If You Want To Know How She Feels About You (Learn If She Likes You Or Loves You)

If You Want To Know How She Feels About You WATCH THIS (Learn If She Likes You Or Loves You)

Learn how to to tell how a girl feels about you. In today’s video we’re going to be taking a look at how to know how a girl feels about you.

Have you ever looked at a lady and thought to yourself, I wonder how she actually feels about me? Women can be very hard to read and understand if you are not a lady. You may have only been on a couple of dates with her and find it hard to even understand what’s going on. You might be wanting to enter into a relationship with this woman but you have no idea if she wants that as well. If this is you or you have ever wondered about this then well you’ve come to the right place. If you want to know how a girl feels about you then you have to watch today’s video. I will be taking you through some common things that girls will only do when they like you.

How to tell how a girl feels about you

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She texts you first 

You might start to notice that every time you wake up in the morning, you have a text from her. If she is texting you first throughout the day then she likes you. Girls do not just do this for everyone in fact when it comes to dating, they very rarely make the first move, they wait for the man to do it.  So if she is texting you first, it’s a very good sign

She changes plans to spend time with you 

Maybe she was supposed to meet her best friend for coffee or had planned on going for a family walk. You asked if she would like to do something and suddenly she is free. She might even mention that she cancelled plans to see you just so that you know how much you mean to her. If she is changing these types of plans then she really likes you and is interested in spending more time with you.

She touches you 

Rubbing her hand over your thigh or grabbing your hand as you are walking along the road. These are all sly forms of touch which show you that she is into you. We only touch people we like as well and touches like this are flirty and a little risky on her behalf. She is prepared to risk it though to show you how she feels about you. 

She checks to see if you have viewed her stories on Instagram 

You are the only person she really cares about viewing her Instagram stories (or any of her social media). She is posting to make sure you can see how much fun she is having or how full her life is. Basically yes she is showing off but it’s only because she wants you to notice. She will be checking her viewed list every time she posts a story and will only be looking for your magical name. 

If you mention another girl, she shuts down 

You might notice that when you mention your sister’s name or a female friend’s name in a conversation with her, she shuts down. She stops talking and looks away. Suddenly she has gone from fun loving to super serious. You might be puzzled and wonder how this change could happen so quickly. It’s simple, she does not know who these females are and is worried you are dating people which she does not like because she likes you! So just tell her who they are and this problem will go away. 

She gives you a lot of chances

You don’t have to do anything terribly bad for someone to give you a chance. Maybe you were quiet and nervous on your first date but she saw past it and decided to give you another chance. Of course you could do something bad like forget to show up for a date and she offers you another chance. Giving someone chances is something we only do for people we like and are attracted to. So make a small mistake and she will take you back. 

She remembers things about you 

One day while you were on a date you told her a story about your childhood. When you were aged 6, you ran through a sprinkler and got a terrible fright. Now you hate water and theme parks because of this. You told her this story to fill some silence and never expected her to remember it. Then one day she mentions how she has organised a date and you are going mini golfing she adds in “don’t worry there won’t be any water”. It’s something small but you think ‘wow she remembered that’. She could have a really good memory but more likely she has remembered because she likes you. 

She is always available 

Whenever you need her or think about doing something with her, she is available. For example you could ask her on a last minute date and you think to yourself she will probably not be able to make it and then she says yes. She is available because she wants to spend time with you and will make herself available whenever you need her. This is normally something that happens in the beginning and does not always last. 

She likes your social media posts 

You post a cute picture of your puppy and a moment later you notice that she has liked it. If she likes you, she will be all over your social media. She might not comment but she will like your posts and add in emojis where appropriate. Liking your social media posts is a sign of true love. 

She is always close to you

It does not matter whether you are out with other people or by yourselves, she always sits close to you. When you are walking down the road, she walks right next to you which is something friends do not do. When you are out for dinner, she has some part of her touching you. This is a girl’s way of showing you how important you are to them and how much they like you. 

She has asked if you are single 

This is one for when you first meet each other. For example, you spot her across the room and approach her and after some introductions, she asks if you are single. This is her trying to see if she should make an effort. She is interested in you otherwise she would not ask this question. If you say yes, she will know that she can keep flirting with you and move things along. 

Her body language 

This might be the most important thing to watch out for on this list. If you really want to know how she feels about you, you need to watch her body language.  Look out for things like hair flicking, maintaining eye contact, a sly smile and of course a big smile. Also take note of if her body language appears closed off or if she is more open in her body language. Open body language looks like hands by her sides, shoulders up and head forward. You can really tell so much from someone’s body language once you stop to pay attention. 

She always looks good when she sees you

You might think to yourself ‘how does she always look this good?’. It’s not a coincidence that she always has lovely clothes on and her hair is perfect. She is putting in an extra effort to look good around you. She is trying to attract you after all and wants to get your attention in any way possible. Make sure that you compliment her on how great she looks and it will make her so happy. 

She sleeps with you 

Finally, if she sleeps with you she probably likes you. I only say probably because maybe she is just looking for a one night stand. If you have been dating for a while though and she then sleeps with you, it’s most likely because she likes you. She wants to be romantically involved with you which is why she is ready to take this next step.

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