Do THIS To Captivate Women - Learn How To Charm, Attract & Get A Woman's Attention Effortlessly

Do THIS To Captivate Women – Learn How To Charm, Attract & Get A Woman’s Attention Effortlessly

To captivate a woman means to charm her, attract her, and also hold her interest.

Once you captivate a lady you know that she is not going anywhere. She will stick by your side and be loyal to you because you have completely grabbed her interest.

You normally need to start working on captivating her at the very beginning, and it has to happen quickly. And if you know how to do this quickly, you will have better luck when it comes to women sticking around and not just dating you.

I am going to tell you how you can captivate a woman so that you can use these tips in your real dating life to turn a one-night stand into a long-term relationship.

How to captivate women

Look after yourself

Start by thinking about yourself. It is important that you look after yourself and are the best version of yourself so that you can captivate a woman’s interest.

You might immediately think about dressing well and keeping fit, yes these are two things you can do to look after yourself. So is keeping up your personal hygiene.

It goes further than this though, you need to make sure that you have your own life. By this I mean, you have friends that you like to spend time with and do fun things with. That you have your own goals and ambitions. Your own interests and hobbies.

The more interesting things you have going on in your life, the happier you are going to be, and the more interesting the stories you have to tell will be.

If you have traveled, you can tell her about that or you can tell her about all the things you have done with your friends.

You might just see these things as memories, but she sees them as experiences and interesting stories that captivate her

Ask for her help

This one might surprise you! You might be thinking, why would I ask her for help if I am trying to captivate her? Good question! It works because it shows her that you need her. Women need to be needed.

They are much more emotional than men are and being needed is one of the emotions they carry.

When you ask them for help it shows them that you respect them and their opinions. It could be something as simple as asking them to help you pick out a jumper or helping you move something in your house.

You don’t want to be asking too much of them when you have just met but asking them something small will help them feel like you need them. 

Show your funny side

Girls love funny guys, it’s a fact! You might have noticed that a lot of celebrity women date comedians? There is a reason for this! When we laugh, we naturally release dopamine which is a drug. It makes us feel happy and deeply connected to the person we are speaking to.

So, if a guy is funny, she will release dopamine over and over again. You can start showing your funny side on the first date.

Try to stay away from sex jokes or jokes that could be offensive. Let it come across as natural and you will have her captivated by you. 

Break the touch barrier

It is important that you show her how you feel about her. She might just think you are being nice as girls often start by assuming that a guy does not like them.

So quite early on, you should try to touch her to show her that it is more than friendship.

Try touching her arm as you both laugh or resting your hand on her shoulder while she tells you something.

Do not take it too far and rush in to try to kiss her. This will probably put her off because she will think that you are only interested in one thing.

You want to make sure it’s small touches that will captivate her. 

Give her your undivided attention

Whenever you are with her, pay attention to her and not anyone else. That means looking at her when she is talking to show that you are listening. Replying to what she is saying with thoughtful conversation.

It’s important that you really show her that you care about what she is saying and that you are not interested in other women.

This will help her trust you which is a key factor in captivating women. 

Slow down 

Take a breath and slow down. Sure, it’s important that a woman feels captivated by you quickly, and at the beginning, but it does not mean that you need to rush things.

Take a moment to just spend time with her and get to know her.

Sometimes men rush through this stage to try and win her over. Once they have succeeded, they realize that they do not even like her.

Take the time to ask her questions about herself and really listen to the answers. Then ask yourself, do I want to captivate this woman? 

Facial expressions 

You can tell so much by someone’s facial expressions. If someone looks angry, they are probably not having the best time. If someone is smiling, they are probably having a great time!

You need to think about what your face is telling her. You want to look happy and interested. So, what do you need to do to make sure you look like this? Check in every so often and think, what is my face doing? 


Which leads us nicely to smiling. You need to smile and show that you care if you are trying to captivate a woman.

You don’t want to over smile though. That is when you are talking to someone and all they seem to do is have their eyes wide open with a huge smile on their face. This is something that can put a girl off!

Make sure to smile, just not too much! 

Hand gestures

What are your hands saying? Speaking with hand gestures can be a great way to captivate a woman.

If you are telling her an exciting story, the hand gestures will help add some theater to the story.

You don’t want to use them too much because it might become distracting. Try to limit them to when you are telling her really interesting stories. 

Fix your posture

When people slouch, they look like they don’t really want to be there. They come across as closed off and hard to crack.

A girl is not going to become captivated by a guy like this because he is too much work.

You want to display more open body language. To help with this you can fix your posture. Make sure you are sitting up, neck straight and head up.

This will show your body off in the best light as well. 

Watch the way you walk

When you are walking away from a girl, think about the way you walk. It might seem like something that is small and insignificant, but I can assure you that a girl is watching you as you walk away.

Try to stand up tall and walk with confidence. That won’t be something she forgets in a hurry, and it will be something she wants to see more of.

Watch how she walks away as well, is she trying to impress you? 

Remember to breathe

When you are trying to captivate a woman, it can seem like you have a lot to remember. I mean literally everything we have spoken about today!

It might be that you are both just meant to meet each other and that you are very similar people that really get along.

So do not be too harsh on yourself and remember to breathe when you are talking to her. 

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