How to get a girl to chase you & increase attraction by ignoring her

“THIS” Is When To Ignore A Girl If You Want To Increase Attraction & Make A Woman Chase You

Learn how to get a girl to chase you and increase attraction with a woman by ignoring her. In today’s video we’re going to be discussing the truth behind ignoring a girl, the right and wrong way this can be done and how it actually works to make a girl chase you.

Is it possible to get a girl to like you more and even chase you by ignoring her? Seems kind of backwards doesn’t it? Why would you even ignore her, because she could think you are rude and move on. But these are all risks, but if you do it correctly then you would only actually increase how much she likes you, and you might find that she starts to chase you. You’ll become the most wanted guy on her list and she’ll push any other guy she’s seen to the side so she can focus on you.

So it is worth mentioning that we are not talking about ignoring a girl, we don’t mean manipulating her either. Girls do not want to date guys who are playing games with them, as soon as they spot this they are going to run away, run backwards to a thousand miles. Now you don’t want this, the end game is to win her over.

So don’t play games, just be strategic and protect yourself a little instead of diving in head first. Always be nice, kind and polite to the girl.

How to get a girl to chase you & increase attraction by ignoring her

You make the first move

Making the first move gives you the power. When you approach a girl or tell her that you like her, you are in control. She will tell you how she feels back, so you will know if she likes you and if she is interested in more. You want to call the shots at the beginning by organising the dates and taking control of the conversation. This will put you one step ahead of her. She will love how confident you are and be really attracted to this. 

Don’t give her everything at the beginning 

It can be tempting when we first meet someone and like them to give them everything. What I mean by this is to tell them everything about ourselves, to tell them how we feel about them and to give them the ‘boyfriend’ service even though you are not their boyfriend yet. This could decrease her attraction to her. Girls do like it when men are vulnerable, but they don’t want to know everything at the beginning. They prefer a bit of mystery and to be kept on their toes. They want to experience the dating phase, the butterflies and the chase. If you give them everything on the first date, what do they have to look forward to? 

Don’t change your plans for her

When you ignore a lady, you are playing hard to get. So you don’t want to simply be a pushover! You want to be hard to get. This is why it’s important that you don’t change plans for her. If she invites you on a date but you have other things to do that evening then just be honest. Say sorry I can’t I am seeing my friends that evening can we please do another night? This shows her that you won’t simply move everything to be with her which makes you more challenging. Girls absolutely love a challenge and will fight to gain your attention over your friends. You need to make sure you stay strong and keep any plans you have. 

Ignore her when she tries to make you jealous

If you have been ignoring her, she will do anything to get your attention. Including making you jealous. She might start posting pictures on social media of her and a random guy or you might see her out and about with a guy. Inside you might be worried that you have lost her to this guy and you have ruined your chances. This is what she wants, she wants to make you jealous so that you come back to her. You need to say strong, say nothing to her about it and see if she starts messaging you anyway. If she does, it shows that she was trying to make you jealous and likes you a lot to go to those lengths. 

Ignore her if starts acting like she is not interested in you 

If she suddenly stops chasing you and starts acting like she is not interested in you at all, then it’s time for you to ignore her. You might have told her how you feel about her, you might even have put in quite a bit of effort into dating her. So if she is not giving you anything back, then back off and let her come crawling back to you whenever she is ready. She might have found you too easy to get and so suddenly if she cannot have you, she’ll work a little harder. 

Delay replying to her texts 

When she sends you a message, don’t reply to her straight away. You want to make her wait for a little and think about what you could be doing. She will immediately think that you are with another girl even if you are not. She will be worried that you are not interested in her anymore and might even start texting you a lot. You should reply to the text though, if you don’t she will think you are really rude and won’t come back for more. Just wait half an hour or so before you do this. 

If you see her in public, ignore her and let her come to you 

You might have mutual friends or just be in a bar and spot her. It is probably really nice to see her especially if it has been a while. Although it may be tempting to run up to her and say hi, you haven’t put in all of this work to simply walk up to her. You need her to walk up to you. So talk to your friends and distract yourself. She will come up to you eventually and strike up a conversation. She might even only be there because she knew you would be. It’s hard but you need to stay strong. She will think you are really high value because you are not easy to get and this will make you way more attractive to her. 

If she becomes angry, ignore her and reassess

If you have done something wrong that would hurt her then it’s understandable that she may be angry. If, however you have just been busy and ignoring her a little and she becomes angry well then you might need to reassess. Only because you have been ignoring her, doesn’t mean you then have to date her. If she starts getting angry, she might not be the girl for you. You don’t want someone that is aggressive or really desperate. In this situation, explain that you don’t like her anger. She might say sorry and explain that she is actually really hurt. She could also just reply in anger. In that case, move on and find another girl who is nicer to you. 

Be busy and have your own life 

This is the most important step. We all want love and we all want someone that we can spend our lives with. Sometimes though the harder we look for someone, the more desperate we become. We also start to lose other bits of our lives. For example, if we are always dating, we have less time for friends. So it’s important that you don’t do this. Make sure that the most important thing to you is your life. Be busy doing things you love, growing your career and spending time with the people who mean the most to you. Have a life that you are proud of so that when you find a girl or have a girl chasing you, she can slot into your great life. It makes you way more attractive when you have an amazing life, job and personality. So if you work on all of this, you will find you attract high vibe girls. 

If you are busy all the time as well, it’s easier to ignore a lady and have her chase you. You simply won’t have time to chase her and she will have no choice but to chase you and fit into your life. It’s a win-win.

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