What girls want - couple goals

Girls Want Guys They Can Achieve THESE Couple Goals With (What Girls Want From A Guy)

Learn what girls want from guys and the couple goals they expect to be able to achieve in a long-lasting happy relationship. In today’s video we’re going to be discussing what girls like, what it is they’re looking for when it comes to guys and what you need to be able to show you can do if you want to lock down a girlfriend.

The relationships that we have now are very different to the relationships that our parents have or had. Over time we have changed as a generation, and this has led to us having very different values and different morals as well. It isn’t a bad thing or even a good thing, it’s just different.

Now we have different couple goals than our parents did. Perhaps they solely focused on marriage and having children, and of course some of us still want this. But we also want someone who will support our passions and our goals.

Girls want guys that they believe they can achieve these new couple goals with. In today’s video I’m going to share with you these couple goals so that when you find a girl to be in a relationship with you can wow her by already knowing what she expects.

What girls want – couple goals

To always put each other first 

I once heard somebody say that they always put their partner in front of their children. They received a huge amount of backlash from people around them who were assuming that they didn’t care about their children.

They replied saying that of course they still cared about their children but that if they didn’t put each other first, they would not have a healthy relationship which would have a knock-on effect.

It made me think that often when couples have children or get married they are expected to care more about those other things then each other. Really they should value each other more because they are the foundation of all those other things. 

Even if you are not at this stage yet, it’s important to remember to always put each other first. Girls want a guy that will be there for them in their moment of need. Someone who will always stand by them and that they can rely on.

If you show her that you can be like this then she will be yours forever. 

Treat ‘together’ time with as much importance as ‘alone’ time

This is something that our parents probably never would have considered a ‘couple’ goal. As we have evolved, we have come to recognize how important mental health is, it’s something that our parents did not talk about very much.

In every relationship it is important to spend time together otherwise what would be the point.

You both need quality time together so that you can grow as a couple plus you both enjoy being around each other. Maybe you live together, or you are dating either way you are spending time together which is very important.

You should always make sure that you set time aside to spend with each other and it should be a priority. 

Alone time is also important and when we get into a relationship we often forget it.

At the beginning all a couple wants to do is be together and do everything together. It is a really lovely stage. If it develops into a relationship though, there needs to be balance between both.

If you continue to spend all your time together eventually one person will feel trapped and will break up with the other. It will only end in heartbreak.

That is because as humans we do need time alone so that we can figure out who we are and do things that we love.

When you are in a relationship it’s important to talk about this and make it clear that this is something you both need. Even if it is that you are at one end of the house and she is at the other, it’s still alone time.

If you do this in your relationship, I guarantee that it will last longer and be stronger. Which is the ultimate couple goal.

Know and understand each others love languages 

Have you heard about love languages? They are special languages that reflect how we show love to others and how we receive love.

There are 5 love languages, and they are words of affirmation, quality time, physical touch, acts of love and receiving gifts.

We can have a crossover of love languages but normally we have a predominant one. 

You might be thinking, why does this matter? Well, it’s actually very important. For example, if your language was buying gifts but your partners were words of affirmation you might run into some trouble. 

You might be buying her gifts and wondering why she isn’t doing jumping gifts! It’s because in her mind, the gifts are nice but not a big deal. What matters more to her is that you offer her some kind words.

When you know and understand your partner’s love language, they can show you love in the way you like it and you can show them love in the way they like it.

This will result in you both being madly and deeply in love which is a couple goal! 

Always do new things together 

Doing the same thing over and over again can get boring. It’s important that you don’t get in the habit of just doing the same thing because in the end one of you will want something more.

Both of you need to make sure that you always do new things together and separately. For example, together you could go for a walk that neither of you have been on or travel to a country that is new to you both.

Separately you could both be trying to achieve things that you have not done before like a promotion at work or running a marathon.

Either way when you both keep going towards new things, you’ll be doing it happily together. 

Be each other’s biggest supporters 

Sometimes having a girlfriend or boyfriend can feel like you have your own cheerleader following you around. At least this is how it should be.

You should both be supporting each other’s every move.

If you don’t agree with something that your partner wants to do then you should of course explain this to them, but you should not try to stop them.

If they decide to go ahead with it then you should support them and back them 100%. This really is a couple goal and something girl’s search for in any guy that they are with.

So, if you can support her early on, it might just move the relationship along. 

Don’t stop the physical contact 

As humans, we need to be physically close to our partners. Even if it is not one of our love languages it is important to any relationship unless you both agree that it is not.

After a few years, this part of the relationship can slip and it can be harder for couples to be happy.

They might start to look for someone else who could offer them this physical closeness.

The best way to keep your relationship happy and to keep your partner close is to never let this die. Make sure that you make this a priority in your relationship so that you can both feel loved and stay close. 

Try and speak positively around each other

Everyone has a bad day. These bad days can make us feel negative and sad. Sometimes we take this out on those that are the closest to us.

At the beginning our partners can normally tolerate this but after a while it becomes a bit of a chore. Your partners can start resenting you.

You should tell them when you are feeling down or when something bad has happened but try not to dwell on it.

When you are around each other try to speak in a positive way and try not to argue but instead communicate your feelings to each other in a healthy way.

This will keep your relationship going and it will make you both happy! 

Discuss your relationship often

Think back to your past relationships, how often did you actually talk about your relationship with each other?

It’s important that you both sit down regularly and discuss your goals for the future, see where your relationship is going and how you are both feeling.

It should be a safe place for you both to talk about this. It should bring up any issues earlier so that they don’t develop into relationship ending issues.

Create a partnership, not a competition 

Work together and not against each other.

Lift each other up, don’t put each other down. Basically, create a partnership so that you can both work together to move forwards and enjoy life with each other instead of apart. 

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