How To Tell Someone Special You Love Them! Telling Your Crush Your True Feelings (WATCH FIRST)

How To Tell Someone Special You Love Them! Telling Your Crush Your True Feelings (WATCH FIRST)

Isn’t it lovely to have someone special in your life?

Someone that you can spend your time with, laugh with and be romantic with. It’s what we are all aiming for and searching for!

If everything goes well eventually you might find yourself falling in love with your special person.

Love is one of the best feelings in the world. Falling in love is such a magical thing but it can be nerve wracking as well. You have these really strong feelings, and you are not sure if your special person will feel the same. Sure, everything has been going well but you just never know.

How do you even tell them how you feel and make sure it is something they will always remember? It can be overwhelming when you want to make sure you get it right. 

In today’s video I am going to tell you how to tell someone special that you are in love with them. Although you will still be nervous at least you’ll know you are doing it in a way that is right and special. Let’s learn how to say those three special words, I love you! 

The best way to tell someone you love them.

Be sure of your feelings 

First things first, you need to be sure of your feelings.

Sometimes when we really like something and it’s new, we get swept up in the romance. We think we love them but it’s actually more lust.

Lust is less permanent. It can come and go, it is not really a stable base for a relationship. Think of lust as the feeling you get when you meet a really good-looking person.

You imagine your future together and you get the urge to take them to bed. Then you get to know them, and they are not your cup of tea. In fact, they are quite boring.

You might think to yourself, but I had such strong feelings for them at the beginning, how could that just disappear? Well, that’s because it was lust and not love. Based on mostly looks and surface features.

When you love someone, you love everything about them, their looks, and their personality. It’s deeper and more permanent.

So, before you run to your special person and tell them that you love them make sure you are really sure of your feelings. 

Show them that you love them

Before you tell the person that you love them, show them.

Do really nice things for them that you wouldn’t just do for anyone. Take them on adventures, buy them their favorite coffee or surprise them with a movie night.

Showing them that you love them does not need to cost a whole lot of money. It could be as small as listening to them when they are having a tough time or offering them words of encouragement when they need them most.

These are things you do for the person you love. 

Make sure they know you appreciate them

Love is about more than well love. You need to make sure that your special person knows that you really appreciate having them in your life.

Tell them all the time that you are grateful for them and that you are not sure what you would do without them. Doing this also shows them that you are not going anywhere, and you have a long-term view of your relationship not a short-term view.

This could be what makes them start trusting you and allowing themselves to fall in love with you. 

Find a private space

When you tell your special person that you love them you want it to be perfect.

One way to ensure that you are on the right track is to do it in a private space. The more personal a space is the better, for example their bedroom.

This is because we are at our most comfortable when we are in a personal space and so they will be more natural.

Places to avoid doing it would be noisy places like bars or where there are a lot of people walking around. This could make them feel like you don’t really mean it and it might make them feel awkward.

Pre-plan which private space you will use to tell them how you feel. 

Say it directly

The moment has arrived, nerves are high, and you are getting ready to tell your special person how you feel!

They might already have an idea of what is coming, or they might be completely surprised.

Either way, it is better to jump in and say it directly to them. There is no point beating around the bush and trying to think of a speech to give them. In the moment, it will come off a lot more authentically if you just tell them directly.

You could say something like “I have fallen in love with you” or “I have been meaning to tell you this for a while, I think I love you.” That way they understand exactly what you are saying, and they can reply, I love you too.

It’s all about making it personal, authentic, and easy to deliver so saying it directly removes the possibility of you overcomplicating it. 

Be creative 

So now you know that you need to do it privately and say it directly, it’s time to start planning it and being creative.

Sure, your words can be simple, but it doesn’t mean the way you do it needs to be.

You might be thinking that a bedroom is not a very romantic place to tell someone how you feel about them. A bedroom is one of the main places you spend time with your special person so it’s somewhere they feel comfortable. You can also make it more romantic by putting up fairy lights and setting up a picnic on the floor.

Or you could go to a quiet beach, buy an ice cream, and tell them while the sun is setting.

Remember that this is something they will remember for the rest of their lives so it’s important to get creative and do it properly.

On the flip side something as simple as waking up and telling them while you are both in bed could be something they never forget.

Think about your special person and what would make them happy. 

Send them a gift 

Who does not love a gift?

A nice creative way to tell someone how you feel is to send them a gift that serves as a clue before you tell them.

You could send them their favorite ice cream, perfume, or a cake in the shape of a love heart.

Doing something sweet for them before telling them how you feel can make it easier. 

Write a letter

Sometimes it’s easier to write how you feel than to say it out loud.

Although I would advise telling the person how you feel face-to-face, if you simply cannot get the words out, why don’t you write it down in a letter?

You could create a love note that tells your special person what they mean to you and finishes with the words ‘I love you.’

A letter is something they can keep forever. They might read it and say to you, I love you which could then give you the confidence to say it to their face.

It does not have to be a long letter, it could also be a romantic card. Whatever makes sense to you at the time.

Don’t wait too long – just do it 

I understand how nerve wracking it is to tell someone how you feel about them. What if they don’t feel the same way or worse yet they laugh when you tell them? It’s not easy to put yourself out there and be vulnerable.

If you want to share your life with this person though and not live with regrets, it’s important to tell them.

Once you are sure of your feelings, don’t take too long to tell them because then you might start procrastinating and avoiding telling them. They then might not understand how you feel about them and to avoid asking, simply move on. This can lead to heartbreak that was not necessary.

There’s not an exact time you should tell someone that you love them, it could be early in the relationship or after a few months dating, it depends on the speed your relationship is moving.

Tell them when you are ready but once you know how you feel, just tell them. 

Don’t overthink it 

It’s a big deal telling someone that you love them but try not to overthink the whole thing.

Even if you pre-plan what you will both be doing, try to make the actual moment as natural as possible.

Let them see that you are being vulnerable and be honest about how you feel.

Once you have laid all your cards on the table, there is nothing more you can really do except hope they feel the same way. 

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