Girls do this when they want your attention

Girls Do THIS When They Want Your Attention – Signs A Girl Wants Attention & Likes You Romantically

Learn how to tell if a girl likes you and wants your attention! In today’s video we’re going to discuss some of the signs a woman wants your attention. Girls will do these sort of things when they like you romantically and are interested in getting you to notice them.

If she starts trying to get your attention and get you interested in her then there’s a good chance she likes you romantically. Isn’t it great when you do not have to chase a girl, she comes to you, minimum effort maximum reward.

Often if girls are coming to you they will be trying to get to your attention. They do all sorts of things to get a guy’s attention too. Now the difference between girls and guys is that men are normally honest and very upfront, they are more obvious when they like a girl and will tell her. But girls are not as upfront, they will use subtle signs to try and get a guy’s attention which makes it harder for you to tell when a girl is interested in you. I

In today’s video I’m going to help you out and tell you what girls do when they want to get the guy’s attention. And you will be able to look out for these signs and give the girl the attention that she wants.

How girls get a guys attention

She finds ways to spend time with you 

From agreeing to join you at your sister’s bake sale to bumping into you at your favourite bar, she seems to find ways to spend time with you.

The more she is around you, the more attention you will be giving her. This is what she wants, she will find an excuse to spend some extra time with you. Even if it means doing something she doesn’t like, now that is love! 

She gets rid of all barriers 

Girls can make it difficult to date them. They might cancel on dates or only want to go to certain places.

When a girl really wants your attention, she will lower all barriers. She will say yes to anything you suggest. Always be on time and always show up! Basically, her life will revolve around you. 

She acts strange around other girls 

She is always so friendly to your guy friends but then if you are around any girl-friends she is suddenly cold and defensive.

It’s because she sees these girls as a threat. In her eyes they are taking away your attention and she wants it all.

In this situation, it might feel nice to be wanted but to stop her becoming jealous, I would suggest setting her straight.

Let her know that they are just friends, and that you will always want to spend time with them and there is no threat. 

She dresses up around you 

She seems to always have perfect hair, perfect make-up, and a new outfit on. Girls do not roll out of bed like this.

She is putting in all of this effort because she wants to impress you! She wants you to compliment her and wants you to pay her more attention. Basically, she is trying to attract you. 

She maintains eye contact 

When someone maintains eye contact with us, it is often because they are romantically interested in us.

It’s something we do naturally when we meet someone that we like and she probably does not realise she is doing it. When someone looks at you straight on though, well, it gets your attention. 

She opens up to you 

If she starts getting vulnerable with you, she is gunning for your attention. Girls are actually quite closed books despite being more emotional than men.

They won’t just open up to anyone, they need to trust that person first. So, if she does open up to you, it’s a sure sign that she has feelings for you.

She is also trying to get your attention by telling you things about herself that might bond you both together. 

She touches you 

It’s the best feeling when you start dating someone and they touch your arm. It sends an electric current through you and fills you with endorphins. It’s addictive and that’s why we often go back for more and more of this.

If a girl touches your arm or runs her hand over your thigh while she is laughing, she is trying to grab your attention and create this feeling. If you do it back, she will know that you feel the same way and if you don’t she will know to move on. 

She starts looking out for you 

As you walk down the street together, she pulls you in as you walk towards a car. She grabs your hand in crowds or gives you advice when you need it. This is her looking out for you because she cares about you.

If it gets to this stage it normally means that she really likes you and you should make your move if you are ready. 

She asks you a lot of questions 

She wants to know everything about you. She asks you about your job, your childhood, your hobbies and more personal things.

She wants to know as much as she can about you because she can use what you tell her as information to bond you both together.

A few weeks later she might also bring something up that you told her to grab back your attention if you have not been talking as much. 

She laughs at everything you say 

You say something that you don’t really think is that funny and she starts laughing her head off. You think to yourself, I didn’t realise I was that funny?

Laughing is a great way to show someone that you like them. 

She mirrors you 

Have you noticed that she starts to pick up her glass up when you do? And that she has started to pick up some of your mannerisms? Even using the emojis that you use. This is not because she is a copycat!

We subconsciously do this when we are around people that we like and yes, it means that she wants more of your attention. 

She is very nervous around you 

You notice that she seems nervous when she is around you. She fiddles a lot and looks down when she talks to you sometimes.

Nervousness is another feeling that we often get around someone that we might have a crush on. She could actually be a very confident person but when she is around you she gets quite nervous. 

She plays with her hair 

When it comes to girls, hair playing can be a sign of nervousness but also flirting.

Often girls will flick their hair behind them when they want you to pay more attention to their face.

If you notice that she is doing this a lot, it might be worth paying her a compliment to show her that you are interested in her.

She stands close to you 

Not only stands but sits close to you as well. When a girl likes you and wants your attention, she will try to get as close to you as possible.

She does this because if you are sitting next to each other or standing next to each other, you are more likely to talk.

You might also brush arms or touch each other slightly which can help you experience the spark that she is already feeling. 

She draws attention to her mouth 

Our mouths are the most expressive part of our face.

Sure our eyes move and cheeks go up and down, but our mouths often give us away.

They are also how we kiss someone. If you notice she is wearing lip gloss, lipstick or is constantly brushing her lips, it’s because she wants you to look at them.

She is showing you, it’s time to kiss me! 

She blushes when she is around you 

It can be hard to tell when women wear makeup if they are blushing or not. If you can catch her on a make-up free day though, check to see if her cheeks light up when you speak or tell a joke.

This means that she is attracted to you and probably wants as much of your attention as possible. 

She looks back when she walks away from you 

It’s dramatic but then us ladies are! If we walk away from you and then look back, it’s because we want you to remember that moment.

We want your attention until the last possible moment. It’s always probably because she can’t get enough of you, she wants more! This is often a cute moment in a movie and she wants to recreate it in real life! 

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