daily habits that make a guy more attractive

Daily Habits That Make A Guy More ATTRACTIVE 😍😍 Simple Guide On How To Become A More Attractive Man

Today we’re going to be discussing some daily habits you can adopt if you’d like to become a more attractive guy. If you’re interesting in learning how to become a more attractive man then today’s list is so important yet easy to implement into your life. Little improvements to your daily routines can make all the difference, from grooming, confidence, style, fashion and even how we talk to others.

Daily Habits That Make A Guy More Attractive

Habits are created when we repeat actions over and over again. It takes roughly 60 days to create a habit. Habits can be both good and bad. In today’s video, we are going to be learning some daily habits that you can do guys that will make you more attractive. 

From a good morning routine to making other people feel more important. We will cover some habits that you can easily implement into your daily life. 

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Take skincare seriously 

Men often overlook skincare products. Instead, guys, you splash water on your face and that’s your skincare routine complete! In the long run, however, your skin will age. If you don’t use proper skincare and sunscreen, you’ll end up with dry, wrinkly skin. Ladies do not find men like this good looking.

It’s important that you start using skincare now. Cleanser and moisturiser are the most effective. The cleanser will clean your face and moisturiser will help hydrate your skin. This daily habit will make you seriously attractive to ladies. 

Eat well 

When you eat healthy foods, you feel better. Your skin is better and you are normally a healthy weight. You will be looking your best if you eat good food. This means enjoying a balanced diet.

Eating 5 portions of fruit and veg per day, protein and a few carbs. Eating well also means you normally cook more. Ladies love being cooked for and having nice foods made for them.

Imagine if you could make your crush a lovely summer salad, she would be so happy! Eating healthy is a daily habit that you will need to work on. 

Groom your facial hair 

If you have facial hair, keep it neatly groomed. You can buy products that will condition your facial hair and can buy shavers. Alternatively, you can get someone to professionally maintain your facial hair for you.

Speaking as a lady, there is nothing sexier than well-groomed facial hair. So if you do have it, keep it well maintained! 

Dress nicely 

Dressing nicely will make you feel attractive and more confident. Which will attract more ladies to you! It’s all about feeling your best self and living your best life. Everyone has a different sense of fashion. Which is fine. Whatever you wear though make sure it is clean and smart.

A lady will notice this and if you take pride in how you dress, they will see the longer-term potential. Don’t forget to wear nice shoes, that are clean! A lady will always look down at your shoes.

Also, have nice underwear. If a lady does see them, she wants them to look clean and not have any holes! 

Be kind

Kindness is something you can practise every day. It’s a daily habit, you can continue to work on.

Being kind and confident are two of the most important qualities ladies look for in a guy. That’s right guys, you can attract ladies by being kind!

It’s all the little things like taking a lady a cup of tea or complimenting her outfit. She will also watch how you treat other people so always remember to be kind and courteous. If you see an old lady struggling with her bags, help her out.

This is a daily habit that is seriously attractive. 

Be positive 

Positive energy attracts positive things. Being negative all the time is really unattractive. It brings down everyone around you.

The energy around negative people is not nice at all. As opposed to someone who is positive, happy, funny and confident.

This is much more attractive to a lady who is looking for someone. If you struggle to always be positive, I have a daily habit that might be able to help.

Every morning or evening, grab your notebook. Write everything you are grateful for down in a notebook. Even if it is something little like you enjoyed an apple! It will help you be really grateful for everything you have and be very positive. Try this daily and see if it helps.

Sit back and watch the positive things come your way. 


Just like eating well, exercise makes you feel better, look better and makes you more motivated.

Exercising regularly and walking more will help keep your body healthy. Ladies find it so attractive when a man exercises.

Exercise is a great morning routine as it is great to get it out of the way in the morning. Endorphins will flood your mind and body after exercise as well, making you more positive and happy.

Regular exercise will make you feel better and be more attractive

Be yourself 

If you are on a date with a lady, she will know if you are not being yourself. She will just sense that you are hiding something which could lead to her not trusting you.

You want the person you are dating, to love you for who you are. There is nothing more attractive than someone who is authentically themselves. Obviously, we all have times when we feel as if we have to be someone else. Self-love is a daily habit.

If you are lacking confidence or not feeling yourself, stand in front of a mirror and pay yourself one compliment.

The guys that I have dated and liked the most were all simply themselves. It made me instantly drawn to them and I felt like they trusted me enough to show me the real them. 

A good morning routine 

We are not all morning people. Some of us are night owls.

This is very natural and everyone is different. I am a morning person and love the silence of the morning time. I get up at 7 am, sit by the window with a cup of tea. Get ready for the day and then do my morning exercise and gratitude practice.

Developing your own morning routine is important and will make you more productive. A lady will love that you are so motivated and organised.

A healthy morning routine means that you can do a lot of the daily habits we have talked about above.  Overall making you more attractive to ladies. 

Limit your drinking 

Drinking in moderation is a very healthy daily habit. This is especially true though if you are on a date. A lady does not want to go on a date and have to look after you because you are drunk. She wants to enjoy your company and get to know the real you.

It is important to control how much you drink and have a healthy amount but not too much. Drink slowly and try not to finish your drink before your date has finished theirs.

If you are in a relationship then limiting your drinking can give your more time with your lady (and fewer hangovers!). It can also stop arguments from escalating which can happen as emotions are heightened when alcohol is involved.

Drinking less is a healthy daily habit to adopt especially if you are serious about a lady. 

Practice communication 

Communication is so important in relationships or even just when you are dating someone. Being able to communicate your wants, needs and feelings is critical in a healthy relationship.

Communication skills are not something we are all gifted with. We sometimes have to work on them. Luckily, this is something that you can practise every day.

Communication is also important in friendships and relationships with family. So practise it on those around you like your work colleagues. Communicate to them your feelings and then you will be able to use those skills on your crush. 

The importance of daily habits 

The reason it is important to have healthy daily habits is that doing something good every day will build up and allow you to be the best version of yourself.

If you are the best possible version of yourself, who wouldn’t be attracted to you. The habits mentioned above will make you more good looking and the ladies will be lining up to be around you. 

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