Girls Will Act Like THIS When They Develop Feelings For You (Early Signs Of Affection & Attraction)

Girls Will Act Like THIS When They Develop Feelings For You (Early Signs Of Affection & Attraction)

There is no better feelings in the world than that of falling in love with someone. Finding someone that you can share your life with is the best and it’s something that everyone is searching for. Women are known for wearing their hearts on their sleeves, and when they fall for someone they fall deeply for them. And often experience the feeling of love before the other person does. So they normally try to keep this to themselves though because they don’t like feeling vulnerable. And they want to make sure that you feel the same before they say anything.

Is she developing feelings for me? In today’s video we’re going to be discussing those very early initial signs she is developing feelings for you. Just as a girl starts to fall for you her actions and behaviours will begin to change when she’s around you. From the types of texts she sends you to the way she is in your company.

How to tell if a girl is developing feelings for you

She becomes your cheerleader

Any sports game you play, she is there. At work when you do something amazing, she celebrates you. She cheers you on and encourages you to reach all your goals. Girls do this when they are falling for a guy or have fallen for him. They want you to do your best and be the best version of yourself you can be. This is their way of them helping you along. 

She lets her guard around you 

She opens up to you and tells you things she would not just tell anyone. It’s personal and private but yet she trusts you with it. This is a sure sign that she likes you because it’s really hard to be vulnerable with people. We only let our guard down around people we love and care about. 

She sends you cute texts 

When she messages you, just thinking about you or I hope you are having the best day, it’s because she is thinking about you. She has deep feelings for you if starts sending you cute texts like this. 

She stands up for you 

You could be out for dinner with friends and you are having a debate about a topic. The other couple starts coming for you and disagreeing with your point. You are losing the debate and feeling a little silly. Then your girl steps in and stands up for you. Helping you argue your point even if she does not believe in it. When a girl likes a guy, she will always stand up for him. 

She looks at you with puppy eyes 

The puppy eye is seriously something that girls do when they are developing feelings for a guy. If they are doing this pouty look, they are obsessed with you and can’t get enough. Inside they will be thinking, I am so lucky to even speak to him. You have them hooked if you spot them giving you the puppy eyes, you can confidently make your move. 

She loves it when you dress up

There is nothing sexier than when a man dresses up. Obviously, you always want to look nice when you are around her but when you are going out for a fancy dinner and you make an extra effort, that’s when she will be truly puppy-eyed. She will pay you a lot of compliments and mention how handsome you look. This image of you will forever be in her mind and you will probably end up back at her house or at your house. If she mentions how amazing you look, she is developing feelings for you. 

She touches you 

You laugh, she laughs and touches your leg. Does this sound familiar? Girls touch guys more often when they like them or are developing feelings for them. They want to be as close to you as possible and touch is a way of doing this. It might only be slight and for a second so you should pay attention. She won’t want to make it too obvious in case you don’t feel the same way. 

She gives you lingering hugs 

You hug to say goodbye and she holds on just a little longer. This is because she is trying to get you to kiss her. The first kiss normally always happens after the first hug. Girls will sometimes be the first to lean in for a kiss but normally they wait for a guy to do it. 

She gives you gifts 

It’s not Christmas or your birthday and she is buying you gifts. Maybe you mentioned that you love a particular game and all of a sudden she buys it for you. If a girl loves you, she will normally buy you things to show you this. For some girls buying gifts is their love language and even if it is not yours, this is how she will show you. If she starts doing it too much and you feel uncomfortable then make sure you tell her this in a gentle way. 

She says sorry 

Saying sorry a lot is something people do when they have low self-esteem and that is not what I am talking about. If a girl says sorry and admits she is wrong when she is then this is a sign that she is developing feelings for you. Women find it hard to apologise when they do something wrong, our pride gets in the way! But we can recognise when we are wrong and we will own up to it. 

She asks for your opinion 

She asks you what you think of a dress she wants to buy or what she should do about a work problem. She is asking you for your opinion and wants to hear what you think. She is asking because she values your opinion and trusts you to give her a good answer. 

She cooks for you 

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. This is why women cook for men when they like them. Women are natural caregivers and cooking for a man, is a way of looking after him. She will ask you what your favourite dinner is and they cook it for you. It’s a way of them impressing you with their cooking skills. Even in today’s modern world, women are genetically programmed to be the caregiver and it’s something men look for in a woman. 

She sends you songs 

Songs can sometimes say things that words never could. Listen closely to the words of any song a girl sends to you because it probably tells you exactly how they feel. 

She drunk texts you 

Apparently, when we are drunk, we say the things we really mean. So, if she is texting you when she is drunk and tells you how she feels, don’t be so quick to dismiss it. Even if in the morning she messages and takes it all back, it’s probably because she is embarrassed. She definitely has those feelings but is not ready to make the first move. 

She tells her best friends about you 

The inner sanctum of a girl’s life is her best friend. If she starts telling them about you, well she really does like you. She wouldn’t bother talking about you to them if she didn’t hope that it would turn into something more serious. She will tell them every single detail as well. 

She laughs at all of your silly jokes 

Girls really do love funny guys. Sometimes though men can be known to crack ‘dad jokes’ which are not that funny but funny enough. If a girl laughs at your dad jokes, she really likes you! If she doesn’t then she probably does not have the feelings for you, you hope she does. Girls laughing a long with guys they like even if they don’t always get the joke

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