Sexiest Body Language Women Can’t Resist


Learn what women find attractive when it comes to sexy body language! In today’s video we’re going to be discussing some of the sexiest body language that women can’t resist. Body language tells people a lot about what we’re thinking and also what we’re feeling. We can use it to attract people and repel them. Which is why it’s so important to really understand the types of body language that women can simply not resist. There are certain types of sexy body language that drive the women crazy. And in today’s video, I’m going to tell you 10 of the sexiest types of body language that women can simply not resist.

Sexiest body language women can’t resist

Sticking your neck out 

Well, less sticking and more exposing your neck. 

All the way back in 2009, a FBI agent explained that when people touch their necks it shows that they are uncomfortable. I mean it makes sense because our necks have a lot of nerves in them so when we touch them to calm us down, it has an immediate effect. Which is why necks are very sensitive to kisses.

When we touch our necks or cover them up with ties and collars we are putting across that we are quite nervous which is not sexy body language. Instead you need to show more of your neck off. Leave your shirt unbuttoned or wear one that lets your neck breath. Avoid tight collared shirts. 

Show off your shoulders 

Did you know that shoulders have sex appeal? Well, they do! Women love to see a guys shoulders, it started in the primal days as they are a symbol of strength in men. The ladies love it when you show them off.

Men who walk and sway their shoulders often have more luck with the ladies as they find this incredibly attractive. So next time you are on a date with a lady, sway your shoulders and she will be unable to resist. 

Lips Lips and more Lips 

Yes, your lips are seriously sexy to women! They tell a lady a lot about you before you even open your mouth to speak.

Our lips are controlled by the limbic system in our brain which is our subconscious meaning we can’t control it. When we are in a stressful situation we draw our lips in and try to make them as thin as possible, which is something you don’t want to do in front of the ladies.

If you really want to display that sexy body language then you need to relax. Take a few deep breaths and let your lips relax. If you feel brave enough slightly separating your lips shows a lady that you are very interested in her which is a step in the right direction. 

The eyebrow flash 

Eyebrows are more important to body language than meets the eye. They help us communicate with people all the time. When you first meet someone that you like, you normally start by making eye contact. When you make eye contact without even realising it you might raise your eyebrow a little.

This is known universally as a way to say “hello I am interested in you”. We don’t do this to friends, only people we might fancy. Although this is something we do automatically, if you do catch her eye then why not gently raise your eyebrow to really show her that you are into her.

Work on your posture 

Posture is important when it comes to impressing a lady. You need to remember to stand up straight. Good posture is also something that is primal and ladies see it relating back to male strength, good proportions and body symmetry. Something women look for subconsciously in a man.

If you find yourself walking around hunched over, you will look nervous and weak which is not a type of sexy body language.

In 2016 a study by the National Academy of Sciences found that strong posture is important for both men and women. It is called expansive body language and it signals openness and powerfulness. 

 If you have always had bad posture then it can be something that is hard to relearn but just keep reminding yourself to stand up straight especially when you are around any women

Making quick adjustments 

Have you ever noticed a lady flattens down her hair as she walks up to you? Women are known for making quick adjustments to their hair or clothes as a man walks towards them.

They like it when men do it as well. Quickly adjusting your hair or shirt makes it look as though you care what the lady thinks of you and how you look around her. It flatters her to see you making an effort just for her. 

Don’t step backwards 

Sometimes when we are in a social situation and someone walks towards us we automatically step back because they are entering our personal space. It’s a strange thing we do but what it actually tells that person is that we don’t want them to be very close to us. We don’t want the lady you like to think like that. So this is why it is important that you stay put. When you stay in your spot it shows her that you are easy going and confident which are two things women can simply not resist. 

Use your beard 

This point is for those of you who have a beard or dream of growing one. Stroking your beard makes it look as though you are thinking and that you are engaged. When you do this around a woman you are trying to impress she will feel respected and listened to which is really important. Make sure before you even think about stroking your beard though that you have groomed it. A huge part of body language is about looking good so that you can feel good. 

Open body language 

It can be really off putting when you meet someone and they cross their arms or sit with their legs crossed. It makes them seem closed off which is why it is called closed body language. It is normally what you would see in a business meeting or it can be the type of body language that someone uses around a person that they do not like. It’s important when you are trying to be irresistible to a lady that you display open body language. This is when you make yourself comfortable, relax and spread yourself out. You could put your arm over the seat next to you or spread your legs a little. Remember not to take up all the space as this can look obnoxious but taking up a little more room can make you look more open. Also uncross your arms, loosen your shoulders and sit up straight looking straight ahead. 

Last but not least, eye contact 

Let’s finish on the most important one of all, eye contact. Eye contact is a staple when it comes to body language and you can make it super sexy. If you avoid eye contact with someone then you risk them thinking you are rude or disinterested, even if you know that you are actually just very nervous. If you stare too much, you start to look creepy which is something you also don’t want! You have to give off just the right amount of eye contact. If a lady is standing across the room, flash her a quick look and a smile. If she doesn’t catch your gaze then try again in a few minutes and then leave it. Remember to raise your eyebrows as well when you do this. 

During a conversation when she is talking you want to look directly at her only breaking eye contact to look down at the table or at your drink every so often. You can use your eyebrows to show that you are interested in what she is saying by raising them slightly and nodding your head. When you are talking you want to look at her and look just past her head every so often so that you are not staring at her all the time. 

Pair your eye contact with a smile and some eyebrow action and you will be irresistible to her in no time.

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