POWERFUL Underrated Things Guys Do That Women Simply Can’t Resist – Girls Fall For Guys Like This

Learn about what women want from a man, the underrated things girls find attractive in a guy that you might not have even thought about! In today’s video we’re going to be discussing some powerful things guys can do that women simple can’t resist.

Underrated means not rated or valued high enough. It is basically someone or something that holds great potential but is often overlooked. Sometimes when it does come to dating we focus on those big gestures and the complicated journeys that might win over a lady’s heart. When really, there are more simple things that we can actually try first. It can be the underrated things that guys can do that women simply can not resist. In today’s video I’m going to tell you about these things so that you can use them to win over your girl.

Underrated attractive things guys do that women love

The subtle scent of cologne 

Ahh the subtle scent of cologne, us girls love it! A man who wears cologne is super sexy and sophisticated in our eyes. It should be something you put on every day but this daily habit could seriously make you popular with the ladies. They will also always associate that particular smell with you, magic!


Hugging a lady for a little bit longer than expected is something they just cannot resist. It makes them feel cared for and looked after. It also shows them that you really like her! Which will make her all warm and fuzzy inside! 5 seconds longer is more than enough to create a response. 

Eye contact

Locking eyes with a lady while she is speaking is something that you might do naturally anyway. When you maintain eye contact it shows her that you care and that you are listening to her. She might be telling you a boring work story but some eye contact could really spice things up. 


Drawing some attention to your lips will make her not want but need to kiss you. If you bite your lips slightly or run your fingers across them she will immediately look at them and think about kissing you. It is a very underrated hack to moving to first base quickly. 

Being nice to others

Girls hate it when a man is rude to wait for staff or shop staff but is nice to her. It makes him seem fake and means to her and that is not something she finds attractive. That’s why it is important to always be nice to everyone you come into contact with. She will notice when you do this and simply not be able to resist you. 


On the topic of waitstaff, you take her out for dinner always tip! Tipping shows her that you are generous and polite both traits that, you guessed it is irresistible to women. 

Using her name 

Girls absolutely love it when you use their name in a sentence. You might be out for dinner, enjoying cocktails in a dark corner with a candle. This is all very romantic but what will really drive her wild is simply using her name in a sentence. We don’t really use peoples names when we are speaking to them anymore. Which is why if you were to say, “Jane, what do you like most about your job?” she will be very impressed and attracted to you. It’s a really nice touch when you use someone’s name and you should do it across the board at work, with friends and family but using a girls name while you are on a date really impress her. 

Handle tough situations with ease

We all face tough situations in life. Sometimes we have weeks where we face them every day. They might be things that are happening at work or in our personal lives. Either way, it is important that we deal with them in the best way possible. An example of this would be when you are at work and the girl you are trying to impress is facing a crisis. Something has gone wrong with her computer and she has lost her work. She is close to crying and is very panicked. You tell her not to worry because you can fix it. You take a moment to look around her computer and find an old copy of her work. She will be so relieved and impressed that you stayed so cool in a stressful situation, basically, you will look like the hero. A girl likes a man who is steady in his emotions and can deal with tough situations they may face together. Women are naturally very emotional creatures so they need a man who can balance his emotions. 

 Sly smiles 

Displaying a sly smile when you are telling a joke really is something a woman cannot resist! We find it very sexy because it shows confidence, it’s something so simple to do and will drive your girl wild! 

Great with kids

Even if you have only just started dating a girl she will love to see you being great with kids. This is because she will be wondering if you would make a good father to her children. Yes, women do think this far ahead which might sound strange but when you enter into a relationship you do think it is forever so you have to be sure that the person is right for you. If you have the opportunity to show her you with children, take it because she will not be able to resist seeing you as a father. 

Laughing out loud

Isn’t it great when you have deep belly laughs? A girl wants a partner that she can have fun with and enjoy deep belly laughs. If she tells a really funny joke let it go and laugh out loud! She will laugh as well and it will release ‘love chemicals’ which will make you simply irresistible. 

Speaking in a quiet tone 

Men naturally have deeper voices which women find sexy. Lowering your voice into a more quiet tone and almost whispering to a lady makes her feel like the only person in the room. It makes her feel special and it makes her fall for you. This technique is great for flirting. 


It’s fun to be silly! If you are both making breakfast in the morning and a good tune comes on the radio, take her hand and dance around the room. It does not matter if you don’t have the best moves, it’s not a competition it is just a bit of fun. She will not be able to resist your spontaneous lust for life and will treasure the memory of you both dancing around the kitchen. 

Being good at your job 

When you are passionate about your job and good at it, it really makes you shine. Women love seeing this kind of dedication because it gives something to show off to their friends about. They will tell them all about what you do as a job! Also, it shows them that they would be looked after by you financially if you were to enter into a relationship and that you would have a nice life together.

Touching them to reassure them 

If you are out together and you are walking down the street but it’s dark and someone is yelling down the end of the road, simply touching her hand, arm or shoulder will reassure her. She will feel very comfortable around you and safe which is important as these are both qualities she would look for in a partner. Look out for her and protect her, without being controlling and she will be yours. 

Compliment her

Compliments are something you can give her for free! Every woman loves to be complimented especially by a man she is dating so offer her compliments when you think they are genuine. 

Helping others

If you spot an old lady struggling to cross the street or maybe a mum that needs help to lift her pram down from the stairs, go over and help her out! Helping out others not only makes you feel good, but it also makes you look good as well. It shows that you are a nice person and the girl that is dating you is going to want to, well, just show you off. She will just feel that you are the most dreamiest person she’s ever dated because of how kind you are

Remembering small details 

This is a very underrated thing that you can do that women can simply not resist. You will do a lot of listening when you start dating a lady. Men often zone out or don’t listen carefully enough to what the lady is saying. You need to be the exception and listen to every word. It’s important that you are interested in her and what she is saying because she wants a partner who cares. Listen to what she is saying and bring it up later. She might say something about her cousin who is due to graduate on the 26th of October. Then on the 26th of October say “hey your cousin is graduating today, I hope it all goes well”. She will really be impressed that you have remembered that and will not be able to resist you! 

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