THIS Is Why Girls Stop Responding – What To Do When She Pulls Away / She Ghosts You Or Ignores You

Learn why girls stop responding to you, the reason why women pull and why and what it is that causes girls to ghost you. In today’s video we’re discussing the various reasons a girl might stop replying to you, and more important what you should do when she does this.

If you have ever had someone stop responding to you or ghosting you, you will know how truly awful it can feel. Because you start to question how a person could be so mean and wonder if there is something wrong with you. If a girl does this to you it can feel like your world is starting to tumble in, you still like her a lot and hope that well she would just come back running to you.

You probably check your phone a thousand times a day to see if she has replied to your last message. And you dream about running into her on the street. Something like this though can really knock your date and confidence. Which is why it’s important to understand what makes a girl stop responding and then what to do when it happens.

Why she stops responding, ghosting or pulling away

6 Reasons why a girl has stopped talking to you.

Other guys 

There’s nothing to stop other guys from hitting on your girl. She might be curling up for movie nights with you and then meeting another guy for a late-night drink. Eventually, she needs to make a choice and it just might not have been you. Often if a girl has multiple guys on the go and she has to make a choice, she will be too scared to simply message you back. Instead, she will stop responding to your messages and block you out of her life. There is nothing you could have done differently in this situation because you were completely blindsided. The good thing to take from this situation is that it’s nothing to do with you and everything to do with her. 

She’s busy 

We all have very busy lives with responsibilities and never-ending to-do lists which need to be done yesterday! She might actually really like you but stop responding simply because she has no time. It does not stop it from feeling horrible on your end because you might not realise that she is simply busy. This could be the reason though, so don’t burn your bridges and be rude to her, wait to see if she gets back to you and says, “Sorry, I have been so busy”! 

She’s playing hard to get

Treat them mean to keep them keen. A girl that stops responding to you might be playing hard to get. By not responding to you quickly or at all she is keeping you on your toes. This is a tricky one because she could also be avoiding you on purpose. Try to bump into her and see how she acts when you are face to face. 

You’re not mysterious enough 

Did you give away everything about yourself on the first date? This could be the reason why she is not responding. Girls love a man of mystery who can keep them guessing. They want you to tell them just enough about yourself but not too much. They want to wonder what you do in your free time when they are not around and who else you are speaking to. It keeps them coming back for more. If you think this could be the reason, try to arrange another date and be vaguer. 

You didn’t give enough away

It could be the opposite problem. You might have not told her anything about yourself and she might be wondering if you are hiding something. You need to give her just the right amount of information, not too much and not too little. Tell her enough to keep her going like your job and some information about your hobbies. Slowly you can reveal yourself but if you don’t tell her anything about yourself, she will wonder what’s going on and stop responding. 

She is bored

It’s harsh but it could be true. She could simply be really bored and not that interested in you. Not everyone will find you interesting and sometimes as hard as you might try, the relationship is just not working out. She might freak out and ignore you instead of having to face you and tell you that she is bored. It’s not nice but this could be a reason why she is not responding

You’re being too aggressive 

You might not be meaning to be super keen but it might be coming off that way. You can easily come across as too aggressive by being too interested in a girl. This might result in you messaging her a lot even when she does not reply. Phoning her over and over again or being super intense when you are face to face. Girls do not like this type of behaviour and it is viewed by them as aggressive. If you think this might be putting her off, you need to slow down and be a little calmer around her. There’s no point in being keen on her if it’s going to push her away. 

She found out about your behaviour 

It’s not pretty but we all make mistakes. You might like her a lot but you had other offers and you took girls upon them. The result of this could be that she has found out you were flirting with other girls or that you were seeing them at the same time you were seeing her. It’s awkward but also understandable as to why she would have stopped responding to you. To be perfectly honest, you might never get her back. If you really want her though, it is possible but you need to prove that you have changed. 

She is not into you 

Not everything in life goes our way and no matter how hard we can work to get the things and people we love, it just might never happen. Even though everything may have been going well at one time, she might have realised that she is just not that into you. It’s not your fault and you can certainly hold your head high knowing that you did everything you could and another lucky lady can now have her chance with you. 

What to do when a girl stops talking to you. 

Check-in with yourself 

I have made this number one because it is the most important. The first thing to do after facing this type of rejection is to check in on yourself. This is especially true if it turns out that she cheated on you or just did not like you. Spend some time doing things that make you happy, like playing Warcraft or meeting up with friends. Take some time to process what has happened but don’t let it stop you from getting back out there. A lovely lady is waiting for you to come along. 

Don’t rush into texting her 

When someone stops responding to you, it’s very tempting to rush to your phone and message her, over and over again. It’s not healthy though and it’s something you should avoid because you do not want to look desperate. Let the land settle and wait for her to want you. She might even message you first if you practise some patience. 

Don’t mention the fact that she has not replied to you 

If you do make contact with her again or run into her on the street, don’t mention the fact that she has not responded to you. Again you don’t want to come across as desperate or bitter. You want to seem cool, calm and collected. Even if inside you are anything but! 

Don’t start by asking her out again 

Don’t rush things. If you are seeing each other again, then let everything happen organically and don’t scare her. She might feel backed into a corner if you ask her out straight away. You might even have to be just friends for a while. The long game can get you to where you need to go. 

Don’t be passive-aggressive towards her 

Passive aggression is a pattern of behaviour where we indirectly express negative feelings instead of openly addressing them. When we are hurt by an action someone has taken, it can be easy for us to be passive-aggressive without even really realising it. Try not to be passive-aggressive towards her even if you are just speaking about her to a friend of a friend. It can all get back to her eventually. 

Be valuable to her

Show her how valuable you could be as part of her life. Humans love compliments so offer her some genuine compliments and it could be enough to win her over. 

Do you really like her? 

Ask yourself if you really, honestly like her or if you are simply attracted to her. Attraction is different to liking someone. Attraction is important at the beginning but then we need to start liking the person if it has a chance of lasting. So take a step back and think, do I really like someone who has stopped responding to me or has ghosted me completely? The answer will most likely be no which means it’s time to move onwards and upwards

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