Girls Do THIS When They’re Missing You - 10 Subtle Signs She Misses You Like CRAZY

Girls Do THIS When They’re Missing You – 10 Subtle Signs She Misses You Like CRAZY

Learn how to tell if a girl misses you! In today’s video we’re going to be discussing the signs she misses you. When a girl misses you you’ll be able to spot some subtle yet tell-tale signs that she’s missing you. From the way she talks and texts you to how her body language is with you.

How do you know when a lady misses you? It can be hard to tell when she is because women like to pretend to have zero feelings, or to play hard to get when they miss a guy, which makes it almost impossible to tell. Truth is though, if a woman does miss you then she really loves you and cares for you. So how do you tell? Well you need to look out for the signs mentioned in today’s video, of course. And only then will you know if your crush misses you and feels the same way about you as you do about her.

How to tell if a girl misses you

She drops you check-in texts 

You might start to notice that when it comes to communication, it’s always her that makes the first move. She sends you check-in texts whenever she has the chance. These are casually messages that say things like “how are you?” or “what have you been up to?”. They seem harmless, don’t they! But she is sending them because she is checking in on you. She wants to know more about what you are doing because well she misses you. She’s checking you have not found another girlfriend and she wants to stay fresh in your mind. 

She appears at your favourite spots 

Do you have a favourite café that you notice she keeps turning up at? It’s not because she also thinks their coffee is the best in town. She is trying to run into you. Maybe she is your ex or you have just started dating. Either way, she’s doing it because she wants to be noticed by you. If she is your ex maybe she wants to re-kindle things. If you have just started dating and she keeps turning up. You might not be giving her enough attention or things might not be moving fast enough for her. If this is the case, have a chat with her to clear the air and save her following you around. 

She tells you she is feeling lonely

She might text you this or phone you to tell you that she is lonely. This is quite a straightforward move from her, she wants you to know that she is alone and that she misses you. If you feel the same way, then you should tell her so that you can move forward. You might need more time or you might not be interested anymore either way communication is key here guys. The ball is in your court just make sure you are open and honest with her. 

She asks your friends about you 

This one really only applies if you have introduced her to your friends. If you have done this, you might have been in a relationship. When girls want to know what a guy is up to without asking him, they will often approach his friends and ask. They might just say “how has Jake been doing?’ but they will ask questions that gather them as much information as possible. Girls also obviously know that your friends will tell you. In fact, they are counting on it. They want you to know that they miss you and are still interested in you.

She stalks your social media 

Did she like your post within its first five minutes of being posted? Is she always at the top of the list of the people who view your stories the most? If so, she is stalking you on social media. She wants to see what you are up to and who you are up to it with. When a girl really misses someone, she literally cannot get enough of them. Everything you post will be evaluated by not just her but also by her friends. If you want her back and you notice this, you should just message her and arrange to meet up. 

She tries to make your jealous 

Girls will resort to this when they really miss a man, have done some of the other things on this list but have not had any luck. This is something girls who like to play games are likely to do. You need to be careful around them. She might run into you with another guy, post about a guy she is with on social media or tells your friends she is seeing someone else. Again this is her way of trying to get your attention so that you come running back to her. This can obviously backfire as you might just think she has moved on. If you notice she is doing this maybe check in with her and see how serious she is with this other guy who could turn out just to be her friend. 

She tells you to come back early 

Whether you were dating each other or you were in a relationship, if you are away and she asks you to come back early, it’s because she really loves you. A girl is unlikely to do something so obvious and so blunt unless it really is the last resort. Asking you to come home early is a brave move. You could easily turn her down which would leave her feeling embarrassed and hurt. Or you could offer to come home early and make her really happy. She is being vulnerable by doing this though, so it really and truly shows you how she feels about you. 

She starts posting a lot on social media 

She never used social media before and now she does not stop posting. She posts everything from what she has for lunch to photos of her and her friends. She is trying to grab your attention. She wants you to spot her while scrolling through your feed and think ‘wow I miss her’. She also wants you to know that yes she misses you but that she also has a life without you. This can be important for girls who miss guys to show. They don’t like to look desperate, they want you to know that they have their own lives and you would be lucky to be a part of them. 

She is super affectionate when she finally sees you

Finally, after all that time, you have been reunited. From the first moment you have seen her again, she has not let go of your hand. She has been giving you hugs and kisses, compliments and looking directly into your eyes. It’s obvious that she really missed you and wants you back. She can’t play it cool or be hard to get when she likes you this much. She will literally lay all of her love on you and will put all of her cards on the table. It’s then up to you which move you make next. 

Let her work a little 

When a girl misses you, it really is one of the best feelings. Not for them but for you. It should make you feel more confident, special and wanted. It’s nice to have someone running after you and it’s important for you to make her work a little. If you give her everything all at once, she will think you are easy to get. It’s your turn to play hard to get. Keep her on her toes, don’t show her too much attention, don’t reply to her check-in messages too quickly and be allusive as to when you will be ready to see her again. Don’t take it too far because you do of course risk losing her. 

Missing someone is a very strong emotion and if she is showing you that she misses you, then it shows she cares about you and loves you. If you can help it, you don’t want to lose someone who cares about you this much. So, make her work a little not a lot. 

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