16 Flirting Tips For Beginners - Learn How To Flirt With Your Crush Successfully

16 Flirting Tips For Beginners – Learn How To Flirt With Your Crush Successfully

Learn how to flirt with girls. In today’s video we’re going to be discussing 16 flirting tips for beginners.

Use these flirting tips to successfully impress your crush and improve your overall confidence when talking to and approaching women.

We are not born with a natural ability to do everything. It’s up to us to learn things which means at some point we are a beginner and flirting is no exception.

We might be able to pick up on a body language cue from another person or know how to make a joke, but that does not make us flirting experts. It’s actually a skill that we have to learn how to do, and we have to practice a lot.

In today’s video we are going right back to the beginning and focusing on how you can flirt with your crush successfully. And once you understand the fundamentals of flirting your skills will get better over time.

Even if you consider yourself a seasoned flirting professional, it’s always handy to refresh your memory and sharpen your skills.

Flirting for beginners

You have to make eye contact

Making eye contact with someone is scary.

You have to put yourself out there and be confident because once you catch someone’s eye, you are showing them that you are interested.

If you never make eye contact with them though, they won’t know that you are interested in them.

Making eye contact with someone can encourage them to walk over and start a conversation.

It is a powerful tool and one that you need to use even when you are just starting out. 

Draw attention to your lips

Let’s set the record straight, lips are sexy.

Both men and women are attracted to lips, and they can be a powerful tool in flirting. You can draw attention to your lips by biting them, licking them, or just putting your hand near them.

It does need to look somewhat natural, and it is not something that needs to be done over and over again. If you do it once while the other person is looking, it will make an impact.

The next time you are flirting with someone or on a date, watch them and see if they do anything to draw attention to their lips.

This one can take some practice so be easy on yourself in the beginning. 

Practise good posture 

No one finds someone who slouches attractive, especially when they are on a date with them.

It’s fine if you are at home on the couch but a whole different ball game if you are in a restaurant or bar with your crush.

You want to look your best so sit up straight, put your shoulders back and lift your neck high.

Don’t forget to smile 

When you first start flirting, you might be nervous and do some things wrong. This is ok but just don’t forget to smile!

Smiling shows the person you are flirting with that you are friendly, approachable, and kind.

They will feel closer to you and more connected with you straight away.

Don’t smile the whole time, you might come across as a little unhinged, but if you smile at them when they say something, they will be eating out of the palm of your hands. 

You can introduce touch

Only because you are just beginning to flirt, does not mean that you need to stay away from touch.

You should keep it PG because you want to avoid coming across like a creep.

Keep it to short touches, touching their arm, shoulder, or leg.

Don’t move things along too quickly with touch but definitely introduce it to show them that you are interested and to avoid the friendzone. 

Standing close to someone 

Don’t stand too close to someone unless you already have a connection.

If you have just met the person standing too close to them could come across as intimidating.

People don’t like their personal space invaded, and it can create a bad first impression.

You need to give them enough space so that they feel comfortable and able to get to know you.

Once you have a connection, you can both get a little closer. 

Keep the conversation light 

Nothing is less sexy than talking about politics or your grandma who died. You want to stay away from these topics of conversations when you are first flirting with someone.

Keeping it light is the key and discussing sexier topics. These lighter topics will come to you in the moment as the conversation flows naturally. 

Mirror their actions 

When we mimic or mirror someone’s actions, we are showing them that we are interested in them.

This is something we often do subconsciously, but it could also be something you make an effort to do.

It can be as simple as picking up your cup at the same time they pick up theirs.

You can also choose to mirror the way they speak as well or pick up some of their unique language. 

Try to avoid sex jokes

When you start to master flirting, you might be able to slot some suitable sex jokes into your conversation.

When you are just starting out though, avoid them.

If used in an unsuitable manner the jokes can come across as creepy and it can make it look like you only want them for sex. 

Smell nice

Pick a scent that suits you and wear it when you are out meeting your crush.

Wear something that reflects your personality and suits your skin. You can change how you smell depending on the season or you can have a signature scent.

Make sure you wear it when you are around someone you want to flirt with.

Try to also maintain a high level of hygiene as well so that you are always ready if things get a little more physical. 

Face your body towards theirs

This type of body language shows the other person that you are interested in them. It shows them that you are listening to what they have to say, and it allows them to fully look at you.

Turn to face them or if you are sitting down, sit opposite them so they can really see you. 


This one is a classic flirting technique. Winking is fun and typically flirty, so why not add a wink into a conversation when you pay your crush a compliment or make a non-sexual joke. 

Put on your sexy voice

Are you wondering what your sexy voice sounds like?

Try lowering your voice and speaking in a softer tone so that your crush has to lean in and listen.

Speak a little slower than you normally would as well to add an air of mystery to your conversation. 

Give them the ‘come on over’ look

Look over your shoulder at your crush and flash them the come over here look. Tighten your eyes and give them a slight smile. They’ll be over starting a conversation with you in no time. 

Wear red

We are more attracted to people who wear red.

It is the color of love, passion, and romance so it makes sense to wear it when you are flirting with your crush. 

Always dress to impress

Whenever you are going to flirt with someone, you should dress to impress.

You want to look the best you can when you see someone but still dress appropriately for an occasion.

If you are going hiking, dress in nice, clean hiking gear. If you are going out for dinner then wear nice trousers and a shirt.

Always remember that people look at their feet first so wear nice shoes! 

Be confident 

Confidence is key and it’s seriously sexy.

The more confident you can be when it comes to flirting, the more luck you will have. 

Practise makes perfect 

The more practice you have, the better you will become at flirting.

You might not be great at the very beginning but over time you will get better. 

Don’t try to be someone else 

They don’t want to flirt with someone else, they want to flirt with you.

When you flirt, don’t try to be someone else, be yourself. That way they get to know the real you and they will like you, for you. 

Ask them on a date

Sometimes it is fun to flirt, just to flirt. Other times you want it to go somewhere that is why you are doing it.

If you have both been flirting all night, why not ask them on a date?

If they say no, walk away 

Remember to respect other people’s boundaries.

If they say no or they look like they are not enjoying the flirting then walk away.

You’ll find someone else to flirt with who could be the person you are supposed to be with. 

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