Does She Want To Be Chased? 14 Signs A Girl Likes You And Wants You To Chase Her! ULTIMATE BLUEPRINT

Do girls want to be chased? In today’s video we’re going to be discussing 14 signs a girl likes you and wants you to chase her. Chasing and flirting are topics that come hand in hand. We’ll learn what to look for when it comes to the way a woman talks to you, how she interacts with you, a woman’s body language and more.

The dating world is not like it used to be. It’s not just men that have to do all the work.

In fact, women quite often like to be the ones putting the work in or chasing the men. This is just the new world of dating which is always evolving.

Sometimes though, a girl still likes to be chased by a man and they will often leave a trail of signs and clues behind them which tell you, well, they want you to chase them.

Now I get it, it can be so confusing unless you know what women actually do. And today we are going to learn exactly what girls do when they want you to chase them.

Signs a girl wants you to chase her

She’s hot then she’s cold

Have you ever started talking to a girl and you think things are going well and then she just goes cold? After a little while, she starts being more full-on and turning up the heat.

This can lead to confusion and you wondering, what does she want? Well, this is her showing you that she wants you to chase her.

Instead of getting annoyed take it as a sign to go for it and chase her. 

She replies quickly 

If a girl is really not interested in you then she won’t reply quickly. She will delay replying because it is not a priority for her.

If she replies quickly then you are a priority and she wants to get to know you more. She might be shy though and want you to make the first move by chasing her.

She could also just love the thrill of being chased and she wants you to start putting in the work. 

Proper responses when she replies

She will give you proper responses when she replies to your messages. It won’t just be an ‘ok’, ‘yeah’ or ‘LOL’.

She will reply with long, detailed messages that have some depth to them. She might reveal more about herself or start some flirty banter via text.

This is her saying, chase me if you like me! So take the hint and make your move. 

She says yes to whatever you suggest 

If you invite her to do something she will always say yes. This is because you asking her out, is you chasing her and that’s what she wants!

She wants to spend time with you and get close to you. If you are thinking about asking her out, don’t be afraid.

Take the leap and just do it! She will love it and will definitely say yes. 

She always looks nice around you

A girl will always take pride in how she looks around you when she likes you and wants you to chase her.

She won’t just show up in sloppy, messy clothes. Her hair will be done nicely, she will have nice clothes on, nice shoes and maybe make up.

You might notice that she is making this effort and this is your sign to go for it with her. 

You both have meaningful conversations 

The small talk stage is over. It’s no longer asking about her day, she will start focusing on deeper more meaningful conversations.

You might talk about your experiences at school or your childhoods. These are quite deep conversations and when someone opens up to you in this way it is normally because they like you and are very interested in you.

Her telling you these things is a sign that she trusts you, your sign to chase and from here things will probably progress into a more serious relationship. 

She flirts and teases with you 

Sometimes a girl will tease you to show you that she likes you and wants more.

It can be a bit confusing as you might think, does she like me? She isn’t being very friendly! She really does like you and this is her way of showing it.

She just wants you to put a little more effort into it and chase her.

The flirting and teasing is her way of showing you that she is open to you making your move, you just need to do it! 

If you stop talking to her, she will start chasing you 

When you are chasing someone, it can get tiring. You might start to feel low or like you have no energy. You might notice that just when you stop, she starts!

If you suddenly stop talking to her, she will start messaging you and making more of an effort. The roles will reverse and you will have to do very little while she puts in more work.

The trick here is to chase her for a while so that she knows you are interested and then dial down the chase so that she has a chance to chase you. 

She avoids the big question 

When you are dating someone, eventually the time arrives when you naturally want to make things official. It’s natural and it is a lovely time.

So it can be disheartening when a girl says no or tries to avoid that big question by changing the subject. It’s not because she does not necessarily want to be your girlfriend, she just wants you to chase her for a while longer.

Girls love the chase and the beginning of a relationship when everything is so exciting and electric. That is why sometimes they drag it on when you want to move things on to the next stage.

Patience is your key here, be patient and wait for the relationship to naturally blossom. 

She asks if you miss her 

It might sometimes seem like she is mysterious or distant which can be off-putting and make you feel like you are wasting your time.

Then when you do spend time together, she asks you if you miss her.

This can lead you to think, what does she want from me? Try not to get frustrated and remind yourself that this is her wanting you to chase her. 

She plays hard to get 

Playing hard to get is a classic sign of someone wanting you to chase them. She might not reply as quickly sometimes or say no to a date you thought she would have loved to go on.

This is her playing hard to get so that you put in some effort and chase her.

If you find that she is doing this, start making more effort and chasing her. 

She smiles a lot and looks happy

Someone who naturally likes someone smiles a lot around them and looks naturally happy. Even if she is playing hard to get, she can try and hide it but it’s impossible.

She will just naturally smile and glow when she is around you. Keep an eye out for her smile, that will show you that she wants you to chase her. 

Eye contact 

This is a classic sign that she likes you and wants you to chase her. We can tell so much from body language including when someone wants you to chase them.

You might still be in the getting to know each other phase and it’s still new. At this stage, you don’t really know that much about the other person and you might not fully understand their body language yet.

A fail-proof way of telling that someone wants you to chase them though is when they maintain eye contact. This can feel intense maybe you are out for dinner and she is looking straight at you while you speak, with a small smile. This is her saying I like you and I want you to make your move.

Keep an eye on the eyes! 

She tells you her itinerary 

When a girl tells you what she is up to and when she is up to it. It’s her way of telling you, this is when I am available, ask me out!

She might say I am working on Monday and Tuesday but have Wednesday off. She wants you to chase her and ask her out on that Wednesday.

She also wants you to know that she has another life and is busy. This is almost like a protection mechanism in case you don’t feel the same about her.

To stop her from feeling this way just begin the chase. Then she knows that you like her. 

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