Girls do this when constantly thinking about you

Girls Do THIS When Constantly Thinking About You – Signs Someone Is Thinking About You Romantically

Learn how to know if someone is thinking about you. How can you tell if a girl is thinking of you?

In today’s video we’re going to be discussing some of the signs someone is thinking about you. You may have stumbled onto today’s video because you’re looking for advice on the following topics: How to tell if she’s thinking about you, how to tell if a girl likes you, how to get a girlfriend, does she like me, and many more along a similar theme.

If you could have one superpower what would it be? Being able to read someone’s mind would be at the top of many people’s lists, mine included. Unfortunately, we can’t read other people’s minds, which is why it is so difficult to know when a girl is actually thinking about you. Although you might not be able to read a girl’s mind you can take notice of the signals they are giving off to help.

Now girls do certain things and behave in certain ways when they are thinking about you. I’m going to tell you which signs you need to look out for so that you can approach a girl with full confidence, before you know that she is thinking about you.

Signs a girl is thinking about you constantly

She talks to you every day, multiple times a day

If she is constantly thinking about you then she will talk to you every day. She will find any excuse to phone you or message you. She will text you good morning, ask you how your day is going and send you random quirky messages throughout the day.

She just wants to be talking about you all the time because she is thinking about you all the time! This is a definite sign not just that she is thinking about you but that she also likes you

If she needs a partner, you’re always the first choice 

When a girl asks you to go grocery shopping with her, you will know you have made it! When a girl can’t stop thinking about a guy and really wants to spend time with him, she will ask you to be her partner.

This could be going to bigger events like meeting her friends or dinner with her family. It could also be mundane events like going to the shops or helping her pick out an outfit for an event.

These are all things that she used to do with her friends but now she wants to do them with you instead. 

She smiles when she is around you 

No matter what you are doing together she just can’t wipe the smile off her face when she is around you and not around you. When a girl is constantly thinking about you, she will smile every time you send her a message, or she thinks about seeing you.

Have you ever sent a text to a girl as she is walking towards you and then caught her looking at the message and smiling? She is doing that because she really likes you and will be thinking about you non-stop.

When you are together, notice when she smiles at you because then you will know that she is likely to be constantly thinking about you. 

She gives you gifts 

If she surprises you with thoughtful gifts every so often, this is a sign that she is constantly thinking about you. It could be anything from a cup of coffee to your favourite type of chocolate. Whatever it is, she has thought about you and that has prompted her to buy something for you. We don’t buy presents for people that we do not like and so this is a sure sign that she has feelings for you and is thinking about you whenever you both have to be apart. 

She does not stop looking at you 

If when you are talking she stares into your eyes and just looks at you with a big smile on her face, this is a good sign. Women can multitask, they can both listen and think. She is probably thinking about how fantastic you are at that moment in time. Girls can’t stop looking at guys that they like no matter how hard they try. They will stare at you from across the room or just while you are doing the most mundane thing. 

You are the first person she invites out 

Anytime she wants to go out for a drink or to party, you are the first person she wants to ask out.

She is not going out because she wants to attract anyone else, she is going out to have fun. She only wants you and wants to have fun with you which is why she is inviting you.

You know that she is serious about you when she starts inviting you out partying over her friends who she would normally do things with. 

She approaches you for no reason at all 

We are all busy. We have busy schedules and we don’t always have time to spend with the people that matter most to us. We make plans with friends only to have to cancel them because something came up with work. It’s an endless cycle. This cycle can make it hard for people to meet.

We can be so busy that we miss what is right in front of us. So, if a girl has been thinking about you and trying to get your attention but you have not been paying attention, she will probably take matters into her own hands. She will approach you for no reason at all, but she will make it seem as though she does have a reason.

Women are extremely creative and are great planners. She would have planned this run in with you before it even happened.

If she is a work colleague she will say she needs something work related as an excuse to get close to you. If it’s a more random type of run in then she will get even more creative. You might not even realise that she has no real reason to approach you in the first place.

Take notice of any random run-ins you have with her because then you will truly know that she is constantly thinking about you. 

She stalks you on social media 

This one can be hard to spot but it’s not impossible. If you notice that your social media count suddenly has a higher engagement rate and a girl is the main source of this, it means she is constantly thinking about you.

Now, this is a secret that I’m willing to expose and lots of ladies are goning to hate me for saying it, but us ladies have a habit of stalking the men on social media that we have a crush on. We will check your feeds several times a day. She wants to know more about you and what you are up to. And the more she learns about you, the more she’s going to think about you. 

If you want her to be thinking about you more, then post more often and make sure it is interesting content. Like a picture of you with a girl that you are friends with, but she doesn’t know that. If you post pictures with your location on them then you might notice that she turns up and accidentally bumps into you.

The more she sees you and the more often you appear in her life, the more she will think about you. 

She talks to her friends about you and to your friends 

If she is constantly thinking about you then she won’t be able to stop talking to her friends about you. She will want them to know everything about you because it’s important that her friends like you and also she just won’t be able to stop herself because you are all she is thinking about. 

She might also talk to your friends about you. This could be mutual friends that you share or a particular friend that you have introduced her too before. She will want to check in and see if you have said anything about her. Just like you would like to know if she is thinking about you constantly, she would like to know if you are thinking about her constantly as well. 

Her body often faces you 

Body language is an important part of picking up on how someone might feel about you. If a girl has her feet pointing towards you or her whole body facing your way then it normally means that she likes you. Our feet automatically point towards people that we like.

Our body’s do the same because we want people to see the best side of us, which is normally not a side at all, it’s our front. 

Keep an eye out for open body language as well which means let her legs and arms are uncrossed and she is sitting back, relaxed. These are all good signs. 

She messages you to tell you that she is thinking about you 

It’s so lovely when someone simply messages you to tell you that they are thinking about you.

If a girl does message you and says something like “Good Afternoon, I was just thinking about you” then it is clear that she is thinking about you and it’s safe to ask her on a date! 

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