12 Things Way More Attractive To Women Than Money & Cars – What Do Girls Want In Relationships

Learn what girls like in a relationship in today’s video where we discuss 12 things way more attractive to women than money and cars! What do women find attractive? What is it a girl looks for in a guy when it comes to a serious relationship?

Somewhere along the way men have been led to believe that women find money and cars the most and well the only attractive thing about them. And it simply is not true.

Women find so many other things about men way more attractive than material things like money or cars. In today’s video well, I’m going to share with you the 12 things that women find more attractive than money.

Now here is a little bit of a news flash. If the woman that you are trying to impress actually likes the fact that you have lots of money well she’s not a high value lady. So we’re only talking about the high value ladies.

What women find attractive

A friendship 

Underneath every great relationship is a friendship. To go the distance and get married, have children and buy a house, you need to be friends.

Simply being passionate is not enough, passion dies but friendship lives on.

If you can it’s always better to establish this sense of friendship before starting a relationship. However, if you are already in a relationship, you can form a friendship.

You need something that will bond you both together, like a tough event or situation that you can work on as a team to overcome the challenge. You also need to not just focus on sex but on doing deeper activities together.

This can help you to build a friendship which means a lot to a woman when she is looking for a relationship that will last. 

Your time 

Time is so much more precious than money.

I read something recently that said, “the most important thing money can buy you is time”. It’s so true because we all only have a limited amount of time on the planet. We never know when our time could be up!

Choosing to spend your time with someone is such a precious gift and something that should be treasured by you both.

When you are spending time with her, try to make sure you are present and paying attention to her. She will find it so attractive. 

Your attention

Again, just like time, you paying attention to her will really make her feel special to you.

If you have just started dating then she really wants to get to know you and she needs your attention to do this.

Try to stay focused on her while she is speaking and listen to what she is saying.

You can have all the money in the world, but if you do not pay attention to the person that you are with. then it’s not going to work out well at all. 

Your affection 

Women really love it when men are affectionate to them.

This could be a light tap on the shoulder or holding their hand as you walk down the street.

You could also show affection by taking care of them when they are not feeling well.

Showing affection to a lady really makes her feel special and strengthens her feelings towards you.

Make sure not to slack off when you are showing her affection and keep it up. She really will find you so attractive every time you do something nice for her. 

To meet your friends 

It’s a big step when you take a girl you are seeing to meet your friends.

It means that you are serious about her and the relationship you both have.

It’s important not to do this too early on in your dating stage as she might think you are taking it too quickly, too fast. If you wait though until the time feels right and you ask her, she really will be so flattered and excited.

Seeing you with your friends, laughing and joking will also make her really attracted to you.

She will see a different side of you and feel like she is lucky to be introduced to your friends. 

To meet your family 

The same goes for your family, don’t rush into introducing her to them, but when the timing is right do it. Normally you would introduce her to your friends first and family second.

She will see a different side to you when you are around your family as well. This is more attractive to her than any type of car you might own. 

To be shown off

Girls love to be shown off. Even if she does not want to be a trophy wife. She does want you to make a fuss about being with her.

She has chosen you and she wants you to realise that you are lucky. Showing her off is easy, if you are around friends for example you could say something like “I am so lucky, she is amazing.” Make sure to say something like this within earshot so she can hear.

You could also take her along to a work event or take her as a plus one to a wedding. 

To mean the world to you 

There is nothing more attractive to a lady than when she feels as if she means the world to you.

It’s her ultimate goal when she is dating you and when she is in a relationship with you.

You don’t need to arrange a big romantic date to show her that she means the world to you. You could simply be walking through a park and turn to her and say “you mean the world to me”.

It will really push your relationship ahead and make her feel so special. 

To build a life with you 

Once you are in a relationship, she wants to build a life with you. That is the next step.

She wants a partner who she can rely on, that will show up and be there when she needs you to be.

She does not want you to throw money at her or gift her a car.

She wants you to be there when she is crying or looking at the children. She wants someone that she can plan a future with and achieve her dreams.

She needs a teammate and someone that will complete her life.

So if you want to make sure your lady stays attracted to you then make sure you are someone she can build a life with and put roots down with. 


A woman will find humour more attractive than money any day.

If you have a good sense of humour then you will make her laugh and she will want to spend time with you.

Both of you will be able to enjoy each others company more which will build a better relationship than money could ever do! Focus on being able to tell a joke and not just on being rich. 


Relationships are all about teamwork but a lady still needs someone who can take the lead when needed.

She does not want to make all the decisions or always be the one to boss you around. She wants you to be strong enough to decide what your future will look like and also lead your children if you eventually have them.

Whether you like it or not, as a man you would be the head of the family and you need to be able to be a good leader.

A good leader also helps others make hard or difficult decisions which is what you need to be able to help with.

Your partner might be facing something very difficult like whether she should give up her job. You need to be there to support her and offer her advice when she asks for it. 


Vulnerability in a man is widely attractive.

For to long men have kept everything to themselves, avoiding their emotions and not speaking out about things they are feeling.

This is because they have been made to feel as if they should always be strong. This is simply not true and women love to see a softer side to the man they are seeing.

Try not to hide this side of yourself. Trust that your partner will respect that you are showing your vulnerability and will like you even more because of it. 

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