Sexual chemistry signs


Sexual Chemistry – Lets discuss. In today’s video we’re going to be talking about how to spot the signs of sexual chemistry between two people. Other interesting topics we’ve covered in the past include the signs of sexual attraction, sexual frustration and more!

You may have stumbled across today’s video because you’re interested in some of the following topics: How to tell if a girl likes me, signs a girl is attracted to you, how to tell if a girl is interested in you, Sexual Electricity signs and many more along a similar theme. Today’s video is all about sexual chemistry and how you can spot the signs of it.

Have you experienced chemistry before? That instant connection that you feel with another person.

It makes you stop in your tracks and take a double look at the other person. And from that moment on you might be joined at the hip or you might date for a little bit and then go your separate ways.

Now you can’t really pick who you have chemistry with although you might be attracted to a certain type of person. It can be very random, and it can feel like it just comes out of nowhere.

In today’s video I’m going to reveal the 14 signs of sexual chemistry between two people. So, I hope you’re ready like and subscribe.

Sexual chemistry signs

What causes chemistry between two people? 

You have likely come across the term sexual chemistry before. You might have used it to describe a hot person you met once at the mall or at a coffee shop.

It might be something that you are searching for and don’t believe you have found before. 

Chemistry is actually quite scientific, although it is different to the subject you learnt at school.

Research shows that chemistry between two people is formed by a chemical bond whose function is to hold human molecules together. In this case, it is to hold two people together.

This bond holds two people together and leads to you both feeling something special. The result of chemistry is a bond unlike any other between two people.

Chemistry does not necessarily mean that you will be with that person forever. Chemistry can be short lived and still have these intense feelings.

It can be described as a combination of emotional, psychological, physiological ways in which two people bond.

Once chemistry settles into to both people’s brains other things start to develop like sexual tension, non-verbal communication, and non-judgemental attitudes.

These all help to create an electrifying and healthy relationship

Strong eye contact 

The first sign of sexual chemistry comes from the eyes. You can tell a lot simply from eye contact. If someone is maintaining strong eye contact it might be because they are experiencing sexual chemistry.

You might both find yourself in a dark corner in a bar. Talk turns flirty and you find that you are both maintaining intense, strong eye contact.

It can be extremely powerful and can really magnify the chemistry between you both. 

Changes in body language 

When you share chemistry with someone, your physical attraction can be intense, but it is different from sexual chemistry.

In some ways chemistry is more romantic and the body language might reflect this with slight touches or hair flicking.

Once it becomes sexual body language though, it steps up a notch. The body language becomes more full on.

You might find yourself putting your hands around the other person’s hips or placing your hand on their leg. It develops into something more intense and takes your relationship up a notch. 

Strong sexual tension

You can’t have sexual chemistry and not have the sexual tension first. Sexual tension is what you feel in the build up to your first sexual experience with that person and how you develop sexual chemistry.

It’s the feeling of a strong pull to physically be together and a lot of flirting between you both.

Sexual tension leaves an air of anticipation, so much so, that sometimes it never develops into anything physical.

Once this sexual tension develops between two people, sexual chemistry starts to develop, and this is what will probably lead to sex between you. 

Time seems to fly when you are with them 

When you are together, time just seems to disappear! You can spend all day together but when you leave you think to yourself “that day went so quickly.”

When we are with someone that we have strong chemistry with, time does not seem to exist. We are having too much fun with that person to worry about counting the minutes on a clock.

If you find that this happens between you and a special person then you will know that you have a special kind of chemistry with them and it’s a great sign.

You might also find that when you become physical with them, you never want that time to end, another great sign! 

You can never get enough of them 

The time seems to fly when you are with each other and then when you leave, you want to do it all over again.

Between seeing them in person, texting and phoning them, you just cannot get enough of them. You can both talk for hours, and you never run out of interesting things to say to each other.

This is such a lovely feeling to have and is again something you only really experience with someone you have chemistry with.

If the chemistry starts to wear thin this might be when you start getting tired of spending time with that person or you could start finding them annoying.

Long term relationships often have stronger chemistry which stops this from happening. 

You start paying attention to their social media 

You might have known this person that you have chemistry with for quite some time. Maybe you have been friends on social media for years.

Suddenly though when you start to pick up on this chemistry, you also start paying attention to their social media.

This is a sign that you are more interested in them and more attracted to them.

You suddenly care about what they are doing, whose pictures they are liking and who is commenting on their pictures.

When they post something you might get butterflies especially if it is something related to you. 

Subtle flirting begins 

When sexual chemistry starts to develop so will the flirting. You might both start touching each other more, sitting closer together and saying flirty things.

Flirting is a wonderful way to test if you have sexual chemistry with the other person.

If they return it, they probably feel it as well, but if they don’t flirt back then they might have friend zoned you. 

You both feel positive 

You both mention how happy you are when you are with the other person and how you love spending time together.

You notice that the other person is smiling a lot when they are around you and you are smiling when you are around them.

This is a positive sign and is something that shows you both have chemistry between you. 

Suddenly the small things become important 

This one is especially true when it comes to sexual chemistry.

Perhaps with previous partners you found it very difficult to be satisfied sexually. They never asked what you like, and it was just never very much fun for you.

With this new person, everything seems to work. It is like you fit together and they check in and ask if you like it and what you like.

You are both working to please the other person, and this makes it much more enjoyable.

It’s not really a small thing to have a great sex life but it’s a lot of small things that make a sex life good so it’s important to focus on them. 

You both only focus on each other 

When you are together, you only focus on each other.

You are not looking at other people or not listening to them when they speak.

Both of you are only interested in each other and this makes both of you feel valued.

When you are in bed together, you are also only focusing on each other which is a part of which makes it so great.

This is a sure sign of sexual chemistry between the both of you. 

You feel yourself physically drawn to them 

There is a pull towards them that you cannot ignore. You find yourself physically drawn to them when you first meet them. This is something that keeps happening every time you see them.

This is probably a sign that at this moment in time, you are supposed to be near each other and should be exploring your relationship. 

You can’t seem to keep your hands off each other

As your levels of chemistry increase so does the amount of time you spend touching each other. You simply cannot take your hands off each other and it drives you both crazy when you are out in public.

They might simply place their hand on your leg, and it makes you go crazy and want to rush them back to your bedroom.

Touching takes on a new meaning and becomes incrediably exciting. 

Their body is angled towards you 

When they talk to you or are listening to you, their body is angled towards you and their feet are pointing in your direction.

It might be something you notice when you are listening to them speak or you might notice that you are doing it to them. This is a sign that you have sexual chemistry with the other person. 

Your heart beats faster when you are around them

As they are walking towards you, your heart starts beating faster.

You may or may not notice it. Either way if you have sexual chemistry then it is probably happening. It is something that proves that you really like the other person. Lean on their chest and listen to how fast their heart is beating when they are around you. 

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