Signs you're falling in love with her

Undeniable Signs You’re Falling In Love With Her! Scientifically Proven Psychological Signs Of Love

How do you know you love someone? In today’s video we’re going to be discussing the signs you’re in love with a woman. We’re going to be taking a look at 15 signs you can look out for to tell if you’re in love with someone.

Everyone wants to find someone that will complete their lives. And we are whole already, but a partner can really enhance our lives and gives us someone to share all of those good and the bad times with. We dream of falling in love, it’s plastered all over the movies, sure we know it might not be like a rom-com but we secretly kind of wish it would be. When we do find someone that we really like, we could maybe even love, it stops us completely in our tracks and it freezes us on the spot and makes us feel all giddy inside.

When we start falling in love with someone we actually feel as though we are completely lifted up and just chilling out on cloud nine, we have butterflies in our stomach, the air becomes fresher, colors are more vivid and our outlook on life just seems a lot brighter.

Love is a very deep emotion, than simply just liking someone, and sometimes we do tend to confuse infatuation with liking someone, to having those deep loving feelings.

Signs you are falling in love with a woman

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You feel adventurous 

You can do anything, be anything, taste anything and wear anything. You have gone from not wanting to ever try Mediterranean food in your life, to loving it. You never used to wear colour and now you’re in red. You used to stay at home on your weekends and play video games but now you are out exploring your local area.

When you start falling in love with a woman, you become more adventurous. It’s true that we often find ourselves with people who are similar to us, but they are still different people. Which means they have different likes and dislikes, different hobbies and activities they like to do on their weekends.

Suddenly your worlds collide and you want to know everything about your lady which means stepping outside of your comfort zone and trying different things. This is one of the best parts of falling in love because even if it does not last, you have these experiences forever. 

You’re intensely curious about them 

Put simply, you want to know everything from their favourite food to their deepest darkest secret.

You might notice that you start to study them while they talk and pick up their mannerisms.

When it comes to the lady you love, you just cannot get enough and you want to know more and more about her. 

You start to feel their pain 

When she is sad, you suddenly feel sad. Feeling the pain of your significant other is something that most people don’t realise will happen when they fall in love. We become so connected to the other person and we care so much about them that we take on their emotions. 

You are suddenly full of date ideas 

With other girls, you would leave the date planning to them. With this girl, you are full of fun date ideas. Like taking her to see her favourite show at the theatre or going bowling, the list is never ending. This is obviously because your feelings about her are so strong.

You want her to be happy, you want her to have a good time when she is with you and you want to take her on lovely dates. 

You forget your other priorities 

This is not always a positive thing. When we fall in love, we get consumed by that person. All we want to do is spend time with them. So we cancel a few plans with friends and don’t think it matters. Our standard of work slips a little. We start to forget to even eat.

At the beginning we might not even notice we are dropping these priorities but over time, your friends will stop calling, your work might pull you up and ask you to work harder and well you need to eat!

It’s important to keep a level head on when falling in love, don’t forget that you have your own life. 

You start craving sex

As you get closer and closer romantically with someone, you want things to get physical. It’s one way that you show them your love. 

You start to feel like moving really fast with them 

You enjoy the feeling you have now, the giddiness but you also want to skip to the part where she is your girlfriend, you are both madly in love and have little children.

It can be tempting to rush things along but actually it is far better to let them run naturally.

Enjoy the here and now and let what will be, be. Rushing things can scare a girl off or make the relationship not as healthy later. 

You are more affectionate

Before you met this girl, you hated PDA (public displays of affection). You would see a couple in the street kissing and you would scrunch up your nose. With other girls you would not even hold their hands in public. With this girl though, you are always showing her through touch that you are there. You put your arm around her in a restaurant, you hold her hand while you walk her down the street and you even kiss her in public.

I hate to break it to you but you sir are falling in love. 

You feel positive about the future 

The future looks bright. When you start falling in love with a woman, you picture what it will be like in the future with you both together and realise that actually it looks lovely. 

You’re worried

From a positive to a negative, just like love which is full of ups and downs. On one hand you are excited for the future but on another you are worried. Worried about her and that she is safe. Worried that she might not feel the same way about you. Worried that she might break your heart.

When you are in the early stages of love, everything is worrying and nothing is certain. It’s important that you don’t let this worry consume you, enjoy the moment you are in

You focus on your next date

Your whole week revolves around your next date. You can’t think about anything else apart from the next time you get to see her. 

You’re absolutely glued to your phone 

Waiting, waiting, waiting. For her next phone call, text or social media update. If you can’t be with her, all you want to do is talk to her. 

You start to feel invincible 

Remember at the beginning when I talked about how great you start to feel when you are falling in love, well feeling invincible is one of those feelings. You feel as though you can do absolutely anything. Use this feeling to strive for and achieve any goals you have had on your list. 

You can’t stop smiling 

People start commenting on how smiley you are all the time now. You smile just thinking about her and you feel happier than you ever have done before. 

You suddenly only think about her 

Yes, she is the only thing on your mind. You relate any thought back to her like when you are making your cup of tea in the morning, you think about which tea is her favourite.

You might not even realise that you are doing this. 

You start to feel more love towards your friends 

When you start falling in love with a woman, it opens up a part of you that was locked away before.

Suddenly you start to feel more love towards everyone around you and feel so lucky that they have been there for you whenever you have needed them. 

You can’t see your partner’s flaws

We call this the ‘honeymoon’ phase. There is absolutely nothing wrong with her at all and you won’t let anyone else tell you differently including her. This is a sweet part of falling in love with someone but watch out because it can be toxic, especially when it comes to a controlling partner, but you don’t realise until it is too late. 

You daydream 

Daydreaming is something we often did when we were children. When we start to fall in love with someone, we start to daydream again. Mostly about dates you could go on or what the future looks like. It’s lovely to be able to slow down and focus on dreaming. 

You feel like you are a better person 

Being around her makes you feel like a better person. You feel as though you are on top of the world and that you should care for the people around you more. She has helped you find this part of yourself and it makes you very happy. 

You truly believe that your relationship will last forever

When we fall in love with someone we really do believe that the love can last forever. Sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn’t, but that part does not really matter because you should just enjoy the moment you are in now and deal with the future when it arrives. 

You feel safe and secure 

You have finally found ‘your person’ and you are falling in love with her which is magical. You feel safe and secure when you are around her and like you can be yourself. 

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