Does she want you sexually


Learn how to tell if a woman wants you. In today’s video we’re going to be discussing the signs a girl wants you and what you should be on the look out for when it comes to her body language and the way she interreacts with you.

This video is a continuation on an earlier subject where we discussed how to make a woman want you and build sexual tension: How to create sexual tension

Have you ever felt a spark where your stomach flips, you get butterflies, you get a rush of feelings and you cannot wipe that smile from off your face. This is your body telling you that you like someone! So how can you tell when a woman is attracted to you, let alone when she wants you sexually? There are signs that you can look out for so that before you make your move you are sure that she feels the same way that you do. And you guessed it, in today’s video I’m going to tell you about 14 signs of physical attraction that you need to be looking out for.

Does she want you sexually

She looks at your lips 

When she looks at your lips it’s because she’s seriously into you. You might notice during a conversation that her gaze lowers down towards your lips. It’s not because she is uninterested in the conversation that you are both having, it’s because she just can’t stop thinking about kissing you. Think about it, lips are how we show our feelings by kissing someone so it makes sense that when she’s thinking about you and she’s interested that she would look at your lips. 

She bites her lips 

It’s a cliché that you might have seen in any romcom ever. When a woman is imagining taking a man to bed she will often bite her lip. It’s a subconscious thing that happens when she’s really interested in a guy, so if she bites her lip when she’s looking at you this is a great sign. Make sure to keep an eye out for it as it can be quick and can easily be missed. 

She touches you 

Touching can be an effective way of keeping a conversation flowing but if she’s touching you a lot then she might be trying to show you that she’s open to something more. If she touches your shoulder or upper arm then this could be just part of the conversation. If she goes for your wrist or neck these are places that are overly sensitive and show a deeper level of connection. Your boss might touch your shoulder when asking about the reports due next week, but she wouldn’t put her hand on your cheek!

She sits next to you 

You’re at a table having coffee and there’s lots of free space and she happens to choose the seat right next to you. It’s not because she can only sit on a certain seat on a table. Chances are she’s seriously interested in you. It’s easier to trust you if she is close to you as well which makes it super simple for her to make her move. This is a classic sign that she has been letting herself get closer to you subconsciously and now physically.

She smiles loads 

We smile a lot around people that we have feelings for. It’s subconscious, we just cannot wipe the smile off our faces when we meet someone that we are physically attracted to. You might notice that even when you are talking about something that is serious, she smiles. This is not her being rude, she really cares what you are talking about, but she just cannot wipe the smile from her face. She is so happy just to be around you and spend time with you. She might even be smiling because she is thinking about you in a sexual way. 

She makes eye contact 

As she goes up to order you both a drink she glances back at you. It’s a quick flirty look but her eyes are telling you everything. She is physically attracted to you, and she wants you. She might also stare straight into your eyes for a long time while you are talking. This shows that she is interested in you and everything you have to say. She is fully invested in you and is not interested in anyone else who is around you. It’s important that you also flash some eye contact her way so that she knows you are interested. 

She plays with her hair a lot 

You might notice that when you are talking to a girl she starts flicking her hair back and forth. Or she might twirl her hair between her fingers. When girls play with their hair, she is being flirty. This is something that girls have done for centuries, and they might not even notice that they are doing it. They only do it though when she is physically attracted to a guy which means she probably wants you sexually. 

She texts a lot

Whenever you check your phone, there is a message waiting. Morning, afternoon or night she texts you to see how you are doing. Not in an annoying clingy way more in a she is always thinking about you kind of way. She is clearly very attracted to you if she is taking the time to message you all the time. You might also notice that she is starts to be more flirty and even sexual over text. When she starts doing this you will know clearly how she feels about you, and you will be able to flirt back. 

She really laughs at your jokes 

I mean really laughs! Not a fake chuckle or a small laugh just to keep the conversation going. She laughs every time you say something even remotely funny. You might be thinking to yourself, am I really funny? You might be, but chances are you are getting some extra laughs because she really likes you. We find people that we are attracted to a lot funnier than we do our friends for example. So, if you notice that she is laughing a lot, you know that you can make your move. 

She dresses up for you 

She wears a new dress to your date or just always looks like she has stepped straight off a catwalk. She is dressing up because she wants to impress you. If she is physically attracted to you, she wants to make sure that you feel the same way about her. So, she is trying to attract you by the way she dresses. The best way you can show her that it is working is to pay her a genuine compliment. 

She pays you compliments 

She is constantly telling you that you look great or that she loves your new shirt. If she is complimenting you on your looks then she is clearly physically attracted to you and may even want you sexually. Make sure that you acknowledge the compliment and say thank you. And of course by taking note of what she compliments you on as well, well you know that you can keep doing a whole lot more of whatever it is you were doing that elicited that compliment.

She blushes 

When you compliment her on something or just say something sweet, she blushes. This is because you have made her feel a certain way inside! You have made her feel special and it shows her that you might like her in the same way she likes you. She might feel a little shy and nervous around you as well because of how she feels about you so that is another reason a girl might blush. 

People have told you 

Last but not least, your friends, her friends or even your work colleagues start telling you. It may be you have not noticed how she is acting around you because you have not actually started dating yet. They might just say that you must know that she likes you or tell you that they think she might be attracted to you. Once someone plants this seed in your head, you will start to notice her acting a certain way and the penny will drop. Then you could take her to one side and ask her if she wanted to go on a date with you. The physical attraction is probably already there for both of you and overtime you will be able to progress to the sexual part of your relationship. 

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