Why introverts are attractive


Introverts! It could be that you’re an introvert or you’re interested in introverted people yourself. Today we’re going to be discussing what makes introverts so attractive and desirable to women.

Introverts and extroverts both have their upsides and downsides. There are plenty of women who find this type of guy attractive, the shy guy, more reserved and less out-going in general.

Are you an introvert or are you curious on what makes introverts attractive?

In today’s video I’m going to tell you why girls find introverts so incredibly attractive. Carl Jung, a psychologist actually coined the terms extroverted and introverted, and they describe personality types. Now we all fit into one, but some of us are kind of like a mix of both.

An introvert is often more inward turning or more focused on internal thoughts, feelings and moods rather than seeking that external stimulation.

Introverts are often judged as shy and sometimes it’s thought that they are not actually popular with the ladies. While it’s true that a very extroverted lady may go, obviously, for another very extroverted man.

Plenty of ladies find introverted men very attractive. Introverts have plenty going for them and we are about to find out what it is that ladies love.

Why Introverts Are Attractive

Introverted men are mysterious

Girls love it when they can’t quite figure out a guy. When there is something that they just can’t put their finger on. This is something introverted men are particularly good at.

They are naturally mysterious, it’s not something they do on purpose to win over the ladies. This is because introverted men are very inward facing which means they keep a lot to themselves.

When you first meet an extroverted person they are highly likely to tell you about their whole lives.

Introverted people however prefer to keep things inside. This is not because they don’t trust other people, it is just who they are.

This makes them seem very mysterious and girls just want to crack them open and know exactly what they are thinking about.

Girls find this trait incredibly attractive.

They are easy to be around 

Introverts are known for being quite easy going. They don’t rush anything and don’t see the need in causing a fuss. They tend to go with the flow and not rock the boat.

This makes them really easy to be around and spend time with.

They will talk and hold interesting conversations plus they are really funny. Girls love all of this about introverted men as it can make them much easier to date and be in relationships with.

Introverted men are less likely to argue with their partners and will have a conversation instead. 

Introverted men can dream 

When a man doesn’t have any ambition or drive, it is a real turn off for women. They want a man who has the drive to reach for the stars, not someone who is happy to sit in front of Netflix and do nothing.

They want a man who has imagination and the ability to dream about the future.

Introverts have wonderful minds, they love nothing more than to sit alone and contemplate what life has in store for them. They can sit for hours, daydreaming about anything and everything.

This makes them more creative, calm and overall, more successful. Girls love this about introverted men because they feel as if they are getting a partner who can think freely. 

Introverted men are great listeners 

If you ever have a problem that you need someone to really listen to, find an introverted friend or partner.

Introverted men are particularly good at listening to problems and it’s something that girls love about them.

Everyone needs someone that will listen to them, and an introvert can provide a great sounding board. Not only will they listen but they will offer their opinion and advice which is always insightful. 

They are intrinsically motivated 

Introverted men tend to be intrinsically motivated.

This means that they are motivated by a deeper act, internal convictions rather than shallow, external motivations like rewards or recognition. 

These men know exactly who they are and what they want to achieve.

You won’t normally find an introverted person yelling and shouting about things they have achieved.

They prefer to keep these to themselves as they don’t require the praise that extroverts normally do.

Girls find this to be an extremely attractive trait as they see it as them being noble. 

They are observant 

Introverted men rarely miss a thing. They are quite happy to sit back in a room and take everything in.

They will listen to what every person is saying and what they are doing. This can be really useful because later you can ask them if they remember something, and they will because they observed it.

It also makes them great partners as they observe the others behavior and pick up when they are down, annoyed or angry.

This makes it easier to communicate with them and can lead to healthier relationships. 

Introverted men are mindful of what they say 

You won’t ever find an introverted man lashing out and saying something that he will later regret. This is because he thinks before he speaks.

He doesn’t just say the first thing he thinks. It takes a moment to process the thought and decide if it is the right thing to say.

This is why their advice is so useful and why if they do give criticism you really should take it on board because they mean it.

Girls find this attractive because they don’t need to be worried about what their introverted date is going to say next in front of her friends.

She always knows that they will say something insightful and worthwhile, or they will say nothing at all.

Introverted men are creative, out of the box thinkers 

Introverted men don’t even see a box, they see a circle or a triangle. They are very dynamic thinkers and don’t just run with their first thought. They will face a problem head on while still taking their time to come up with a solution.

Introverts are highly creative and are often talented artists. They will normally use any alone time they have to be creative and do something like read a book, do some art or write. All these things make an introvert very happy.

Girls love how creative introverted men can be and they almost never find them boring. It’s really attractive to have a creative partner and someone who can keep themselves busy. 

They are studious and smart 

Introverts are extremely clever, and they work extremely hard. As mentioned above they are intrinsically motivated which drives them forwards and means they don’t give up easily.

They study and work hard for anything that they want. They are also very smart, but they would never rub this in someone’s face or make them feel less then.

They don’t show off their good qualities which is one of the reasons girls find them so attractive. 

Introverts are interesting and intellectually stimulating 

It’s true, introverts can hold an extremely interesting conversation. Just because they are a little bit quieter does not mean that they are boring.

They can talk about anything depending on the people they are with.

If they are with girl friends they might talk about their jobs but if they are with their work friends they might talk about more intellectual topics.

It all depends on who they are with. Girls love this because they can have really interesting and intellectual conversations with their introverted man.

They also know that no matter who they take them to meet, the man will hold his own in a conversation. This is an extremely attractive trait and has girls lining up for introverted men. 

They do well under pressure 

Introverts are great under pressure. Their easy-going nature and calm heads mean they don’t panic in any situation.

They react calmly, find a solution, and then give instructions. This makes them great people to be around because if you are ever in a pickle, they will come to the rescue.

Girls find this calmness extremely attractive. It means their introverted men can help them make decisions and react better to situations that may come up. 

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