15 signs she is falling in love with you

15 Signs She Is Falling In Love And Wants You To Get Serious – 15 Signs She Loves You!

Learn how to know if she loves you! In today’s video we’re going to discuss the signs she loves you! How do you know a girl loves you? It’s not always as simple as you would hope! She may appear that she likes you, or be playing hard to get, or simply be someone who is naturally shy making hard to figure out if they really like you or not.

Now I will be the first to admit with my hand up there us ladies are not always the easiest to read.

Many guys end up spending a lot of their lives in the dark when it comes to knowing how a girl really feels. Which is why it is really important to know when she wants to get serious and the signs to look out for when she might actually be falling in love with you, because it could literally be the difference between landing a high-value girl or losing one. So in today’s video gentlemen, I am going to be telling you about the signs that you should watch out for when you think that a girl might be falling in love with you and wanting to get a little bit more serious.

Signs she is falling in love with you

She is always smiling when she is around you 

This is a subtle sign which can make it easy to miss but is still important to look out for. When girls are falling for guys and want things to get more serious they will often start smiling non-stop when they are around you. This is because they really like you…maybe even love you!

Being around you makes her really happy and she just cannot get enough of you. 

She wants to spend all of her time with you 

It might start with more dates every week and end up with her joining you while you go grocery shopping and watching movies at home. When a girl starts spending all of her time with you, it can be easy not to notice. Not because you don’t notice when she is around but because it feels so natural.

She will want to spend more and more time with you because every time she is around you she is so happy, it becomes addictive. As she starts to spend more time with you, she will expect things to become more serious, meaning you might consider moving in together for example.

Girls tend to only spend time with people that they really like so if she is taking time out of her day to spend it with you, she is falling for you

She makes it obvious that she is not talking to other guys 

Guys flirt with her at a bar when you are there and she does not even bat an eyelash. Her eyes are always on you. She tells you in passing that she is only interested in you and isn’t talking to any other guys. She might do this by casually asking if you are talking to any other girls. She wants to see if you are both on the same page.

If she is falling in love with you then she wants to protect herself and not tell you if you do not feel the same way. 

She opens up to you

If she tells you about something that is going on in her personal life or work life that might be troubling you then she is displaying vulnerability in front of you. You might not notice this because girls are naturally more open and are better communicators to men so you might think this is quite normal.

It’s still hard for girls to be vulnerable though so this is a big step for her and shows that she wants to get more serious with you.

She uses the word ‘we’ a lot around you 

Can we go to this? Are we free then? What do we want to do? She will start to use we a lot when she wants to get more serious with you. This is because we use the word we when in a relationship and that is where she wants things to move. 

She tells you that she has deleted her dating apps 

Just like telling you that she is not talking to any other guys, she will also tell you in passing that she has deleted all of her dating apps. She might say something like, Oh I don’t use dating apps anymore. This is her signalling that she likes you enough to not want to see any other guys. 

She appreciates your quirks 

She tells you that she likes all of your unusual habits and quirks. From playing video games late at night, to only liking bright coloured socks everyone has their own unique quirks.

If she really likes you then she will like you for exactly who you are. She will appreciate everything that makes you, you and will tell you this every single day. 

She loves teasing you 

When she does tease you, it’s kind of like your sister would but with an element of flirting. She teases you to show you how well she knows you.

When someone teases you it shows you that they personally know you and it helps you form a close bond. She wants to be closer to you so that you can both get serious. 

She makes plans for you both 

Instead of asking you if you would like to do something, she will say “we are both going for dinner with my best friend tomorrow night”. She has started making plans on your behalf because she thinks of you as her boyfriend.

She is falling in love with you and she wants you to be part of her life. If she starts doing this, you should discuss getting serious. 

She shares her news with you first 

Whether it’s that she wins something or does well at work, if she rushes to tell you it is probably because she really likes you. She wants to share all of the good times and celebrate them with you. She always wants you to share your good times with her. 

She asks for your advice 

Whenever she has a problem or needs help to make a decision, she comes to you and asks you what you would suggest.

When you are in a relationship you often make decisions together or rely on your significant other to help you make a decision. If she does this, it means you are not far away from her hinting at or bringing up the R word. 

She can be a little possessive sometimes

You like her and you know that she likes you but sometimes she might seem a little possessive over you. 

Your friends might ask you if you are free to do something like going to the movies. You tell her that you are going out with your friends and she says “Oh I thought we might do something”. She might even act jealous when you say this.

It’s probably not her natural character to be like this, it’s just that she likes you so much she wants you all to herself. This is of course not healthy, so you do need to set your boundaries early. 

She buys you things 

She is always giving your little gifts just because she saw it and thought of you. Lots of girls have the love language of gift giving. Even though that might not be one of your love languages, she will assume that it’s one of the ways you feel love.

She is being nice and showing you how much she likes you but make sure that you don’t take advantage of this. 

She talks about the future 

I don’t just mean next week when I am talking about the future, I mean next year. If she wants to talk about the future and you are involved in her version of it, it’s because she wants to get serious and is falling for you. She will be picturing you being in a relationship by then. 

She introduces you to important people in her life

She officially introduces you to her friends and even takes it a step further and introduces you to her family. 

She considers your feelings 

She often asks you how you are feeling and checks in with you. This is because she cares about you. 

She tells you that she loves you

Finally, the most obvious sign of all. If you have not picked up on all the other signs she has been displaying then she will give in and tell you that she loves you. Hoping of course that you love her too!

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