How To Show A Girl You Like Her Without Scaring Her Away

How To Show A Girl You Like Her Without Scaring Her Away

Learn how to show a girl you like her without scaring her away! In today’s video we’re going to be discussing some tips you can follow on how to let a girl know you’re interested in her.

You have made it to the dating stage and you are starting to like that special girl more and more. So naturally you want to show her how you feel but you’re actually a little bit scared because, well, there’s the huge factor that she might not feel the same. It’s very common to be nervous about her reaction, but let me tell you you really don’t need to be. It’s very important though to remember that it’s simple when it comes to showing a girl that you like her, it’s not really about how much you like her it’s about how much she likes you.

So it might sound like a strange thing to say but it is true, if she likes you then she won’t be scared by the fact that you like her. That’s kind of why you need to be strategic when it comes to showing a girl that you like her and you need to do it in a way that does not scare her off. So gentlemen today’s video I’m going to take you through some ways that you can show a girl that you like her without her running for the hills.

How to show a girl you like her

Why you should tell a girl you like her 

We all have regrets, maybe it is not trying harder on a test or not taking a risk that might have paid off. Often our regrets have something to do with dating. We regret not asking someone on a date, telling them that we like them or asking a girl to be your girlfriend. It’s important not to live with regrets which is why it’s important to tell a girl that you like her. 

I get it, telling a girl you like her is super intimidating and it can go wrong. She could say that she doesn’t like you which would leave you hurt and embarrassed. That is the worst that could happen but it’s important that you don’t let this deter you. If you don’t take the risk then you will never get the rewards.

Instead of focusing on the fact that you could end up embarrassed, focus on ways that you can tell a girl that you like her without scaring her away. 

How to tell a girl you like her without scaring her away 

Don’t tell her without a plan 

It can be tempting to just wing telling her that you like her but it’s not a good idea. You should have a plan before diving in. Think about the setting you want to tell her in, how you want to tell her and when. Will it be on a romantic date? Or at coffee in the morning? Wherever it is, you need to plan it beforehand so that you can make sure it goes smoothly. 

Talk to her before you tell her 

Have you ever experienced love at first sight? It can be so easy to get swept up in emotions especially when you first meet someone and you instantly like them. You should not assume though that they feel the same way you do. You might have fallen for them straight away but it might take them a while longer to realise how they feel. That is why it is important to never tell her as soon as you meet her that you like her, this will scare her away. Take some time to get to know her and trust that she is not going anywhere. She will want to get to know you as well so spend some time talking and getting her to confide in you. 

Get to know her 

Sometimes we get feelings for someone without really knowing them properly. To make sure that it is not just puppy love and that you really do like her, it’s important that you get to know her and that of course she gets to know you as well. This means going on dates and messaging each other. This stage could last a few months but only after you truly know her will you be ready to tell her that you like her. 

Be her friend 

That’s right, be her friend before being her boyfriend. Being someone’s friend is a great way to start a relationship and have them develop feelings for you. If you are her friend then she is less likely to be scared when you tell her that you like her because she really knows you and values your friendship. She also would never embarrass you when you tell her she is likely to tell you that she likes you back. 

Get to know her friends

You should be a part of her life so that she can’t easily get scared away. If you are friends with her friends she cannot just run away, she needs to reply honestly with how she feels about you. It also means that her friends might let it slip to you that she likes you. This happens more often than you think and it gives you a leg up. If you know that she’s like you then you can arrange the perfect date and tell her how you feel, knowing that she feels the same. 

Compliment her

Girls really do love it when a guy pays them a genuine compliment. You should make sure that the compliments are not too sexual, it should be compliments about the way she dresses or something about her personality. She will guess that you like her because you are complimenting her and this is normally something we do to people we do like. So it kind of pre warns her before you sit down and tell her. 

Flirt with her

Flirting is another great way to show a girl that you like her without scaring her away. It is a way of telling her, hey I fancy you without having to say “hey I fancy you”. If she flirts back then you know that she feels the same about you or is at least growing stronger feelings for you. Don’t just flirt with her and then tell her, wait a while and get to know her more before telling her. This way you can be sure she will not run away. 

Keep in contact with her

Text her, phone her and arrange dates with her regularly. You need to look as though you are interested but not desperate. You want to spend time with her but you do not want to be harassing her all the time. Text her a normal amount and phone her when appropriate. Go on a date every few weeks with her so that your relationship can develop. This shows her that you like her because you are making an effort. If she agrees to dates and is texting you back it also shows that she likes you otherwise she would not bother. 

Tell her friends that you like her

If you do know her friends then telling them how you feel about her can be a great move! They will definitely tell her even if they say that they will not say anything. It’s human nature to spread the news! She will not say anything to you in case it is not true but it means that when you do tell her she will not be shocked or scared. She will be ready to tell you that she likes you as well. 

Tell her you like her when you are alone 

Finally, it’s time. You have laid all the groundwork. You have complimented her, gotten to know her, talked to her, flirted with her and even become friends with her friends. You are ready to tell her how you really feel, that you like her. Remember to go back to step 1 which was to have a plan. Make sure you are alone when you tell her, what I mean by this is that you are not with friends. You could be in a restaurant with heaps of people but it feels as though you are the only people in the room. Pick a spot that means something to you both or just that you feel comfortable in. Tell her that you have something to talk to her about and then simply explain how you feel. I would say something like “So we have been seeing each other for a while now and I enjoy spending time with you. I think you are amazing and I really like you”. This will not scare her at all, in fact it will make her feel so special and give her butterflies. Which is exactly what you want.

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