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18 Signs You’re Attractive – Even If You Don’t Think So!

Am I attractive? Have you ever found yourself wondering this? It’s common for people to have this question pop up from time to time. How can you tell if you’re attractive?

There’s actually plenty of signs you’re attractive that you can look out for. Even if you don’t think you’re attractive, it could just be that you’re not noticing the signs of attractive and you’re under confidence is taking on too much control.

Learn how to know if you’re attractive by watching today’s video in full and taking a note of which signs to look out for.

Are you doubting how attractive you are? Wondering what girls think when they look at you?

It is normal to experience some self-doubt but when it comes to dating, confidence is key. Girls want a guy who can light up a room and be confident within themselves. They don’t want a guy who is shy and does not seem comfortable in himself.

The truth is you could actually be very attractive, but your self-doubt might be letting you down with the ladies. So today gentlemen, I’m going to reveal 18 signs that prove you are attractive even if you don’t think so.

Signs You’re Attractive

You get a lot of compliments 

Girls compliment you and so do your friends, your boss, and people you meet randomly at bars.

If you are receiving quite a few compliments, it is a good sign. It shows that people really like things about you.

If a girl starts giving you a compliment about your looks or your personality then she definitely finds you attractive. 

And sometimes you rarely get compliments!

Ok, this could be a bit confusing because I just spoke about getting a lot of compliments. Sometimes though, you might not actually get many compliments.

This does not mean that a girl does not find you attractive, she might think you are incredibly attractive.

Sometimes when girls meet an attractive guy, they assume he knows how attractive he is, and they don’t feel the need to tell him. If a girl is showing you a lot of attention but is not dishing out the compliments this could be why. 

Girls flirt with you and ask you out 

Do you ever find that girls flirt with you when you are grabbing a cup of coffee or when you are doing your grocery shopping? Basically, wherever you go, you find that girls start flirting with you.

This is because they think you are attractive, and they want to date you. They might also ask you out which is obviously an incredibly good sign. 

You go on a lot of dates

You always seem to be going on a date with a girl.

In fact, you go on so many dates that you hardly have any evenings free, so you have to start going on coffee dates as well. This is a sign that you are attracting a lot of attention. 

You have previously dated or been in a relationship 

If you have ever been on a date or in a relationship, you can safely assume that you are attractive.

Whoever you dated or were in a relationship with, found you attractive enough to spend all that time and attention on you.

You have really great conversations with people 

When you meet someone new or are catching up with a friend, great conversations seem to flow.

You can talk confidently about anything, and you have a way of making someone else feel confident enough to do the same. When a guy is like this, girls find them incredibly attractive. 

Girls want to spend time with you 

Normally it is a girl who arranges to spend time with you and not the other way around.

They message you or make plans with you while they are still on a date with you. This is because they enjoy being around you and want to spend as much time as they can with you.

It normally means that they like you and find you attractive. 

You notice girls checking you out 

You are standing in a line at the grocery store. You look to your left and notice a girl checking you out. She is looking because she likes what she sees, an attractive guy! 

Girls are surprised to learn that you are shy 

It is often assumed that attractive people are confident and so girls find it very surprising when they learn that you are actually shy.

They might say something like ‘wow I didn’t realise that you were shy’ or comment on how reserved you are. It’s not a bad thing and they might like men who are shy. 

Girls act differently around you then they do their friends

You may have known a girl for quite a long time, and you start to realise that she is acting differently around you.

When you are with her and your shared friends she is one person and then when she is around you, she seems more nervous.

This is most likely because she likes you and is attracted to you. She might have only just realised that she feels this way. 

Men tell you they would love to be you

Your guy friends tell you all the time that they would love to be you.

This is because you have everything going for you and they want to be like you. They might say it in a jokey way which can make it easy to ignore. They do mean it, guys are just not as good at talking about things like this.

You should encourage your friends to be themselves because that is the most attractive person they can be. 

Girls make eye contact with you 

You are standing at the bar getting a drink, you look across and a girl is making eye contact with you. She flashes you a quick look and a smile. Then she looks away. It’s enough to get you interested.

If this happens to you, it’s a sign that you are attractive. 

Girls help you out and do favours for you

From helping you clean your house to buying you a coffee, if a girl is helping you out and doing favours for you, it means she finds you attractive. They don’t just do things like this for everyone. 

Men ask you how you look after yourself 

You often get asked what you do to look after yourself. Other men including your friends tend to ask you about your skin care regime. They might also ask you what you do to stay fit or where you shop.

You look good and men want to know how they can look like you. Girls might also ask you what you do to look after yourself, this is more of a compliment and a way of them telling you that you are attractive. 

Girls tend to open up to you

Girls tell you their deepest darkest secrets and open up to you about their vulnerabilities.

Often, attractive men have a caring nature about them which makes them really likeable. Girls clock this and so they naturally open up around you. 

Girls and guys make assumptions about you 

It’s not all plain sailing when you are attractive. Sometimes people make assumptions about you that are not always genuinely nice.

They assume that they know you just because you are good looking. This can be hurtful, but it shows that you are attractive. 

Your friends ask you to be their wingman 

Whenever you are out with your friends, they ask you to wingman them even if you have a girlfriend.

It’s because girls are attracted to you and when it comes to landing girls even if they are for your friends, you have the best success rates.

Be careful playing wingman though because you don’t want to give a girl the wrong impression, especially if you already have a girlfriend. 

Girls laugh even when you make a bad joke

If you make what is called a ‘dad joke’ and a girl laughs then she is most likely attracted to you.

Girls find men they like funny even though sometimes they actually are not that funny. Although we all have a slight sense of humour, we are not all comedians which makes it easy to spot when a girl likes you.

Try out some of your bad jokes and if she laughs, she likes you which means she finds you attractive. 

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