Girls Love These Romantic Gestures

Girls Love These Romantic Gestures

Learn about romantic gestures girls love. In today’s video we’re going to be discussing the different types of romantic gestures, both big and small, that you can do to impress a girl and make her smile.

Girls love romance, from classic romantic films to loving stories and poems. The idea of romance and what it should look like is well yeah, romanticized from the moment girls are born.

It can make it very difficult for you guys to live up to these expectations because how can you compare to Disney’s prince charming, there’s no chance. Well there is kind of a way that you can compare and it’s by performing these romantic gestures.

You know what’s up, I want to teach you today all about the gestures that girls love so that you can get the attention and affection of any girl. Now some of these gestures are big and some of them are kind of small so you can pick and choose them depending on what stage your relationship is at.

Romantic gestures

Surprise her with concert tickets

If a girl that you like has a favorite band or singer then why not surprise her with tickets to their next show. Not only will it double as a date but she will be really surprised by your gesture.

This is quite a big and sometimes expensive gesture but if she is your girlfriend then you could gift it to her as a birthday or Christmas present. 

Take her for a weekend road trip 

A weekend away outside of your normal surroundings can really refresh and rejuvenate a relationship.

Whether you are dating or in a serious relationship, a trip can really spice things up.

Plus, it will get you major brownie points especially if you frame it as a surprise gesture. You will be in her good books. 

Help her with her bucket list 

Most girls have a bucket list which is a list of things they want to do.

For some it is before a certain age and for others it is before they die.

Once you know what is on their bucket list, you can help them achieve it. For example, she might really want to travel to a certain country and if the budget allows, why not treat her to a trip. 

Throw a surprise party 

Everyone loves a surprise right! Organize a surprise party or dinner for her birthday or another big occasion.

The effort it takes to organize all of her friends and family into one room and to make sure they keep it a secret will be enough to win her over forever. 

Set up a scavenger hunt 

These can be so fun and as cheap or expensive as you would like them to be. You can set it up around her garden, a park or the city that you live in.

Leave clues in her favorite places and let the prize be a date.

She will love all the thought that you have put into it.

Buy her something that she has been wanting for awhile 

Girls often drop hints when they spot things that they would like.

You might be shopping together, and she mentions something that she would really like to buy for herself.

Keep note of things like this because then you can surprise her by buying these things for her.

If you would like to make it the ultimate gesture then give it to her on a random day for no reason at all.

Buy her an engraved gift 

A well thought out gift can be made a million times better with a simple engraving.

You could make it timeless by simply engraving her name into a watch for example. Or if you are in a serious relationship it could be an inside joke or a quote that represents love for you both. 

Treat her to a spa day 

All girls love to be pampered. They spend hours on their hair and make-up every day.

They love nothing more than going to a spa. It is the most relaxed you will ever see them.

You could book them a spa day by themselves, with their friends or of course with you. That way she gets to relax and spend time with you

Take a class together 

Maybe you have both discussed learning Spanish together or making candles. If you both have shared passions and interests then why not take classes together.

It can be a fun way to spend time together and learn new things. If you book the class she will be flattered by the romantic gesture.

Bring her favorite drink 

This one is a small gesture but something that girls absolutely love, and it often wins them over.

Pick up her favorite coffee on your way to meeting her or her favorite tea.

She will be so flattered that you remembered her order as it shows how interested in her you are. 

Make a list of 100 things you love about her 

This one is more for those of you in a relationship.

It is also a big commitment as it takes a long time to write down 100 things that you love about someone.

However, girls love to see this type of commitment from a guy, and she will never forget this lovely thing that you did for her. 

Cook for her

Simple but so romantic. Give your girl the kindest gesture of all, allowing her to put her feet up.

Cook her favorite meal, showing her that you have listened to what she likes and show off your cooking skills. She will be head over heels for you after her first bite. 

Help her with her chores

Whether it is doing the laundry, the dishes or helping to clean up around the house.

Every girl would appreciate the gesture of you helping her clean up around the house.

You don’t need to make a big deal of it to make an impact, simply offer to help and she will be really happy. 

Tell her how you feel about her 

This one is for when you are in the early stage, dating.

If you have not told her yet how you feel about her then sit her down when the time is right and tell her.

She will be thankful that you made the first move, and it will mean that you can both move forwards. 

Buy her favorite dessert

Chocolate cake, ice cream or maybe both. All girls have a secret sweet tooth and love indulging in dessert every now and then.

Why not surprise her by taking over her favorite dessert, she will absolutely love the gesture. 

Buy her flowers 

Another lovely gesture is buying her flowers. Girls love all flowers, so you don’t need to stress out on buying the right ones. She will just love the gesture. 

Ask her about her day

This one is completely free. She might have had the best day at work, or she might have had the worst. Either way, she wants to talk to someone about it and she wants it to be with you.

Whether you are on a date or at home, ask her how her day went and give her time to talk about it. 

Frame a picture of the both of you

Your first picture as a couple is a great picture to frame if you want to complete a romantic gesture for your lady.

It’s so easy to print out pictures now and frame them. She will probably keep it right next to her bed and every time she looks at it, she will think of you. 

Send her a letter

There is something so special about getting post and it’s even better if it is a romantic letter. If you write her a letter, she will keep it forever and read it whenever she is thinking about you. 

Visit her 

If she does not live near you, why not surprise her and visit her on the weekend. She will love spending time with you and adore the romantic gesture.

It’s a win, win. Brownie points and you get to spend time with the girl that you like.

Send her sweet texts every morning 

It takes 2 minutes to send a nice text in the morning, but it sets up a girl for a really great day.

You can say something as simple as “Good Morning Beautiful”. All she will think about all day is you and she will be in a really great mood. 

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