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THIS Is How A Girl Wants You To Text Her – POWERFUL TEXTING

Learn how to text a girl to get her to like you. In today’s video we’re going to be discussing how a girl wants you to text her. When it comes to texting women there are some subtle little things things you should keep in mind when messaging her. From how you talk to her, how often and at what time you message her, to even keeping an eye on your grammar & spelling, these little things can make all the difference if you want to impress a girl.

How To Text A Girl

Dating is no longer all about speaking to lady’s face to face. Although it is still important to know how to speak to a girl, it is also just as important to know how to message a girl. 

We largely communicate over the internet now so you must understand how a girl wants you to message her. It can be the make or break in a relationship. 

In this video when I refer to texting, I also mean messaging via WhatsApp and Facebook messenger. So keep that in mind guys! 

Today we are going to learn all about texting a girl. You’ll feel more confident after this video and be able to text any lady. 

Remember this 

You don’t have to be a writer to be great at texting ladies. You don’t need to rely on Giphs or fancy graphics. Simply show up, be respectful, have fun and enjoy getting to know the lady you are speaking to. Don’t overcomplicate things, keep it, simple guys. Any lady will simply love you making contact and making an effort. 

Message a lady within 24 hours of meeting her 

You used to be able to get away with waiting for 3 days before making contact after a date. The world is moving a lot faster now and women now expect you to make contact within 24 hours. Depending on the lady, she may make contact first. As a rule of thumb though, make contact first. 

Now that the world moves faster, it is easier to make contact. In the past, you might have had to pick a home phone and phone a lady after a date (imagine!) or run into her in the supermarket. Now we have the internet. We can easily text or message a lady. If you wait too long, she will think you are not interested so no matter what the text is you send, make sure it’s sent within 24 hours. 

Something that you could text is: 

“Hello Jane, It’s John from this mornings meeting” 


“ Hi Jane, It is John here, I am so glad that Sheila introduced us yesterday” 

These are very simple texts but they are easy to send within 24 hours. They are also open-ended so they allow a lady to easily reply without too much pressure. 

Start a conversation 

Starting a conversation is one of the hardest things to do.

What do you say? How do you actually start the conversation? 

We have all typed out a text and then deleted it straight away. Writing draft after draft but them never being good enough. 

Once the conversation has started, it will remove all the stress. It will flow and allow you both to chat. Which means you can easily get to know each other. The type of text you send comes down to what type of personality you have. It might be fun, a joke or intellectual. You might have even spotted something that reminds you of her. The lady will be so happy when she receives a text from you and it will show her that you are interested and thinking about her. 

The best way to open a conversation is to ask a random question like – 

“Would you rather have a superpower or unlimited money?” 

“If you could have any superpower what would it be?” 

“What is your favourite current trend?”

It can be any type of question but make it open-ended as opposed to a question that you can answer with yes or no. If you have only just met the lady, keep the questions light and not to deep. 

Learn what to text a girl 

Once you have pushed past the ‘welcome phase’, it’s time to start texting regularly. You would have already asked a few random questions in the start of a conversation phase. Now you both know more about each other and so you should have more to talk about right? Well yes technically but also it’s very easy for a conversation to dry out. So you need to keep it interesting. 

One way to do this is to see each other in real life more often. This will mean that you spend time texting each other with excitement about seeing each other and texting afterwards about what happened on your date. Seeing each other in person means that you remind yourself why you like each other, this can get lost in texting. 

Don’t make texting her a chore. Keep anything you say fun and interesting. Think of some fun things you would like to talk to her about and write them down. 

To keep it interesting remember to ask questions, send good morning texts and send a goodnight text. 

Some examples of these types of texts guys would be:

“What is your favourite holiday destination and why?” 

“Hi Jane, Good morning. I hope you have a really lovely day.” 

“Goodnight Jane. I have enjoyed talking to you today and loved learning about your hobbies. I hope you have sweet dreams” 

Ladies love good morning and goodnight texts. It makes them feel really special and important. They are more likely to text you more and even text you first if you make this a habit. 

Ladies want you to use their name  

Ladies love when you use their name. This is especially true when you are sending your first text. If you were to send “hey hun” she would be thinking, why have you not used my name? Who else are you calling hun? Is it because you talk to lots of girls? 

So instead of ‘hun’, say “Hello Jane, I hope you are well”. After you get to know the lady because you have been on a date. You can start calling her pet names like hun or babe. Don’t start with this though. 

Text a lady and remind her of something that happened when you met

When you first meet a lady, it is lovely and memorable. You have probably both had a really nice time. I mean, she gave you her number!! To remind her of the great time you had, mention it to her in a text.

You can either include this in your first text to her, which we talked about above. Or you can add it to another message after you have been speaking for a while. If you wait for a while and craft it into a message then she will realise you remembered the first time you met. Which makes her feel really special. 

This is one of the things that a girl wants you to text her so remember this. 

One of the best ways to do this is to mention something funny that happened. 

An example of this would be to text something like, “Hi Jane, it was lovely to meet you the other night at Sheila’s party. It was funny when we both fell over during Twister. Thanks for letting me win!” 

How easy was that?! It will go a long way though because the lady will be so happy that you have remembered what happened and it shows it has mattered to you. 

Check your grammar and spelling 

A girl will not like it if all your texts have grammar mistakes or spelling mistakes. They also really don’t like text language. This is something we used when we were first able to text but now it is expected that you type any messages in full. You can use some slang especially if it is for humour. 

Check your messages for grammar and spelling mistakes every time before you send your favourite lady a text. Not only will it make you look really smart, but it will also make it easier for you both to clearly communicate. 

Text her in a similar way to how she texts you 

Mirror how she messages you. Don’t copy her word for word but text in a similar way. 

If she uses emojis, use them back. When messaging her goodnight, end it with a red heart for example. 

If she sends short messages, you can send short messages. If she likes to write long, detailed messages, don’t text her line messages back. Make sure to write longer messages so that she knows you are interested

Send replies at a similar speed to her. It really puts a girl off if you take ages to reply. If you are working, let her know that so that she will not expect a reply. The girl might take a while to reply so you can do the same in that case. If she replies really quickly, try to do the same. This will show that you are both as interested as the other one. 

Match her text tone. If she likes to joke or have fun when messaging. Do the same back to her. She will really like this because it will show her that you click and are supposed to be together! 

Try some of the above suggestions and I promise guys, you will have a lot of luck with the ladies. 

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