Signs A Girl Wants You to Chase Her (She Wants You BADLY)

Signs A Girl Wants You to Chase Her (She Wants You BADLY)

Since the beginning of time, men have always pursued women. It is ingrained in their DNA to hunt, look out for, and prey on other species. And the dating world is no different than the wild.

Women have become accustomed to being chased by men and pursued in ways that they like and in ways that they dislike.

Nowadays it’s a lot less Discovery Channel and a lot more of a Hollywood romantic comedy vibe when it comes to perusing a partner.

It is also known how complicated women can be and indecisive when it comes to who they want to date and how they want to be wooed.

It’s not surprising that men are often confused about what they should and shouldn’t do when trying to initiate the first date. Women sometimes do not know what they want themselves. They just expect men to know exactly what to do to get to the finish line.

The indecisiveness of a woman’s brain can often lead a man to not knowing how to move forward. But we’ve looked into this, and we have done endless amounts of research.

We found that there are some tips and tricks that women do either subconsciously or intentionally to give you the signs that you need to chase her and pursue her because it’s something that she wants.

So, get your pens and your paper out boys, we are about to dive deep into a woman’s mind and help you get that first date!

Signs a girl wants you to chase her

Fast replies

When a woman is interested in you, naturally she will start to insert you into her everyday life.

Whether that be a phone call on her lunch break or a constant flow of text messages throughout the day. She will open up a constant stream of communication. She wants to talk to you and be kept up to date about your day.

You’ll notice her text message replies will start to speed up, almost as if she has her phone in her hand waiting for you to reply so she can reply faster.

Sometimes it could be a coincidence because she genuinely has her phone in her hand doing something when you reply. Sometimes she could be watching those three dots hover as you type your reply.

She may have played it cool in the beginning, counting to ten before answering the phone or waiting an hour to reply to a text.

Once she’s hooked, she will drop all her little games and be very open about the fact she wants to talk to you. 

Katy Perry

At the beginning of the dating phase, women love a little chase from the guys. It makes them feel confident and good within themselves, especially if they’re not sure about themselves, to begin with. Having a cute guy chase them sounds amazing. 

If you notice she is hot and cold when you speak to her, maybe one minute she’s all cute and flirty, and then she is stand-offish and giving you the cold shoulder. This could be an indication that she still wants to be a part of the chase.

Even if you’re 4 or 5 dates in, she still wants to feel like you’re trying hard to get her attention and will put the effort in to get it. 

Yes, yes, yes

When you first meet someone and you plan your first date, all types of nerves and anxieties come out to play. Then as soon as you get there, you instantly feel calm, happy, and glad that you went on that date.

If a girl has feelings for you, she will make herself available for the next time you suggest a date or any type of outing that includes the two of you.

So, if she says yes to anything and everything that you suggest, this is a clear sign that she is interested. She wants to spend as much time as she can with you because she has feelings for you.

She may even drop hints that she is available by saying things like “I am so bored today and don’t have a clue what I should do!”

Look out for this one. It may be her highlighting the fact that you’ve not arranged a date or asked to see her within a certain period. 

Green eye monster

We all know women get jealous of other girls when they’re around a guy that she likes. And some women go out of their way to provoke women to feel jealousy.

If a girl shows signs of the green-eyed monster whilst you’re in your dating phase. She wants you to know that she likes you and doesn’t want other women to get close to you. She will worry in case you change your mind about her and decide to pursue a new woman.

This is a great sign for you if you do like her because that also means she’s not interested in other men just you! And as fun as it might seem to you, don’t provoke the green-eyed monster. Some women don’t handle it very well.

Just like you probably wouldn’t handle it very well if a guy was sniffing around a girl that you like. It could be a massive turn off to a girl if you’re purposefully trying to make her jealous of other girls. You could find she would rather just walk away instead of compete for your attention.

The eyes

If you’re hesitant to approach a woman to initiate a conversation because you’re uncertain if it’s something she wants you to do, make eye contact with her 2 to 3 times from across the room.

If she returned eye contact, and you catch her glancing over you and maybe smiling, she is into you and is waiting for you to approach her.

She might not initiate the first contact but she’s waiting for you to chase her.

Maintaining eye contact is also a good sign that a woman is into you and wants you to chase her because she’s trying to hold your attention throughout the conversation.

She is fully engaged in you, and you have her undivided attention. If you hold her eye contact, you are showing her that she has your undivided attention which is great!


As much as people don’t want to admit it, the dating game is exactly that, a game. Women are just as much a player in this game as you, and they could even play the game better than you without you realizing it.

The first thing you need to be sure of is if you want to get to level two before you start the game.

Now although it’s not rocket science to know if someone likes you or not, looking for the signs can be somewhat difficult depending on who you’re dealing with.

Some women are very straightforward and will just tell you from the start if they like it or not. Some women are shy and are too scared to come out and tell you they like you, and some women don’t care and just want to play the game for the fun of it.

Hopefully, with the above common signs, you’ll be able to skip over the game players and make a good go at finding a lady that wants you to peruse her. Could be the start of a beautiful relationship, who knows?

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