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The MOST Seductive Traits In The World – What Makes Men Sexy?

Today we’re going to be discussing the most seductive traits in the world. These are all attractive qualities in men that women find sexy. What do women actually want in a man? It’s not all about physical looks, if you really want to seduce a woman you need something way more important, and that’s what today’s video focuses on. The most seductive personality traits that women want in a man.

The Most Seductive Traits In The World

Have you ever wondered about the meaning of seduction? What does it really mean and why do we do it? 

Seduction is something that attracts or charms another person, it’s an art form really. Which kind of answers our second question, why do we do it? We do it because we want to charm and attract the person. Seduction is a more sexual form of flirting. It’s something we do when we really like someone and well we are ready to take the next step. 

We ladies love being seduced, it’s like a sexy dance. We are not 100% sure if you’re seducing us all the time but the thought alone gets us very excited. Being able to seduce someone is a key skill you need to learn if you want to get to that stage with someone. 

This is why today’s video is all about the most seductive traits in the world. Guys, get your note pads ready, it’s time to take some notes.


Did you know that most women prefer to be with someone dominant? Leaders normally have dominant personalities. They have to really be able to instruct a team and have been able to gain their respect. Leadership is more than a title on a door, it shows that the leader has that personality type. When I talk about leadership here, I don’t just mean leaders in the workplace. I also mean leaders of friendship groups or leaders in relationships. A leader in a relationship is someone who helps make decisions on the spot or on the relationship status. 

Leaders also come across as protectors which ladies find really sexy. The mixture of being dominated and protected instantly charms a lady. This is why leadership is such a seductive trait. 


Just like leadership, women find men with drive and power very seductive. Ambition is when you have goals to reach the top of something. This could be at work, on your video game or at the gym. It’s something that you are so passionate about, you will never give up. If you have a purpose that isn’t just to date the lady, she will be so attracted. 

So if you are wondering how to seduce a lady…make sure to mention what drives you. Show her you are ambitious. 


We touched on dominance earlier. Women are naturally submissive. Even if a woman is a leader in her field or is dominant at work, in her personal life, she wants to be submissive. She wants to make some of the decisions but not all of them. She wants you to take charge sometimes, to show her who is boss. Dominance as a word has a bad rap. Sometimes when we all think of dominance we think of control. It is not control though and ladies do not like to be controlled. It’s simply taking charge of a situation, being sure about a decision and making that decision in the first place! 

When it comes to bedroom activities as well, guys, women love dominance. Make sure to discuss it beforehand but if it’s something you both like, well you have been successful at seduction! 


It’s important not to take life so seriously. Especially when it comes to dating. You might find it really difficult to seduce a lady if you don’t throw in any humour. Ladies love to laugh and it makes us weak at the knees when we meet someone who can make us laugh. You can also use your humour to make a few more risky jokes which will let the lady know, you like her and that you are seducing her. When it comes to risky jokes being subtle with them is key. 

You heard it here first boys, seduction is best served with a side of humour. 


We all know that confidence is key. We need to be confident all the time in life, it’s a skill that we learn. Ladies find confidence so attractive. It makes us think wow if he is that confident now, what will he be like in the bedroom. You can use your confidence to tell the lady that you like her as well or to make it obvious that you are seducing her. Confident people often naturally have charm. 

If you are thinking, I am not very confident. Don’t worry. You don’t always have to be confident. While you are on a date though, try and be your most confident self. As you get to know the lady better, you can start to be your more normal self. You would have already seduced her with your confidence and she will then find your more reserved personality sexy. She’ll think she has won the lottery because you can do both!


Think of every hero movie you have ever watched. The hero saves some children or a cat in the tree, they are brave and they display courage. We adore these heroes and grow attached to them. Ladies find this courage very sexy. Courage is a display of dominance and confidence. Which are all seductive traits! Some ways that you can display courage are by sharing something vulnerable, helping someone in trouble or walking over a bridge before the lady is she is scared. Remember not to be fearless or reckless. Courage is when you take action when faced with fear. 


I was with my friend the other day and we had just been shopping. We were walking home and we walked past the movies. I turned to her and said we should go to the movies soon! She replied, why not now? We were both so excited and picked a random movie with no real idea of what to expect. It was unexpected and spontaneous. It was with a friend but I still experienced a rush of adrenaline and excitement. 

Spontaneity is a very seductive trait in a guy. It makes him mysterious and unpredictable. Two things girls love. It also makes them fun which is an important personality trait. You don’t need to do crazy spontaneous things. It could be as simple as having no plans for the day and inviting her for a date on the beach. Or deciding to go out for dinner instead of eating in. This type of spontaneous action will make a ladies heartbeat just that little bit faster. It will seriously seduce her because she will find this action of doing things on impulse really sexy.


You don’t need to be an Olympian. Girls find guys who do any type of sport seriously sexy. Maybe you play tennis with your friends on a Saturday, she will be fascinated and infatuated.  It shows that you have drive and determination. It may also mean that you have a toned body that the ladies cannot resist. She will want to see your body. 

Athleticism is more of a physically seductive trait but if it works…why not use it in your favour? 


It’s true that ladies like men with money. It’s not the physical money that they can spend on expensive handbags that they like (although it’s a bonus to these types of ladies). It’s the status that comes along with the money. Access to exclusive events, priority boarding on a plane or business meetings on a golf course (while the ladies lunch). 

The good news is you don’t have to have money to have status. That is only one type of status. You can earn status. By working hard at work, in a sport or particular field you enjoy. Imagine someone who loves gaming and they are really good. They get to the top of the leader board against other good gamers. Well, they have earned status, haven’t they! They are known as the best player at that game or group of gamers. Ladies find this incredibly seductive. 

Remember never to boast about your status but if you mention your achievements, a lady will be utterly seduced and very impressed. 

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