Psychological facts about women


Learn about the female mind with these incredible psychological facts about women that every man needs to know! Learn how to understand female psychology when it comes to love and dating so that you can better improve your chances when it comes to getting women to like you and getting a girlfriend.

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Did you know that the meaning of love is desire? Desire is defined as a strong feeling of wanting to have something or wishing something would happen. So, although love is that amazing feeling that makes your stomach flip it goes much deeper than that.

Women feel love in a different way to men and this all comes down to their psychology which is different to the guys. Once you understand a lady’s psychology you will be able to understand how she falls in love a lot better.

You will find it much easier to date women and get them to fall in love with you.

In today’s video gentlemen, I’m going to let you in on a little secret and tell you some incredible psychological facts about the ladies that every guy must know. So, are you ready to make your dating life easier? If so don’t move like and subscribe

Psychological facts about women

They like to feel special 

Arguably both men and women like to be made to feel special. Women need to be made to feel more special though.

Psychologically women are nurtured more by their parents.

As boys grow older their parents expect them to become more self-sufficient and coddle them less. This is not always great, but it is something that happens.

Girls however are often more spoilt by their parents especially by their dads, which is why the term ‘daddy’s girl’ exists. As they grow older, they want to continue to be made to feel special.

They don’t really grow out of this need to be spoiled and fussed over. So, if you are wondering how to impress a girl, you could start by making her feel special.

This does not need to be with expensive things, it can be as little as a compliment. It will mean a lot to her though. 

They prefer men with ambition 

Whether women realize it or not when they are searching for a partner, they want someone who can support them.

If someone has ambition, they are normally going to work hard to provide a good lifestyle for themselves and also for other people that are in their lives.

Often women do not realize that this is something they look for in men. But subconsciously, it is something they tick off their list when they look for a man to date.

Ambition is not something you are born with, it’s something you can learn to have. It also does not have to be work related ambition it can be a hobby or interest that you have. 

Women prefer older men 

Did you know that women prefer older men?

Now this does not mean sixty-year-olds or really old men. Women just prefer men that are more mature than they are.

They view older men as more responsible and capable. They believe that an older man will provide and care for them and their future children.

If you are thinking to yourself but I am young! Well maybe you need to go for girls that are a little bit younger than you. 

Women find men with facial hair sexier 

When a woman sees a man with facial hair she thinks three things. That he is more attractive, more responsible and that he will be a better parent.

If you already have facial hair and you are finding it hard to attract girls it might be because you are not looking after it properly. Are you washing it, using beard oil, and keeping it trim?

Girls want clean, controlled facial hair on a man’s face. When it is messy all they think is, he cannot look after himself.

If you have facial hair why not throw the razer away? You might just find that you start getting more attention from the ladies.

Women prefer an attractive face over an attractive body

Bodies can change and our bodies change a lot. Sometimes we have more muscle and fat and other times we have less. It just depends on how we are looking after ourselves at the time.

Our bodies also change as we get older. Basically, what I am saying is we can change our bodies, but we can’t really change our faces.

We are born with a distinct look, and it makes up who we are.

Women are also drawn to a man’s face over his body. Each woman has a different definition of what an attractive face is, but we do want a guy that looks after his skin and facial hair. 

Girls want to feel appreciated early on 

Don’t wait until you are in a relationship to show a girl that you appreciate her. Start early on when you are dating her.

You could simply tell her that you appreciate the things she does for you, you could buy her flowers or take her out for dinner.

Whatever you do to show her, make sure it starts before the girlfriend or boyfriend talk. You could even start when she is just a friend.

Girls need to be told that they are appreciated unlike guys who do not need that type of constant reassurance. 

Once a girl is interested in a man she won’t look at other men 

Let’s start by talking about the fact that girls cheat on their partners just like men do.

They do this though when they are no longer interested in the man they are seeing. If they really are interested in a man, they won’t stray and look at other men.

They will be loyal to the man they are seeing and will be trying to grab all of his attention. Whereas a man might really like a girl, but he would still cheat on her with another girl.

Psychologically women are programmed to be more committed than men are. 

When women like a man they remember more

If a woman really likes a man they will listen to everything he says and remember everything he tells them.

She will especially remember interesting things he tells her or events that might be coming up for him and are important like a birthday.

Girls’ brains instantly do this when they meet a man they like and it’s just how they are wired.

Guys can remember things as well but will forget things like a girl’s birthday if they have only dated her a few times. Whereas girls pick it all up because of how their brain is structured. 

Girls like to be hugged a lot 

If you are wanting to win over a girl, you need to hug her more.

Girls love to be hugged and they love snuggling with guys. It makes them feel safe.

If they do want to hug you a lot then it means they are very comfortable around you, so this is a good sign.

It’s important that you remember this about girls when you start dating one or are in a relationship with one.

Give them as many hugs as possible without being too clingy! 

Women subconsciously make their boyfriends put on weight 

Have you ever been in a relationship and before you know it you have put on weight?

It might be because women subconsciously overfeed and spoil their boyfriends so that they put weight on.

They think that if their boyfriend has put on some weight, they won’t be as attractive to other girls and therefore they don’t need to worry as much about them straying.

After a while of dating, they will stop doing this and the men will usually lose weight. This happens when they trust them more. 

Girls use silence to express pain

If a girl is really in a lot of pain, you won’t find her yelling or arguing.

You’ll find her in a corner in silence. Women tend to be silent when they are in a lot of pain.

Inside they are thinking about how they can fix a situation or get out of it, but it looks like they are just sitting in a corner not doing much.

It can make you frustrated, but the best thing you can do is leave them alone and let them process their emotions. They will need time to deal with the pain they are experiencing. 

Girls think about their crushes a lot 

Did you know that when a girl has a crush on a guy she will think about him for 80% of her day? That is a lot of her day!

Even if she is at work she will think things like “I wonder if he would like that” or “would he find it sexy if he saw me doing this?.” Basically, when a woman likes a man, he is all she will think about. 

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