractive and you will be more confident. If you turn up to a fancy dinner in a suit, the girl will have a crush on you instantly. 

12- Monitor your body language 

Take note of your monitor language. Don’t have closed off body language, keep it open and maintain eye contact. You might want to use flirty body language to indicate that you want your relationship to go further. Make sure to keep it flirty and not friend-zone yourself. 

13- Make her laugh 

One of the fastest ways to a girls heart is to make her laugh. If you make her laugh she will think that you are extra attractive and interesting. The girls might also think about your future relationship and think if he makes me laugh now, our relationship will always be fun. 

14- Impress her 

Impress her with some facts or fun things that you know. Don’t focus on being ignorant or obnoxious. Enlighten her with some witty facts, it will really impress her. You could impress her with a gesture like having a glass of wine ready for her at dinner before she arrives. 

15- Be a gentleman 

Not everyone is a gentleman anymore. So make sure that you are one. Pull out a ladies chair and open the door for her. Just be generally polite and respectful whenever you are talking to her. It will put you miles ahead of the other men who are more focused on themselves. 

16 – Be reliable 

Don’t be a push over. Be reliable and be there for the girl when she needs you. If you arrange a date be there on the day, at the correct time. Don’t pull out last minute unless it is an important reason like something to do with work or family. Be there for her if she is having a bad day. Generally just be around if she needs you. 

17 – Compliment her 

Make sure to give her some genuine compliments. You could compliment her dress or her hair. She will love that you have taken notice of the effort she has put in. It’s always nice to compliment a lady. She will take the compliments onboard and will quickly develop a crush on you (if she isn’t already attracted to you). 

18 – Make fun of yourself

This one can be difficult because I don’t mean to self depreciate yourself.  Don’t put yourself down because it will make your look less attractive. Making fun of yourself a little though can make you look fun and funny all at the same time. 

An example of this guys is saying “oh I am so silly, I always forget to do that” or if you were to trip over, you could say, “I just had a lovely trip”. 

19 – Don’t treat her like a friend

Sometimes it can seem easier to treat someone like a friend so that you can form a relationship. If you start talking to a lady and you think you really like her then from the beginning don’t treat her like a friend. If you start by treating her like a friend, she will think that is all you are. So make sure to flirt with her a little and make it clear you like her. 

20 – Don’t be late 

Never be late! Bring late makes it look like you don’t care or that the date is not very important. So act like you really care and always be on time. 

21- Ask her about her friends

Show an interest in her life beyond you. Ask about her friends and take an interest in them. Don’t ask on the first date, she might bring it up naturally. Wait until a few dates in and then ask about them. It shows that you are serious about liking her. She will absolutely love this and will start falling deeper for you. 

22- Focus on her and only her (when in her company)

If you are in her company, don’t focus on other things. Don’t go on your phone or look at something else. I find it so rude guys when I am on a date. The guy I am with is looking at someone else in the restaurant or looking at something on the wall. It makes me feel invisible and it won’t go further than that date. So make sure that you focus. 

Make eye contact with her and ask her direct questions guys! 

23- Ask her out! 

Finally guys! If you like her and you think the girl has a crush on you, ask her out!

 It’s a risk but it could have a huge reward. 

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