Girls Do THIS When Checking Guys Out

Girls Do THIS When Checking Guys Out – Learn How To Tell If A Woman Is Checking You Out

Learn how to tell if a girl is checking you out! In today’s video we’re going to be discussing the signs a girl likes you and wants you to approach her. You may have stumbled onto today’s video because you’re looking for advice on the following topics: Is she checking me out, how to tell if a girl likes you, is she interested in me, how to approach women and many more along a similar theme. Today’s video will come in helpful in all the above areas so be sure to watch till the end!

When a girl checks you out it can often be the first invitation to go over and to speak to her, which is why you really do not want to be missing it. Have you ever thought is she looking at me because there is something wrong with me or is she looking behind me, is she checking me out.

It can be hard to tell, especially if you are not used to a lot of attention from the ladies. Sometimes it looks like they are looking through you instead of at you. And let’s face it girls, ugh I’m sorry but we are very difficult to read. Which is why once you understand what girls do when they check you out, well then you will have a higher success rate with the ladies because you will know when to approach them. So get ready to learn how to improve your success rate with the ladies, I’m going to tell you what girls do when they check you out. Are you interested? like and subscribe

How to tell when a girl is checking you out

The three-step method 

She makes quick glances at you

When someone looks at us we can often feel it. It all starts with a quick glance across the bar which means you don’t normally pick it up. She looks at you and then looks back at her friends before you can even catch her doing it. This is the key move girls make when they are checking out a guy and guys do it to girls as well. She is trying to get a first impression of you through a few quick looks.

It is impossible for her to know everything about you just from a few looks but what she is looking at is what you are wearing, how attractive you are and your body language. She wants to see if you are with a girl. If you are displaying open or closed body language? This happens in a matter of minutes if not seconds.

Once she has clocked that you are not with any girls and that you are attractive she can move on to the next step. 

She then makes more prolonged eye contact with you 

The next step is to step up her level of eye contact. Before it was a few quick glances, but this time she wants to really catch your gaze. She could be sipping on her drink, she will look up as she does it, directly at you. She might have to do this a few times before you sense her looking and look back. You will only look at each other for a matter of seconds. Now you have looked at her and you are intrigued. You want to look at her more, remember she has already had a few quick glances at you but you have not. So now she moves onto the third step. 

She smiles at you 

The final step in the three-step method is that she will catch your eye contact one final time. You will both be looking at each other and she will flash you a seductive smile. It’s not the type of smile she has on her face when she sees puppies. It’s more sexy, inviting and it tells you that she is interested in you. Normally at this point or shortly after, one of you will approach the other. If you approach her she knows her checking out routine has been successful and if she approaches you, she knows you are probably interested because you made eye contact with her as well. 

These three steps are great but they don’t always work. Why? Because you might not even realise that she is looking at you and if you do, you might not notice that she is checking you out. You might just think she is being friendly.

In the world of checking someone out, you need to have more up your sleeve. Girls are never underprepared for a situation which is why they have plenty of other tricks up their sleeves. If she needs more than the three-step method, she might try one of these moves. 

Her group of friends look at you 

What’s more effective than one person looking at you? Five.

Girls know this which is why they get their friends involved. They will say something to their friends like “don’t look now but there is a hot guy over there”. The girl knows that her friends will definitely look at you instantly. When five girls look your way and then laugh, you spot them and it’s hard to miss them. She might then walk past you and say “sorry about my friends”. This is her way of both checking you out and hitting on you. Girls use this trick in all sorts of situations. 

She adjusts her appearance around you 

When a girl is around you and she starts adjusting her appearance by pulling down her skirt or playing with her hair it’s because she wants to look her best and is a little nervous around you. Even if you have not spoken to the girl yet, she still might do this. Watch out for it so that you know she is interested in you and finds you attractive. 

She stops whatever she is doing 

If she is behind a counter in a shop and suddenly stops doing what she is doing to look across at you, she is checking you out. Girls might look at a guy when they walk into a room, but this could be her just looking at who is in the room. If she stops what she is doing when either you walk into the room, or she walks into the room then she is definitely checking you out. 

She starts following your routine 

This one applies if you work with the girl that you think might be checking you out. Girls are extremely observant, she will notice that you go to get your lunch at a certain time and she will suddenly be there. You might not even realise that she is doing it, you might just think that she has her lunch break when you have yours.

Slowly she will appear in more places, you will see her by the printer, at the coffee shop next door and in meetings she did not normally go to. Eventually, she hopes you will strike up a conversation with her, but if not, she will approach you. She would have been observing you for a few weeks and picking up on your mannerisms. This is to see if she likes you and is attracted to you.

Once she realises that she is, she is going to put in more effort to accidentally run into you which might be when you start to notice that she is everywhere. 

She always tries to get your attention

From showing up in your favourite spots to speaking a little louder when you are both in a crowded area, she is trying to grab your attention.

Sometimes no matter how much a girl checks you out, you simply don’t realise that she is doing it. Which means she has no choice but to try and grab your attention, she wants you to notice her.

She acts differently if you are around girls 

This one is a sign that she is interested in you. You could already know the girl who is checking you out. You are both hanging out in a group of friends when she starts acting a little differently. She is most probably a little jealous and wants you to be giving her all of your attention. Although while it is happening it can seem off putting she is only acting this way because she likes you. 

Your friends point out that she is checking you out 

Sometimes your friends spot something before you do. If you are out with your friends in a crowded bar, they could spot a girl checking you out and mention it to you before you even realise she is doing it. This then gives you a chance to make eye contact with her and try and get her attention before walking up to her and striking up a conversation. 

When a girl is checking you out, it feels great and it probably does happen more than you realise. Hopefully these signs to look out for help you notice when a girl is checking you out so that you can start going on more dates with ladies. 

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