15 Signs She Is Scared That She Loves You & Afraid Of Commitment

15 Signs She Is Scared That She Loves You & Afraid Of Commitment (How Does She Feel About Me?)

Learn how to tell if a girl loves you but is scared and afraid of commitment. In today’s video we’re going to be discussing the ways to tell if a woman loves you but focusing on those signs she is denying her feelings for you at the same time. It could be that she is afraid, scared or even confused about her feelings for you, it could be that she wants to know how you feel about her before she makes a move.

The magical L word, love. The meaning of love is to have an intense feeling of affection. It’s a powerful word and has super powerful feelings actually attached to it. And we don’t really understand how scary it can be to love someone until we do. Love often takes us by surprise, first we like someone just as a friend and then all of a sudden as if out of nowhere we have very deep feelings for them. Which is why it is so easy to get scared and to be afraid to commit to someone. Sure we love them but do they actually love us? Now it can be hard to understand ladies on a everyday basis, but when we are in love we often try to hide it and we try to protect ourselves, which makes it even harder. In today’s video I’m going to show you 15 signs that she is scared that she loves you and is afraid of commitment at this very moment.

How to know if a girl likes you but is afraid

She is vulnerable around you

We all have our vulnerabilities in life and women are no different to that. A tell tale sign that a lady is in love with you is when she lets her walls down for you. She knows that you’re not going to hurt her or use these weaknesses against her but also that if she does get a little scared and puts those walls back up, that you’ll still be there waiting for when she’s ready to lower them again. 

She asks your opinion

She’s still that independent woman that you know and love but she wants to know what you think and values your opinion and honesty. She wants to let you know that you’re a part of her family and that your opinion matters to her. Which dress do you prefer? Am I being unreasonable? What do you think I should do? If you’re being asked these sorts of questions, chances are, she loves you!

She can read your mind

Only someone that is really in love with you can know what you’re thinking. You can walk into the room and she’ll know you’ve had a bad day at work. She’ll understand when you are feeling down or when you have something to celebrate. You might be thinking about another girl and trying to decide between them both and she will know that you are thinking about this. It is just a power that ladies have. Which might be why she is afraid to commit to you because she knows that you are not 100% committed. Being open and honest with her when she does confront you about her feelings will show her that she can trust you and open her heart to you. 

She’s scared of losing you 

If she loves you, she is most definitely afraid of losing you. Even if she does not know that she loves you yet, she will still be scared of losing you. This can make it hard on her when it comes to commitment. It’s almost like self sabotage. She loves you and is afraid to lose you, she distances herself from you which can mean that she does not fully commit to you. You can help her with this by showing her that she does not need to be scared of losing you, you are not going anywhere and are here to support her. 

She tells you what she likes about you 

Girls are often more obvious when they like you then guys are. They will tell you what they like about you and be open and honest, you just need to be able to observe these things and pick up on them. For example you could be out for dinner and she might say, I love the way you dress. You might simply say, thank you! Without realising that she is actually showing you that she likes you. Keep an eye out for the little things she says about you and the ways she shows you that she likes you. 

She sends you songs that remind her of you 

This is a classic move and it is so romantic! It used to be that guys would make mixed tapes for girls but not everyone simply sends each other songs via Spotify. You both might have gone to a concert together and one of the songs reminds her of you or maybe she just heard a song on the radio and thought of you. If she sends you songs, it’s her way of showing you she is thinking of you and might even love you. 

Her friends know about you 

Girls tell each other nearly everything but when it comes to guys they like, they don’t normally say anything until they know that they really like them. If she mentions to you that she has told her friends about you, it is a very good sign and you know that she is trying to show you that she is ready to commit to you. 

She flirts with you but only via text 

This is her way of showing you that she likes you but that she is afraid to be completely vulnerable with you in person in case you do not feel the same way. If you find that she is often flirting via text but then when you meet face to face there is nothing, start flirting with her in person so that she knows that you feel the same way about her. This will also help her trust you more. 

Read her body language 

When you are together on a date make sure to take in her body language. Is she displaying flirty body language? Caring body language? Maybe she has her hand on your leg. Is she looking at you lovingly? These are all signs that she loves you but might be afraid to open up to you. 

She asks about what you have going on in your life 

When you like someone or love them, you care about them and like to ask them about their own lives. You might find her asking about what you are doing at work or how you are feeling about a certain situation. She might also ask you questions about more personal things, for example about any girl friends that you have. This is her trying to figure out where she fits in and if you have other girls on the go. Then she knows whether she should risk committing to you. 

She says sorry a lot 

Being nervous and shy is very common when you have feelings for someone but you are not sure if they feel the same way. A sign of being nervous and shy is saying sorry a lot. She might apologise for talking too much when she is not even talking very much. It could be that she drops something and she says sorry over and over again. These are all signs that she is nervous around you most likely because she has deep feelings for you but is not sure that you feel the same way. 

She takes care of you 

Picking you up a coffee on her way to see you, buying you favourite types of food when you visit and not letting you lift a finger, these are all ways of her taking care of you. If she is doing this then she is serious about you and wants more. You should tell her how you feel as well so that she can be sure that commitment is the way forward. 

You bump into her 

You might be walking down the street minding your own business when you suddenly see her out of the corner of your eye. You might not think anything of it or you might think that’s strange, I have never seen her around before. She will find ways to bump into you if she likes you. She wants to stay the forefront of your mind and remind you of who she is. 

She is shy and nervous when she is around you

We have mentioned being shy or nervous around the people you like earlier on in today’s video but it is worth repeating. Ladies often get nervous around guys that they love, especially when they have not been told yet that the guy feels the same way. If you notice that she is fiddling a lot, looking down at the ground or looking nervously around then try and calm her down. 

She tells you that she is taking her walls down 

This is one of the final steps a girl will take before she fully commits to you. She will tell you that she is taking her walls down and that she is ready to commit to her. Hopefully by this stage you have a good idea that she likes you already so you can react appropriately. Tell her that you feel the same way, if you do and that you are also ready to commit to her. This might not mean a relationship, it could simply mean that you both are exclusively dating each other. 

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